Monday, January 01, 2024

Blind Items Revealed #18

October 2, 2023

It was incredibly easy to pin the murder on the guy (AA) they ended up sentencing to jail. He was befriended by a close acquaintance of a royal who said the royal would have met with AA in person but everything needed to be kept discreet. AA had a fascination with the royal family and our royal (BB) new this. BB had a problem. There was a TV host (CC) who knew all about the royal's underage sex parties because one her friend's daughters had been at one of the parties and had been sexually assaulted by multiple men. The royal got wind of the story and paid off the family of the daughter, but the host was digging around and talking to other girls who had been at other parties. Would AA do this as a favor to BB? To protect the royal family. AA didn't pull the trigger. He thought he was just a red herring. There were things planted in his home. The killer didn't plant enough stuff to make the case airtight. If they had, then people wouldn't still be discussing the case today and the royal would probably breathe a lot easier. Think about how much earlier we would have known about him.

AA: Barry George/BB: Prince Andrew/CC: Jill Dando

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