Thursday, November 09, 2006

I swear I tried to talk her out of going to court and gave her all the usual reasons like nothing will happen, this will take forever, you will have to get up at 7 to make it to court on time (np she said..the meth again..) and of course the old standby it will cost a fortune..doesn't matter..she is all over it...oh was fun seeing her jacked up after being awake for 30 hours straight so court should be fun anyway when it comes around..

Wanted to say something about the money thing..When you see crap like K-Fed or Fed-Ex or whatever they are calling him and you see his court docs, you have to know why he is doing it..(1) makes him look good when he says he wants sole custody of the kids---didn't want it from Shar though did he?? REAL REASON---If he gets sole custody, he will get child support from Britney because he makes less and would have the kids more..(2) Arguing in court over kids costs a ton of money especially at the rates we charge and so look for him to settle really quickly because he does not want to spend the $$ in is going to have to last him a lifetime..(betcha he ends up with some visitation and the Ferrari and maybe a little bonus $$)

I noticed Paris' publicist got called at 330am to hear the latest rantings from Lindsay..glad to know I am not the only one....going to the Ivy tonight..being set up by friends...I think they just this up so I would pay for all of bastards..

Forgot to link earlier to Cory's blog...(you owe me one, but I will settle for a veg taco)

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