Friday, November 10, 2006

So....after eating, went over to the Tenacious D premiere because I have some clients involved in thing about my practice is that I really do not do much talent representation..I generally refer all that out to ICM or CAA, etc..but I still have some clients who have been with me when I did do that and so like to keep an eye on them..(one of the reasons I hate doing it is because I already have enough I have to keep an eye on and I hate kissing ass and sucking up which is necessary..) my clients are my friends and so know that they are welcome to leave at anytime and that I am only willing to kiss ass and suck up because they are my friends..I would do anything for my friends..

recap: Jack Black is hilarious..the entire Stiller clan was there, and Ana de la Reguera is incredibly beautiful..It was the first time I had met her in person and she was exactly everything I had been told..

So at this point I want to go home as I need to bill my clients a few more hours so I can afford to take E & E out to dinner again..Oh, before I get to the rest of the night..I got some e-mails about how much K-Fed or Fed-Ex is going to have to spend and why he will not go very far with this..California is an easy state to get a divorce in and really it is all about filling out paperwork unless there has been some horrible misdeed as alleged by "meth" (see earlier post)..In San Diego say for a divorce between two people with two kids and no major issues, an attorney is going to ask for say $2500 upfront and the whole thing will cost you about $5000 with NO issues..add issues, add $$$..In LA, the price is not much higher, except when dealing with people who expect to pay higher amounts such as celebs..I charge about $500 an hour usually and would end up charging K-Fed about $50,000 the way I see things NOW..things change, but as I see them now..There is nothing incredible that we do and I am sure there are better family law/divorce attorneys in LA especially those who specialize in it, but they do not get to charge the same fees because not many people can afford to pay $50,000 to get a divorce when there are no real issues to decide...just like not too many people want to go to the Ivy to pay $30 for a burger no matter how good and it is REALLY good.. back to the story..I want to go home, but they are saying pleeeeeeeese, lets go to the Genetic Denim party at Area..I have no desire to go..none, nada, will also not see me at Hydes or anything else similar....then E, not to be confused with the other E says she heard Jamie - Lynn Sigler is going to be there and that is a weakness..big crush on I relent and make a call to make sure we can get in and it ends up taking 3 calls..(losing my touch I guess) we get there and I recognize Ken Paves and point him out to Karen and say we should go say hi so he can look at his work again, and the deer in the headlights look is right there in her eyes and I realize she name dropped..she probably got it done at Supercuts but that would not be LA and so she just said "Ken" not knowing of course that she would run into him...on a mystery date no less...PRICELESS..

p.s yes, Jamie Lynn looked fabulous and was her gracious, classy self as always..the problem of course is that we are friends, but that is all she sees me as, and nothing, I was on a mystery date and as much as I knew there was not going to be a 2nd date, I am still a nice guy and would never disrespect someone by abandoning her like that, especially after how red and embarrassed she got with the "Ken."


maseume said...

ha...great blog you've got goin here

S said...

Ken really does cut my hair here in Michigan, or should I say did until one day he hadn't eaten in like 48 hours and took a nasty chunk that didn't belong. Now I still go to his salon and chat with his mom but he isn't allowed to touch my hair. There's a stylist there that lives in his shadow but is actually ten times better than he wishes he could be.