Monday, February 06, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Thief - Grammy Awards

This blind is not particularly hard, in fact it is super easy. I think that in light of events and records set last night, that perhaps we need to shine a light one more time on to the record holder, who is without a doubt, music's biggest thief in the last fifty years. There is a not a song that this singer has been given credit for, that she actually did any work on. None. Oh, you might have someone say the singer worked on a harmony or a line change or a word change, but that is just to give cover. Our singer's philosophy is that if she agrees to sing your song, then you are going to give her a songwriting credit. Because if she didn't agree to sing your song, then it would be unproduced and still sitting on your hard drive.

Her very very biggest songs are songs that are generally written by one person and then our singer came in an added herself and then wanted a 50% credit. If she wants to add herself to a list of songwriters that is 20 names deep, no one really cares. What about the times our singer straight up stole songs from writers and the writers didn't know they had their works stolen until the song showed up on an album or a single. Sometimes the writer gets a credit and sometimes they don't. Our singer is often taken to court when this happens and often wins because she has a massive purse and the broke songwriters suing her, do not. 

Is our singer alone in doing this? No. Is she the most blatant? Yes. has she admitted to stealing songs? Yes. Does she care? No. You know why? Because people don't care. They hand her out record number of awards. They do get back at her though. Those professional songwriters who stick up for each other. They will never ever vote for her to get one of the big two awards. That is the one thing they can do. Those two awards are the only ones not messed with by the Academy, so they know if they refuse en masse to vote for her, she will be denied the big awards.

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