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Blind Items Revealed #31

October 23, 2023

20 years ago, a memorable musical not exactly filled with biting wit burned out like a total eclipse over Broadway. Its now-late composer was peeved about its reception forevermore, though (as a documentary podcast will soon report) he was responsible for opening the door to many of the changes its temperamental star demanded that tanked the production. 

Just over a decade ago, he commissioned a new creative team to take a second look at the material, largely returning it to the version that was a hit in many other countries and languages overseas.

They've faced an uphill battle overhauling the show, but are finally almost ready to proceed, pending approval from foreign stakeholders. Is somebody over at the Lunt-Fontanne about to play a fearless vampire killer in the workshop? Stranger things have happened...

Name the musical, the composer, the temperamental star, and the fresh blood.

Musical: Dance of the Vampires

Composer: Jim Steinman

Temperamental star: Michael Crawford

Somebody over at the Lunt-Fontanne: Gaten Matarazzo

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