Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Drug Mom

Since Coke Mom is forever taken, we will go with drug mom. I actually had to check whether this celebrity is actually a mom because you never hear about her offspring, just her. While Coke Mom is a user, Drug Mom is a dealer. Every single person reading this knows who she is. I would suspect that almost every person in the country knows who she is. That is despite her not being relevant for decades. That plays into the whole thing though. Because this flash in the pan infamous A lister has not been relevant and has a permanent better not do business with her reputation, it has always left her scrambling for cash. There have been made for television movies about her and feature length movies. There is even a sex tape. She has always associated with less than stellar individuals, and over the years as she has needed cash , she has turned more and more to dealing drugs. At this point, she heads a very large organization and I'm not sure how much cash she is turning over each week, but she has 20 people who sell drugs beneath her so she is easily doing six figures a week.

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