Thursday, March 21, 2024

Today's Blind Items - The Surrogate

 Late last year, there was a huge freakout in this very powerful organization. A woman had disappeared. Not just any woman, but a woman who had lots and lots of secrets. It wasn't as if anyone could or would go to jail for what she knew, but it would shine a huge ugly spotlight on to some activities of the organization it didn't want brought to light. Specifically, this woman has given birth to over a dozen children over the past 20 years. They identified her as a target when she was brought to them by her parents who wanted to give everything they could to the organization. There are others like her, but she was the first. She was the one the A+ listers favored because of her genetic makeup. Sometimes she was a surrogate and sometimes she also contributed the egg. There were many A list "adoptions" that occurred when it was this surrogate. It is really hard to get much information about who she was the surrogate for, but there was definitely an A list actress and also a foreign born A+/A list actress. It was one of the children that was her own which was the problem. She signed away all parental rights and was not allowed to ever acknowledge she was one off the parents of the child. That child is now about 13 and the mother tried to reach out and people came to threaten her and she disappeared. She hasn't been seen since. The stories she can tell. She knows some of the other women too.

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