Friday, November 10, 2006

So I already had e-mails last night about my mystery date..(sounds better than blind date doesn't it?) Last night was typical for when you are out with "friends" in LA...Everyone met up at my place because I live in downtown in a loft which is kind of my way of remaining connected to my east coast roots and also because I hate traffic..Anyway, my "friends" E & E brought over my set up for the night and she ( we will call her Karen) was very attractive, but also very empty inside..She was intelligent which I love, but it just seemed as if she had no soul at all..She was all about LA and could not stop talking about her new bob haircut (thanks Britney) that "Ken" had done for her..I am a guy, so really hairstylists are not really in my blackberry, but I assumed she meant Ken Paves as anyone would in that situation and had no reason to doubt it until later (trust me, I will get to it)...away to the Ivy as she had never been and as I predicted E & E knew I would pay..(could you at least make a grab for the check? a little effort?)

For those of you outside of LA who have never been to the Ivy....hmmm, how can I describe it? If you are a celeb or psuedo celeb you are treated like gold and if not, well you are treated indifferently..think of the way an American versus a Frenchman would be treated in a Paris restaurant and you kind of have the idea....I love the food ( great job Mr. Irving) and am treated well because of who I have been with and because I go so often, because again, I like the food..E & E have been many times but are thrown in the indifferent category and so like to go with me..As mentioned above Karen had never been...

Celebs and the Psuedos go there for one of three reasons..(1) they like the food and honestly do not care if they are on the patio or not (2) they need some attention and so go there because the pap are ALWAYS there, or (3) they are with someone who wants the attention but must tell the other person that in advance and not just tell them it is because they like the food...(crab cakes, burger and chopped salad are the best)

One of my favorite things to do in the world is people watching..Because of what I do for a living, I get to people watch not only "regular" people, but also watch the drama being played out in front of me on a daily basis by the celebs and their handlers..See, one school of thought is that you have to be in front of the press everyday to keep your name out there and to make yourself marketable, especially when you do not have something current to promote. I can empathize with that and think it is ok to use the pap for that and to create some drama to keep up the exposure....The other school of thought is that if you are talented enough, or on a big enough roll, you do not need to attract the drama and therefore can lead an uneventful life until the next thing you have to promote..

Then, there is the final school of thought which is that you have nothing to promote, and have done nothing of substance but you still manage to keep yourself famous by creating drama and keeping yourself in front of the press as long as possible....I am sure most of you are thinking about Miss Hilton right now, but I would disagree....It is actually people who were say on a reality show and have no hopes of a further acting career or music or whatever, but do whatever it takes to stay in the public eye, or just be the boyfriend or girlfriend of someone and that is your only claim to fame and when that is over, doing your best to stay in the public eye..

This has been a long post and I have more to say about last night and "Ken" as well as the Genetic Denim party and the Tenacious D premiere..and some thoughts about the Olsens later and of course CK..(another veg taco please)..need to do some work...and don't let me forget to tell you about my former A list client who almost got arrested for crack..last weekend..

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So what happened to Bob-a-rella?


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