Friday, March 10, 2023

Four For Friday - Blind Item Firsts

Four people who have never been in a blind.

#1 - This former B list actor who is probably best known for a role he played as a kid (and has never been in a blind), went all out in his hate for the A list comic/sometime actor who recently had a special. Our B lister knows the actor specifically targeted the B list actor's actress girlfriend for an affair. The affair ruined the engagement of the B list actor and the actress and the comic dumped the actress right after.

#2 - This just old enough to drink actress has never been a blind before. She stars in multiple movie franchises and is going to have a big payoff for letting the A list director look at her naked all the time when that huge box office movie comes out NEXT year.

#3 - This still not old enough to drink actress has never been a blind before. She starred in a sitcom that had a really nice run. It is only recently that she has started to book big jobs again because of her coke addiction that nearly shut down the show on which she starred.

#4 - This foreign born actress is not quite old enough to drink and has never been a blind. She was headed to really big things in 2023 after a nice run on a very hit streaming show. Then, she became the play thing for this female showrunner who likes the actress next to her at all times and pays so accordingly.

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