Monday, August 14, 2023

Today's Blind Items - What If - Old Hollywood - Mr. X

Whenever the lists of the greatest movie casting “what if’s” are released in any format, this one is never mentioned, probably due to the personal, backstabbing nature of it all. This actor was A-list only for a brief period, but he continued working right up until he died. He’s known primarily nowadays for one role, the main  antagonist in one of the greatest horror/suspense films of all time. After the film was released, the actor gunned for the male lead in a big budget adaptation of a then recent hit Broadway musical. The FS t that he had a musical theater background and had just finished a run in a BWay musical that was nominated for a bunch of Tony Awards. He was so determined to get this part that he not only threw himself into ballet and jazz dance classes but he also slept with not only the musical’s director/choreographer but the alliterate lyricist of the score. Did I mention that the actor was openly gay in private but not in public. He struggled with his sexuality for most of his adult life and eventually wound up marrying a woman. They both gave him encouragement that he was all but set for this role… but two other people involved with the film dashed his dream to pieces. Part 2 coming soon!

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