Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Trust

There are some very very jealous and very insecure celebrities when it comes to their partners. Whether it is the tracker this former actress put on her foreign born husband to see where he is at all times and also whether he is smoking or drinking, things can get bad. One barely there celebrity lets her husband's bodyguard see her naked and even makes him quick little videos so the bodyguard will report everything the husband does and if he tries to contact any women or have sex with some woman in a club or if he tries to contact his ex. Don't forget the morning network news guy who installed the tracker on his girlfriend's car and also had one inside many of her purses. His obsession ultimately cost him the girlfriend and for whatever reason, despite being a world class stalker, he keeps getting better and better jobs!

None of those compare to what this A+/A list actress did to her actor boyfriend while they were dating. She made him wear a tracker. They didn't have chip implants then, but they had tracking devices and she made him wear one around his neck. She wanted it visible. If he went to a premiere or a party and he wasn't wearing it in the photos she would see, she would beat him for hours when he got home. She kept him a prisoner unless he had some type of work reason to leave the home. She preferred to chain him to the bed at night, but she was still using a lot of drugs then and would not wake up when he would try to get her to release him so he could use the bathroom. After the third time this happened, she gave up on the restraining him to the bed and instead, put a very loud alarm on her bedroom door and windows. She sent threatening letters and packages to actress who expressed interest in the actor or who were going to work with him on a project. This was 24/7 of this from the actress. Finally, one day she had to go out of town and couldn't get out of it and he had a work commitment and he escaped. He ran away and never looked back and with this issues, it took a year of 5 day a week therapy before he could function. The actress had terrorized him.

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