Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Today's Blind Items - Downfall

This former TGIF actor (#1) says he got clean and sober a few years ago when he couldn't afford coke any longer. His fellow network co-star (#2) (but not the same night, and on a much more popular show) just switched to crack and has been on a continual downhill slide since. #2's co-star (#3) was selling himself to men but after getting beaten for the umpteenth time and another STD, just decided to use his fame and recruited women he met on the street and pimped them out. For many years, he was making more money doing that than he had on the show. Other pimps were pretty good at taking away his women and every few months he would have to rebuild. There was even a former A list actor (#4) who managed to take away two of his women once.

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