Friday, October 21, 2022

Four For Friday - Sex Club Fiends

This list will leave out people we already know frequented sex clubs in the past like Armie Hammer or Harrison Ford. We will also not be talking about Kobe Bryant or Billy Joel, who once complained a woman he was with in a ten person bukkake orgy with, should have cleaned up before she took her turn with the singer. This also will not include Mel B who had house accounts with several throughout the world. She once famously asked a date, "Your sex club or mine?"

#1 - This former late night talk show host, always insisted whatever woman he was with cover their face, so he would feel less guilty about cheating on his wife.

#2 - This alliterate host liked to subject herself to nipple torture and a man she was married to for a long time was someone she met in a club who she said pushed her to her limits.

#3 - This former A list actress who doesn't act any longer, once supported herself by working in one. She says she limited herself to modeling and some groping, but never had sex. Uh huh.

#4 - This former A list singer/songwriter/actor/reality star gave it all up when he got married, except for one time. There was one time he went out with this A list mostly movie actor when they were filming together and they stayed for nearly 48 hours. Between the two of them, they had sex with 40-50 women. The club had to bring in women from escort agencies.

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