Saturday, November 11, 2006

I am having a very slow morning..last night flew out to Vegas and saw Prince at the Rio..He was really good although toned down from his past..The show did not even start until midnight and was over a little after 2am so if you go, be back to LA about 5, and in bed by 6am and yes, now am in the office...well working from home today, but still working..I know I owe you the crack actress story and am working on it to make sure I do not reveal more than I can or should and also combine it with some thoughts on how publicists can ruin my life with what they say about my clients before they know all the facts..But ran into someone last night and thy were basically bad mouthing MK and Ashley Olsen and has never even met them and is just going by what they read..I hate that kind of crap..So here is the REAL inside scoop on MK and Ashley from someone who has met them..

The first time I met them was about 4 years ago I guess and like all my times meeting with them it was related to a business deal with their company or something they were trying to do or license, etc..When I first met them they were just barely teenagers and did not really participate vocally in the meeting, but you could tell they were very interested in what was going on and very intelligent and attentive..They were and still are the exceedingly sweet, kind and polite and always know exactly what they are doing. Since that first meeting I guess I have met them a half dozen times or so and nothing they have done has ever changed my initial impression of them..As they have got older, their participation at these meetings has grown and now they ask questions and expect answers. They are just like any other business person who cares about their company and has a very personal stake..I am not going to sit here and pretend they are my lifelong friends or anything..They know my name, and who I am, and would and do say hi when they see me but we do not hang out or anything..For one thing I am not in their age group, and for another thing they for the most part like me avoid the drama of Hollywood and just prefer to be with their friends..In their case, someone like Cory is a really good friend and it shows what kind of people they are by the company they keep..

Everyone is always criticizing their fashion choices (especially MK) but honestly what she wears is her style, not the style that is readily available to anyone by going to the mall..She is no different from any other person with a sense of individualism you would see in the Village or Berkeley or the West End in London..When it is required by the situation they are in, they do dress to fit the occasion, as in the business meetings I mentioned above and when I have seen them at premieres or other charity functions..

As I said before, these two women are very intelligent business wise, publicity wise and understand the nuances of the entertainment world as well..Like myself, they will do almost anything for their friends and it shows in the way their friends care about them and talk about them and not some jerk backstage at a concert in Vegas who thinks he knows them because he saw them across a room 2 years ago and was ignored..

I think that is enough for today..last night a pap guy I represent (yes, they need attorneys also) told me a really good story so I need to make sure to pass it along sometime this week..If I write it down here it helps me to remember..


kimmandzoeey said...

can i come work for you in 2008?

ent lawyer said...

if you think you can handle it..

ent lawyer said...

I would love for you to work for me..

Anonymous said...

i worked for the law firm that reps them - it starts with an "A". Are you an atty there?


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