Sunday, May 05, 2024

Blind Item #5 - Reader Blind

The Pink female rapper is married to a predator so her name in this space is Mrs. Predator. She isn’t upset over the leaked texts with Frozen Flavoring rapper because she knows it was a conversation about business. You know who she is upset with though ? The Unlocked blogger and the Bacardi rapper who helped the blogs get a hold of the text. Big mistake. Mrs. Predator is very friendly with someone at Bacardi rapper’s label who told her that she has to take regular STI tests because her husband is always cheating on her. She also knows that the marketing budget for her album has been cut again because her fans aren’t doing Enough to keep her new single in the top 80 of the Hot 100. Mrs. Predator knows when the album is coming out and is very Petty. Just ask the one she calls Big Foot what happened with the mixtape two years ago

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