Thursday, March 02, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Deaths

There is an athlete who is also a movie star in the sense that most people who know who he is, know him from a movie or many of his appearances related to that movie. He was a little bit famous prior to the movie and since then, his fame has sky rocketed. Prior to the movie, there was a woman he was seeing and she ended up dead under very mysterious circumstances, but such is the nature of what he does, that no one could really check it out. There were other deaths of women in areas where he was also known to have been, but no one could tie them to him, but those women also died unusual deaths. The deaths were easy to explain, but they were unusual and nothing ever seemed quite right. Another athlete who was supposedly the best friend of our subject was someone who was able to connect the dots because he once saw one of the dead women with our athlete so at least he knew they knew each other. It is unknown if he confronted our star, but he did end up dead a short time after he told someone of his concerns and that he was going to speak to the star. The star thinks he is safe, but there are several people who have reached out to law enforcement and others to try and have people come forward.

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