Friday, August 18, 2023

Four For Friday - Reader Blinds That Push The Envelope

These are reader blinds with the dates they were sent to me to help you with your guessing. For whatever reason, mostly because they pushed the edge, they have not been posted until now.

#1 - July 4, 2023 - For now, those around the fading A++ lister are happy to only attack the unconventional beliefs of the wannabe A++ lister with a famous name.   If it gets close, expect them to go after his personal life as well as there is a lot there.  Not just infidelities and the wife he drove to death with his cruelty but also the fact he visited the island twice and knew the person who definitely did not commit suicide.  One particular story is his collaboration on different issues over the years with an older man who knew his father and uncle. This person was briefly an A lister largely due to the death of someone else but lost that the next time around.  Late in his life, he came out as gay and in a relationship with a much younger man of a certain race.  Truth is, despite a long marriage, this person was also into young men of this race and when they worked together the wannabe A++ lister always brought someone along to help procure young men for him.     

#2 - June 4, 2023 - This A++ lister whose faculties are sometimes questioned  played a cruel joke at summer camp many many many years ago in a bigger state than the one he is associated with.  He defecated in a box, gift wrapped it, and gave it to another camper who had Down's Syndrome.  Years later, when he was in long time A list position, he met the same person and jokingly reminded him about what he he did.

#3 - May 22, 2020 (Looking back, I'm not sure why I didn't post it because it is not edgy at all. It is cool. I just don't know if anyone will be able to guess it from the clues they gave) I used to live in Seattle, Washington. In my mid 20's (1996-ish) , I was really into the gothic/industrial/fetish music and club scene. My best friend at the time was this super flamboyant gay dude. Every Saturday night we got dressed up in our black PVC to hit our favorite Goth/Fetish club (Called "The Catwalk"). Like most gay divas, my friend takes no less than 127 hours to get ready. It was late by the time we set out and when we got to the club, it was about 12:30 and there was a line wrapped around the club of people waiting to get in. I told him, "If we want to tie one on before last call, we're going to have to find somewhere else".

About a block away, there was a sleepy little sports bar. We walked in looking like the most out-of-place freaks you've ever seen. We got a beer and two shots each and headed over to the side of the room to drink. There was one large group of people in the middle of the place and then us. We decided 3 drinks each was not enough and my friend went back for round 2. As he got to the bar, this very casually dressed, older woman (sleeveless sweater, Jeans) from the group of people approaches him and begins making conversation. After a few minutes, my friend motions me to come over. The woman had bought a round of Jagermeisters and wanted to toast. We toast, I thank her for the shot. Then a young woman calls out to her that it's time to leave and a limousine pulls up out front and they head out. My friend asks her, "Are you someone important?", she replies, "Not tonight honey". We get on with our night and that was that.

About a week later, I'm watching "Steel Magnolias" on cable and nearly choked when I saw the woman who we drank Jager with a week earlier.

#4 - January 27, 2019 (Looking back, not sure why I didn't post this either. Maybe because they didn't provide the name of the show.)

This is a story about spoiled Hollywood hangers-on/geek superfans aborted marriage- yet the shameful wedding went on, tl;dr version, because they both wanted to have a lavish party with celebrities, with a Freudian twist. Skip to the asterisks *** for the wedding.

Friends thought the groom would never find his forever partner because he was sooo obsessed with this certain TV show, so much so that every aspect of his life revolved around it. Also holding him back was that he insisted on making people think he lived independently and also that was a successful filmmaker, when in reality he’d go down the street every night from the large home his parents bought him to sleep at his childhood home, in his unchanged childhood bedroom, nearby. Very few people knew the truth. He’d made it his life’s work, aided by his industry connected-mother, to befriend celebrities from this show while protecting his secret. Never having really worked, his life revolved around his commitment to his fandom, and to maintain this fabrication about his gorgeous house and career.

When he met, started seeing and got engaged to another equally obsessive superfan, he disappeared socially. People assumed this was due to his happiness. In reality, he had just never told her the truth about his dependence on his parents and had managed to deceive her with all sorts of lies and manufactured drama to keep her from spending the night.

I was invited to the wedding, which was several months out, bought an expensive gift from the registry with money I didn’t have, dropped everything to show my happiness for my friend and the mystery girl that he never had time to introduce.

****About 15 stars from the show who were close to his family were in attendance. One of them even officiated. A prop from the show was involved in the vows, and music from the show was the soundtrack to the whole ceremony. She wore a custom dress, and even got lipo to have the perfect shape for it. The wedding planner also did JLo’s. Every speech at the reception focused on their geek love. The ceremony-reception was held in a highly desirable location in Malibu. It was a beautiful, lavish, themed but in a tasteful and sentimental way. All our friends were there, from all over the country and the world. I cried, the groom cried. It was everything I’d hoped for for my friend. Just too perfect. HER parents paid for everything. This should have been a red flag, since HIS parents were just as loaded, though they pretended they were going though hard times. It should have been a clue that the groom’s best friend wouldn’t come, and would huff quietly to me that it was a sham wedding and he just wanted her help funding a movie, but he wouldn’t elaborate and I personally refused to believe he was that awful. Groom had the eccentric innocent Peter Pan act down pat. ***

When I still didn’t see him the rest of the year, I reached out to the bride on Facebook, as the groom was notoriously hard to reach. As it turned out, they’d decided to marry and divorce months before the wedding invites were even made. He couldn’t go through with the real-life commitment for the obvious reason, his inability to detach from his parents, but she was still not clued in. When she mentioned their issues, and I commiserated, I inadvertently betrayed his 2 year deception to her.

They’d never broke up and he was still picking fights with her to get her to leave before his bedtime run to mommy’s, but she was still attached to his celebrity friends and the illusion of his industry status. It was apparent his mother just could not cut the umbilical cord and was sabotaging his attempts at breaking free at every turn. And both of them, the narcissists, had insisted on going through with the wedding because they wanted to be the center of attention of their star-studded event. Literally, bride told me the two of them BOTH decided they really, really, really wanted to have a giant expensive party, even if it was a lie that they’d have to account for later to all of these people. The mother collected all the wedding gifts that she instructed guests to send to her house, and kept them.
When the jilted bride spewed the truth all over social media, along with wild accusations of an inappropriate relationship between MIL and groom, sh*t REALLY hit the fan. A campaign to make bride look like a malicious, bitter, psychopathic liar began, headed by the MIL. But the thing that bothered the bride more than being made to look 
nuts, and to generally and understandably to feel like a chump, was losing her new extended celebrity family and how infuriated she was that they wouldn’t console her or even get involved in the public drama when she thought they really cared about her. Yeah, LA...

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