Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Today's Blind Items - The Restaurants

Many years ago, this permanent A list mostly television actor opened a bunch of restaurants in a very short amount of time. This actor was one of the biggest television stars for decades. All of you know him. His restaurant empire crumbled almost immediately because of our actor. Our actor thought of the waitresses at his restaurants as his own harem. There was not a waitress at any of his places that he didn't try to have sex with. He had very strict instructions as to what each waitress needed to look like and had managers send him pictures of every new hire. Because the actor was using the waitresses as his harem, the managers did the same thing. There was not really sexual harassment claims back when they were open, but when a solid dozen of the waitresses got pregnant, their families raised hell and the crush of impending lawsuits and what would be horrible press for the beloved actor, he shut them all down after just a couple of years being open.

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