Monday, January 01, 2024

Blind Items Revealed #17

September 27, 2023

There are lots of people this A list model/host will discuss, including lots of her exes. Until recently though, she never really discussed an actor/director she dated. His wife left him because of how abusive he was, so most assumed that is why the model wouldn't discuss him. He tried to have sex with women 24/7 which was  given as another reason why the model wouldn't discuss him. She says that she won't discuss him because then she will get into her theory that he was drugged in a foreign country and then died her in the US. So, in essence, murdered. Does she know something about all of this? Considering his condition at the time, it wouldn't have taken much to push him over the edge to death. Was it one of the many women he beat, getting their revenge? Was it the family of the woman he killed getting revenge? There are enough suspects for a mystery movie for sure. Each had strong reasons for hating him.

Tyra Banks/John Singleton/Constance Russell

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