Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Walked In

This actress is probably A- list and she is only that high because of a long running movie franchise which she starred in for years. She has stories aplenty about how many times she hit the casting couch and how she was cheated on and abused by various boyfriends. She could talk about them for hours. The one thing she won't ever discuss because it is the one time that she looks bad is the time she was busted cheating with this at the time A+ list television actor. Our actor was dating an A list actress at the time who has been in her own movie franchise and a very long running television show with ties to movies and spinoffs. Our actor, who is probably now A- list although almost everyone in the world knows who he is, thought his actress girlfriend would be busy one afternoon, so he invited his actress/mistress over to his place. During the actual act of sex the girlfriend walked in. There were fireworks and apparently a high heel was used on the actors bare back that left a scar you can still see today.

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