Saturday, March 04, 2023

Blind Item #1

I find it to be the most remarkable of coincidences that within 24 hours of recording the lowest ratings of the bar show in nearly two years and down 30% from the premiere episode a few weeks earlier, that news of an affair involving multiple stars of the show suddenly breaks under the most unlikely of scenarios and circumstances. 

If that was not enough, Kneepads, who has not written anything negative about anyone in a decade, suddenly decides to write a detailed story about this affair and what led to the discovery and how and then you realize it really doesn't make any sense. Further, the article just happens to mention that viewers of the show are in luck because all of this drama is being captured for the cameras, so can you please come back and watch the show so it isn't canceled.

Because Kneepads doesn't print bad news without permission, it is remarkable they failed to mention that the female victim in this scenario was herself the other woman when she first got together with the guy now doing the cheating. That doesn't fit into the manipulation they have story boarded for you though, so that was not part of the "leak."

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