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Blind Items Revealed #32

October 24, 2023

It probably hasn't helped her life that she had a horrible stage mom for a parent and worked for a sex predator when she was a teen, but this actress needs help. She looks frazzled and is, very thin and gaunt looking. She always looks like she just hopped out of bed and didn’t brush her hair, but the most concerning thing now is she’s pivoted into trolling her audience with videos of her sobbing hysterically about not being enough for social media and then claiming it’s satire when even her own industry friends were in the comment sections begging her to call them.

Now she did a one woman “show” last week in NYC where she did absolutely nothing but charged fans a fortune and they’re in her comments asking for refunds and to explain what’s going on with her manic behavior. 

Her new podcast just dropped today and it’s literally NOTHING but a voice memo of her ranting at top speed sounding like she’s popped some Adderall or something about hating everything and everyone and not wanting to be seen and hating herself. Everyone is sorry for what she went through and her book is great, but she needs to take a break and take care of herself before it is too late.

Jennette McCurdy

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