Friday, August 15, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Don Cheadle gets the top spot because he is probably my favorite actor right now. I just think he is amazing at whatever kind of role he takes on.
Alison Melnick is quite possibly the scariest woman I have ever seen.
Which is exactly why Joe Francis loves her. Reminds him of the trannys in jail.
Wow, I remember when you could not look at a magazine at the checkout stand without seeing Deidre Hall on the cover.

Did that celibacy show start yet? I need to give it a look and a rant.
This is not political. Merely an observation and an inquiry. If it were a photo of John McCain body surfing in Hawaii, I would ask the same question. Didn't someone die from a shark attack in Hawaii earlier this year? Are there Secret Service agents in boats and in the water around Obama looking for sharks? It seems like a stupid question until a great white takes a bite of your leg.
Brian McFadden - Melbourne
Again with the goddaughter. I'm still not quite understanding why her parents let her hang out with Amy Winehouse. What is the child being exposed to when she is alone with Amy?
Donny and Marie - New York

"My Endless Love"
"Welcome To The Jungle"
"Throw your arms in the air like you just don't care."
I have to say Donal Logue is looking pretty damn good.
Gretchen Mol got some work. Another Life On Mars photo.

General Fiasco - Belfast
You know what? Sure its a publicity thing and a setup job, but it still makes me almost want to cry. Even if Elliot Sadler was just doing it for the publicity or for Stanley or whatever, it doesn't make any difference to that 5 year old girl. You know she was just thrilled.
In case you were wondering it sounds kind of like a cackle.

Lindsay Lohan and her Sunday best.

And exactly what Samantha Ronson thinks of them.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Lukas Haas. That is a lot of testosterone. Minus points of course for the frappuccino Lukas is drinking.
Apparently Kelson Mathias of Future Of The Left is a briefs man.
Gwen Stefani enters her second decade of pregnancy.

You know in the world of Hollywood romances, Nikki Hilton and David Katzenberg have kept this going for awhile so a little golf clap if you please.

Yes that's Mariah Carey and yes, those are two assistants each with a towel to dry her off. Hope they are fresh and have never been used.
Must have been fun times when they actually got someplace private.
Laura Prepon and her Steven Tyler scarf.
Los Lobos - New York
Put these three together and you have about a years worth of tabloid headlines.

Simon Rex. His CD or is he looking for some quick cash for the meter out front?
From what I understand Sara Paxton is a really great actress. Unfortunately for her, I just know her because she has been in a bunch of SpongeBob episodes.
There is going to be a marriage at some point right?
Just because I don't think I have ever had Oscar Nunez or his family in the photos.
In some interview, Tila Tequila said she and Courtenay are always trading clothes. Uh huh. Kind of like Tom and Katie.

Like this is going to change the opinion of anyone in the world that Dean is Tori's bitch.
The Donna's. I love them.
Taye Diggs was in town last night and his wife is performing tonight. I'm guessing he might join her on stage.
Speaking of staged. Notice that Katie doesn't try and pull that jeans scam on us when she is walking next to Tom.


Molly said...

katie holmes is genuflecting so she almost looks like she's as diminutive as tommy.

Quintessential Southerner said...

is donnie osmond gay?

who's in the car with raven's and cory's tv dad?

irishstayc2 said...

Ok - LOve love Don Cheadle - silly factoid about me - I thought he was english like Forever.... I think the NFL playoff commercials were the thing that finally convinced me he wasn't - yeah I know...

Did anyone see the rest of those Wino pics anywhere else? I swear she looks yellow - not her face cause of makeup but the rest of her??? YELLOW! Guessing the liver is finally wheezing it's last breath?

SamRo still scares me - can you imagine if her and skeletor(aka JLO's hubby) had a baby?? I swear she sucks the blood of virgins!

How the hell is Tom taller then KatE yet again? Damn they are good

Have a FANTABULOUS weekend everyone!

Happy Birthday Ben - Jen tell him we all will give him a break this weekend - but come monday we'll be looking for blinds...LOL

not a famous adrian said...

Yes--Gwen has been pregnant forever this time.

And I have to come clean--when I was 9 I joined the Donny Osmond fan club.
He was very cute back then--a regular Zac Efron.

Mooshki said...

Joe Francis? Are you pissed at us for our response to the last post?

I love Deirdre Hall. Used to not like her, but now I think she's awesome. Hey, does that mean we're getting a DOOL blind?!

re: sharks & Obama, LOL!!!

Goddamn, how nuts do you have to be to let Amy near a child?

Okay, you ARE pissed at us. No other possible explanation for Donny & Marie.

Damn, "US" should've put Donal on the cover instead of J.Love!

I like Gretchen Mol, but didn't someone here say she has issues?

I guess that means Eva is not the answer to the blind?

Lindsay, if you'd go back to red I might love you as much as I used to.


Aw, why do guys look so cute in a shirt and undies?

Gwen should've popped that package on 8/8/8 like Lainey told her to.

Who are the people in the car?

Laura, see above re: Lindsay.

Ugh, its the douche squad. Whatever we did to you, Enty, I'm sorry, just please stop. Please.

Sara Paxton - since I'm admitting horribly embarrassing facts today, I enjoyed "Aquamarine." Plus, she was on "News Radio" and "Malcolm," so go Sara!

Dean deserves to be treated like shit after what he did to his wife.

The Donnas are awesome.

Taye and Idina are the charter members of your "impossibly gorgeous couple" club, right?

Now I know how Katie ran the marathon. She's gotta have massive leg muscles from walking half squatted down like that.

IndigoBlue said...

Not a famouse adrian -- I totally had the Donny and Marie barbie dolls with the shredded purple outfits and I also had at least one of their albums and used to play it in my parent's basement ALL THE TIME. I can still sing all the words to the sign off song they sang at the end of their show, "May tomorrow be a perfect day....." lol!

sheetrock said...

FFF better make up for me having to see a photo of Joe "ram it up my poop chute" Francis.

Why couldn't it have been a photo of dead Joe in the deep freeze today instead of bigfoot? Just sayin.

not a famous adrian said...

So Indigo--are you a little bit country, or a little bit rock & roll??
are you old enough to remember the Saturday morning cartoon---"one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch girl, I don't care what they say, I don't care what you heard...!"

Reese said...

Love the Donnas.

Someone needs to tell Marie Osmond that she's not 16 anymore and she is in dire need of a haircut. It makes her look older (and isn't she about 50 anyway?); no one is going to confuse her for an 11th grader and ask her to homecoming.

If we never see another Joe Francis picture it will be fine with me.

Molly said...

Dean should also be treated like shit for what he did to their adopted child after hooking up with horse face.

IndigoBlue said...

Not a Famous -- I would have to say that I'm a little bit rock and roll! And yes, I remember that cartoon, too! The bad apple thing brought back a FLOOD of memories...awww, Donny used to visit me in my sweet purple dreams! Just kiddin' I actually think Shaun Cassidy visited me a few times, though. God, I'm old! ha!

not a famous adrian said...

good times--remember he only wore purple socks, or am I imagining things?
My brother sat behind him on a plane, & didn't even take a picture for me!

Mooshki said...

Molly, no kidding! That was so damned heartless!!!

amazonblue said...

Am I the only one to think Enty's comments are back on track? How was the vacation?

BTW who's the cackling woman?

amazonblue said...

Am I the only one to think Enty's comments are back on track? How was the vacation?

BTW who's the cackling woman?

Molly said...

mooshki, who would want to even know a man who would do that, let alone marry him? what a loser.

amazonblue, eva longoria is the cackler.

califblondy said...

Deidre is really rocking the flashdance shirt.

Is Marie putting the pounds back on? Whatev, it's good to see the two of 'em. They're cute in a Mormon kind of way. I heard they were on GMA this morning, but I had to leave for work. Did they fill Bryant Park the way the Jonas Brothers did? I admit I used to watch 'em on Friday nights too.

I love Taye Diggs, but that outfit sucks.

OMG, how did Tom Arnold, Rob Lowe and the Governor of California get together for a picture?? That's hilarious.

Big Sur Expedition 2008! said...

So does that mean that the washed up actor that was demanding free $hit and then $20 is Simon Rex? Oh, that's right, you can't say. Dually noted.

jax said...

ok Amy is obviously the HIV singer El...she looks close to death and if she is turning yellow from jaundice then its not long for her sadly. im guessing its Hep C as well.

lachickforever said...

My friend went to the taping of the new George Lopez show last night and Eva Longoria was a guest. My friend said she looks pregnant so we shall see what happens with that....

I like Laura Prepon better as a redhead.

lachickforever said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lachickforever said...

My friend went to the taping of the new George Lopez show last night and Eva Longoria was a guest. My friend said she looks pregnant so we shall see what happens with that....

I like Laura Prepon better as a redhead.

lachickforever said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lachickforever said...

Sorry for the mulitple posts not sure what is going on but it won't let me delete them.

CarolMR said...

I think Tom Arnold and Rob Lowe were supporters of Arnold when he ran for governor.

c17 said...

Love the Obama pic!

Laura Prepon & Lindsay Lohan - two chicks who should NOT be blond. it does nothing for them.

Tila & Courtenay trade clothes? Really? 'Cause Tila looks to be a petite -00 and Courtenay looks to be a 4-6. Whatevs.

That Mariah pic makes me wonder if she has someone that wipes her ass for her. Bet she does. Bleh - I hope that job pays well.

Jennifer said...

Why does that Brian McFadden guy look like Perez Hilton? Just sayin...

Molly said...

c17, Whitney had Bobby dig out the doodie, so you know Mariah has someone wipe her ass. said...

Its humiliating to admit, but I loves me some Osmonds. And I'm the metal chick in this bunch!!

Reese - Marie grows such a pretty head of hair, I think we should give her a pass.

For a second there, I thought Lukas Haas was Johnny Depp!!!

I'm just sick about Amy Winehouse. It is so so sad watching this happen. I've said this before, but I felt the same way watching Kurt Cobain's spiral.

nunaurbiz said...

In my teenbopper days, I adored Donny Osmond and I got to meet him a few years ago. He's a great guy and guess what??? He's got a great sense of humor and isn't beyond a racy joke or two, but I made him blush! He was signing a photo for my sister and asked what he should say. I told him that my sis and I had his posters (and David/Shaun C., Defrancos, Bay City Rollers...oh the memories!) on all our walls but one because that blank wall was the one we would undress in front of because we didn't want all those eyes watching us undress! I told him to write: "I really could see you from the posters on your walls." He blushed but laughed and wrote it! Wish I could transport myself to my early teens and tell myself I would live to see the day where I could make Donny Osmond blush! And he was real sweet and took the time to call my sister, who had cancer and couldn't be there to meet him. She was thrilled! (On a snarky note, did anyone catch the Osmonds reunion show on PBS and see Marie lip sync -- badly -- to her show tunes?!?!?!)

ENT, you continue to pull at my redneck heartstrings!! A random pic of one of NASCAR's cutest (and sweetest) drivers! <3 <3 <3 you, ENT!

ea73 said...

Finally Leo and Lucas go out as a couple (without Leo's beard, Bar!)
Anyone who thinks this isn't the truth has their head in...the clouds!!

Dave said...

Love Marie's look

Let's see McCain try that.

Love the Donna's too.

Are we sure SamRo isn't Keith Richards jr.?

"Yes that's Mariah Carey and yes, those are two assistants each with a towel to dry her off. Hope they are fresh and have never been used."

Do you mean the towels or the assistants?

DNfromMN said...

towel thing confirms that blind (or was it revealed?)

Same for the Simon Rex CD thing. Too bad, he's got a nice schlong. I'm sure he could go back to porn to make money.

I thought Lindsay would look good as a redhead again... but she looks older than ever, and way too skinny.

Yay for Donal Logue!

I will always remember when Diedre Hall was on the Arsenio Hall show and they joked about getting married so she could be Diedre Hall Hall.

Don Cheadle is amazing.

Jewels said...

jennifer, I thought the same thing: He's Perez' doppelgänger! LOL!

Yeah, T&T and her GF trading clothes... Sure.

LOL Dave @ ur assistant/towels comment.

Poor, poor Gwen. She looks like I felt on overdue week two... I mean, you already reach the "enough already! Get it out!" point by month eight, so imagine 9 1/2... LOL!

crichmond1000 said...

You know, I think Katie Holmes wears some lovely, tasteful, expensive clothes, I don't think she pulls them off well, though. She doesn't look comfortable. Those jeans are probably as much as my car payment, but they look ill fitting. And the scarf in the summer? Maybe she's somewhere cold. I might buy that if it weren't for her barely there sandals. She tries way too hard to be Jackie O. Just my opinion.

BinkyM said...

One of the photos is captioned "Must have been fun times when they actually got someplace private," and in it, there's what appears to be a very, very badly-sunburned black lady in a car arguing with a man. Can anyone identify her for me, please? Or else tell me what's wrong with her face? Was she beaten, or does she wear her makeup really badly, or WTF is going on there?

Allison said...

That's Scary Spice and her husband, binkym.

Ayesha said...

indigoblue: I had those dolls, too! They had holes in their hands where you could snap in the microphones!

I hate Marie with a passion. She is psycho. And she totally faked it that time she "fainted" on DWTS.

And FYI - if you look at Tom Cruise's entry on, it lists his sexual orientation as "Matter of Dispute". Guess the Scientos haven't caught on to that one yet. Uh oh...

Joanne said...

Too lazy to search, but wasn't there a blind where we guessed Laura Prepon as somebody making out with a rock star . . . Steven Tyler?

not a famous adrian said...

boy-- am I relieved to find out I wasn't the only dork who liked Donny!! thanks for the flood of memories!

this is for you Indigo--

Harriet Hellfire said...

I like the Donnas too, just because they are chicks who play cock rock (even though their lyrics make me blush with embarrassment). I saw them live a couple of years ago and it was a really goo show. However, I keep hearing persistent rumours that they are not playing or writing everything themselves. I'd like to know if that's true because that would kind of be the swing vote for me.

They're hot though. So hot.

And does anyone else see the resemblance between Maya and Frances Bean? Oh by the way, isn't today (the 16th) the Bean's birthday?

Harriet Hellfire said...

And by "goo show", I mean "good show".


BinkyM said...

Allison, that's Scary Spice? How can you be sure? What's wrong with her? Why is she that color? She's awfully dark. And did that guy pound on her face? That doesn't resemble her at all. Her hair looks terrific, though; I'm used to seeing her with her hair bleached that awful orange color and looking burned and unruly.

Mooshki said...

lachickforever, ah, the many joys of Blogger. But I shouldn't bite the hand that feeds me...

C17 - I bet Mariah thinks the job is reward enough in itself, 'cause she poos flowers and diamonds.

nunaurbiz, that's awesome that he's nice to fans, and that sounds like a hoot!

DN, I also couldn't remember if it was already revealed, or if it was just so obvious that it didn't matter. :)

Thanks, Allison - "Scary" is right!!!

Mooshki said...

D'OH! I know many of y'all hate the soap blinds, but it sounds like Deirdre is the one who's been rewriting her part and calling herself the co-headwriter!

cinnarose said...

I love Donal Logue. He is my fantasy boyfriend!

Dead Kennedy said...

Tom Cruise is such a cocksucking faggot. He doesn't even know how to hold hands with a woman! He looks like he's giving a reacharound to his gay lover!

I want to see the home movies of Blohan lapping up Samantha Ronson's vaginal juices.

Simon Rex is a faggg.. just like ENT.

Only one of the Donnas (the cunt on the right) is fuckable.

Tori Spelling is a two bagger - got to fuck her with two grocery bags over your head - two just in case the first rips. Where's Robert Chambers when you need him? Oh, Attica - right.

Gwen Stefani's husband fucks trannies that look like Gwen.

David Katzenberg has herpes. Guess Nikki Hilton has them too now. Wonder if she shares Valtrex scripts with Parasite?

Donna fucks Marie. They have deformed children together. Marie loves to slurp down his Mormon penis snot.

Amy Winehouse has AIDs. Barack Obama's bitch wife is an illiterate nigger - no joke. And Joe Francis still gets more pussy than ENT.

And I now return to my regularly scheduled programming of drooling uncontrollably and soiling my Depends. Because I'm Dead Kennedy and, like Rosemary, I am fucking brain damaged.

Dead Kennedy said...

Jack was iced by the mob because Bobby double crossed them. Bobby was iced by Ethel for fucking around on her. Bobby iced Marilyn Monroe after he knocked her up because the cunt threatened to tell Ethel. Rosemary's frontal lobes were iced by Dad in one of his little "experiments" gone bad.

And I iced that cunt Mary Jo K. because the bitch threatened to tell Joan. Stupid cunt could swim, but I held her fucking head under water until she shit in the water and then died.

And I now return to my regularly scheduled programming of drooling uncontrollably and soiling my Depends. Because I'm Dead Kennedy and, like Rosemary, I am fucking brain damaged.

Molly said...

okay les crawl back up into your own ass now, nobody reads your drivel anyways.

someone said...

dead kennedy: i like you

i also think donny fucks marie they are mormons

Mooshki said...

Someone and Suckno/DK, pretty please go here or here to embrace your inner misogynist/homophobe. I'm sure there are plenty of places for your kind of "humor," but this just isn't one of them. K, thanx!

Peek Freans said...

I want to send a Valentine to Joe F's dentist. It's obvious he hates the guy as much as we all do, because he gave him such a ridiculously fake-looking set of choppers. I crack up every time he flashes those chalky whites.

Peek Freans said...

And Ent, I love you even more since you mentioned SpongeBob.

Princess Buttercup said...

I HATE the way katie walks. She turns her toes in and moves really akwardly.