Friday, October 12, 2007

How Would You Like To See Hitch Every Week?

Will Smith is developing Hitch into a weekly sitcom. The actor is just going to be an executive producer and will not star in the program, be in the program, or have anything to do with the program except make the money.

I thought Hitch was good. It wasn't great (yes, even though Eva Mendes was in it) and I think it is just trying to take advantage of the date doctor series' and reality shows that the movie seems to have spawned. Not spawning to the extent of Kevin Federline sperm, but spawning nonetheless.

I guess Jada Pinkett just decided that she needed some more money and that Will should go out and get it for her. So he is.


Virgo74 said...

I have no desire to see this damn show! Wil and Jada have tortured the urban audience enough with "All of us."

mngddess said...

Jeffrey Donovan of "Burn Notice" was in the film.


Tracee said...

Unlike most movies they try to make TV shows out of — I think this could work. Every week it would be helping a new quirky customer. Though it might become stale...wait didn't they have a show like this....starring Alicia Silverstone...Ms. Matchmaker or some shite?

We'll see how it do.

DisorderlyMan69 said...

Will Smith sucks cock.

Jerry said...

I give it three episodes.