Monday, March 06, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Smuggling

This CEO is someone most people know. He tries to make sure he is always in the news. He has people who make sure his company is fully staffed with low level employees that are primarily undocumented. He loves when they are undocumented. He pays them less, they try harder and he fires them if they cause him trouble and they have no recourse. 

Some parts of his company need skilled workers. Very skilled workers. The problem he has is that he needs them to be in the US. he also doesn't want to have to deal with the lottery of skilled workers. He just wants them for himself when he wants them and however many he needs. He found a way to do this by having people going to conferences in the US with high skilled workers and breaking into hotel rooms of attendees and stealing passports with visas in them. Oh sure, the pictures don't match the people he brings in, but if he is raided, he can at least offer up the passport and visa and feign due diligence. Apparently stealing one or two at a time though was not enough. He somehow latched on to the idea that he could have a bunch of skilled workers come in as students. How to get his hands on passports though? How about a massive bribe to a service employee who managed to grab 50 at once for the CEO. The service employee is already in hiding out of the country on vacation for the next few months.

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