Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Casting Couch Life

I have been trying to think if there have been any examples that I can recall of people hitting the casting couch to get on a reality show. I know it has happened a couple of times on a long long long running reality competition show. Back in the day, there was a cable show where young people lived together and I know of one time for sure that it happened. It is really rare. Generally, the only time it happens is if a producer meets a potential contestant in "the wild," and tells them what they do for a living. They then tell them they can easily put them on the show if they sleep with them. 

Anyway, there is a celebrity that all of you know. She would probably call herself an actress, but she doesn't really act. Her recent reboot sucked. She has been trying to get producers interested in a reality show about her life for years. The thing is, all of them are interested, but don't want to pay what she wants to make per episode. It would be a monster hit. Producers tell her, she will get paid a lot down the road, but not at first. The problem is a lot of these producers have small budgets. So, our married celebrity has taken that problem into her own hands and has been sleeping with a series of very rich men to get them to finance the pilot. She has been really successful and raised ten times what she would ever need. Her problem is her lifestyle so she is spending everything they are giving her which makes her need to find a different person to sleep with. This has been going on all year. She is running out of people to "finance" her pilot.

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