Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Closet

This actor is probably A- list. He has had his moments of A listerdom, especially when he starred on the show that made him famous. He is arguably not the highest on the list in his family. Our actor is closeted and has been for the entirety of his career. He has trotted out a few beards, but did so for short periods of time and very unenthusiastically. One of the crazy things about or actor is that he doesn't really do long term relationships with other men. He is very much a one night stand guy of guy. He is very much a throwback to the bathhouse days in San Francisco. Our actor cruises very popular pickup spots, and hooks up with anyone willing. It is remarkable that with the sheer number of hookups that no one has decided to sell their sordid tale. Our actor learned a very valuable tool though from a closeted A list athlete he once hooked up with when our actor was much younger and the athlete was well over twice the actor's age. The athlete was always being followed by paps and tabloids to try and catch the athlete with one of his many boyfriends. Our athlete at one point married his beard to try and throw the tabloids off. The athlete told the actor to only hook up with men who were also closeted. They were the only ones who wouldn't try and sell their story and were certainly not going to tell anyone about the hookup either for fear of their own closet door being opened. So, our actor always only sleeps with closeted men.

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