Thursday, November 09, 2006

So last night, my cell rings at 3am...(actress/movies B-C list) obviously drunk or otherwise whacked out and wants to know what she can do because her ex (producer/ used to be big, now just pretends) dropped off their child 20 minutes late back at her house and now she wants to go to court and change all the visitation agreements and wants me to do it first thing in the morning....she says it is for the kid, but what it really is about is getting some attention from the ex who she still has not got over and who is living with a 20 year old UCLA student who may or not be female (really deep voice),..and thinks that since Britney (her lawyer is a hottie) and Reese (wanted Britney's lawyer?) and everyone is in the news with their problems this week that she will get a mention or two in the blogs and therefore still be relevant unlike her last few movies which is why she is on the CUSP of Kathy Griffin land..see this is why I have twenty cell phones because of crap like this..I have phones I do not even remember the numbers too, but they still ring.....five calls after 3am in a month means I have given out the # too many times...I told her to call me in the morning hoping she would sleep it off and not remember and so far so calls..although really, she does not usually wake up until 1p or 2p anyway which was a real big problem when she has to be in court at 9am...(another story for another time but why she thinks meth is wonderful)

p.s Cory Kennedy's Halloween blog is funny as hell..I think I represented the guy who chased her off the bus..


Anonymous said...

Is this Kim Basinger, or however you spell it? She's always seemed chemically altered to me

Anonymous said...

hey, do you charge extra for 3am calls? I certainly would!


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