Thursday, December 28, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Forewarned

 Back when artists didn't use chatbots to write their songs, the band fronted by the foreign born permanent A- lister brought out one, which remains a cult classic. You probably know it, or at least know that it inspired the name of a popular US band. The story at the time was that it was about the idiocy of DJs at the public broadcaster in the band's home country. The lyrics leave you in no doubt as to how the band felt, about these DJs. There has been a lot of speculation recently, that it was written specifically about the most notorious DJ the broadcaster employed.

It was. During an appearance by the band on a show the serial pedophile was presenting, the A- lister saw him walking into his dressing room with a very underage girl. He feared the worst and this was confirmed when he could hear the girl screaming at him to get off her. Like so many before him, he reported the matter to the show's producer and his claims were laughed off. He was so furious that he wrote the song right there in the studio with his guitarist. The original lyrics were way more explicit about the subject, but the band wanted to hear the public broadcaster play it with no idea as to what the song was really about.

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