Friday, August 15, 2008

Four For Friday

So how about some original 90210 blinds. They all involve people who were on the show. And no, not just people who were on for an episode or two.

#1 - This actress recently reunited with her former flame for about a week of loving when each of their current relationships turned sour at about the same time. After a week they realized why the hell they had broken up in the first place.

#2 and #3 - Despite the age difference, this younger actress on the show came out to this older actress on the show and they had a love affair for about a year. The older actress had been married, but was not at the time of the romance. The younger actress has never been married.

#4 - Although she was portrayed as innocent on the show, in real life, this actress was not so innocent. During the course of each season she would generally get with 4-5 different members of the cast and crew. If you do the math, it is quite the number.


lutefisk said...

I never watched the show, but I am assuming #4 is Tori--random photo kind of confirms it.

jax said...

1- Brian Austin Green and Tiff Thiessen
2- Kate Robertson and Gabrielle Carteris
3- Tori Spelling

Anonymous said...
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mooshki said...

Enty, I love you so much.

I'm with Jax.

califblondy said...

While I know all the stars, I have never, ever seen even one episode of 90210.

Thanks to Daddio, Tori was supposed to be the virgin of the show, right? Ent, I'm not doing the math, but she sounds like the last one.

Pinky said...

Sorry Jax - IMDB says Kathleen married with one child.

Anonymous said...

3. Tori - Wanabe virgin hahaha

Get a Life said...

#1 - Horse tooth whats her name that was married to Chad Lowe

#2 & #3- Gabrielle and not sure

#4 - Tori sounds good

littlemanwhatnow said...

1. Tiff Thiessen

2. Emma Caulfield and Gabrielle Carteris

4. Whori Spelling

LRS said...

Gabrielle Carteris has been married since 1992 -- I don't think its her for #2

mooshki said...

Just so long as #3 isn't Mrs. Walsh. Gag!!!

jw12 said...

Anybody want to meet at the
Peach Pit?

What about Lindsey Price for 1.

jax said...

trust me Kathleen played for both teams back then and who else was an older actress except Mrs fuckin Walsh? sick. oooh maybe it was the hag that duped Dylan of his money. she was on the show for awhile but not a cast member. Ms Teasly the principal?

jax said...

donna's mom? shes kinda got the gayelle vibe. kelly's drunk ass mother?

ali said...

#2 - what about Christine Elise (Emily Valentine) as the younger actress? I always got the gay vibe from her and she's never been married.

chickenrotini said...

I think Ann Gillespie who played Jackie (Kelly's Mom) and Lindsay Price. I can't find a bio on Ann but it doesn't look like Lindsay has been married.

jax said...

emily valentine and jason preistly dated forever.

jax said...

what about the feminist professor that Brandon was seeing in college that taught Kelly?

Melissa said...

#1 - Jax I like your guess but he didn't say that the former flame was a 90210 alum. Otherwise, the alum would be blind item person #2. So perhaps someone else.

I think Katherine Cannon is a good guest for #3. She was married until 1980 and is remarried now, but was single at the time she was doing 90210.

For #2 how about Josie Davis? She's 20 years Katherine's junior, never married...

#4 of course is Tori. Ewww.

jax said...

damn u Melissa! lol.

redgurl72 said...
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ktmonster said...

What about Shannon D and Rick Solomon for #1

Andy said...

Dina Meyer was on the show briefly, playing a teacher. In one dream scene, she and Kathleen Robertson's character talked about sharing Brandon sexually.

Dina Meyer and Kathleen Robertson going at it? Damn I need a cold shower at that thought.

Andy said...

BTW, Robertson is pregnant, but I don't think had the kid yet. I saw the preggo pics of her on the beach. She finally gained a little weight for it and looked better.

She was with Gregg Araki for years, which threw everyone because it was assumed he was gay.

Unknown said...

I think the younger actress in #2 is Emma Caulfield (Susan). I don't think she's ever been married, and I have always gotten that vibe from her.

#4 is obv. Tori.

ThoughtElf said...

NO GD IDEA!!! I can't even read the blinds.

ENT sucked me into FFF with an ab-hard, slick & shiny teaser(without a lot of resistance, mind you...)

and then I was confronted with OZZY *ick!

Maimed for the rest of my ever-loving, penii-appreciating life.

I have no idea what the blinds are - or who they might be. I am still wishing I was 3/4 farther along in the bottle before I clicked on FFF this week.

I loves me a great, enduring rock band, just as I Loves a a great, enduring penii, but, "DANG, Enty, what WERE you thinking?"

That's like posting Hilton v-jay-jay right out there!

I need to puke to make more room for more vino. Lots more vino.

Let me be henceforth known as She Who LOVES Ozzy, but has NO desire to see his penii.


beth said...

Emma Caufield and Christine Elise are the only two "young" female cast members who were around for enough eps to count (not sure about Jill Novick - she seems to have basically disappeared). Christine Elise dated Jason Priestley basically that entire time, so I think it basically *has* to be Emma and someone. (There is also Josie Davis, but she wasn't even on the show for a year (and at the very end) and I'm not sure if she really counts as someone who is a real 90210-er.)

beth said...

Above should read: Emma Caufield and Christine Elise are the only two "young" female cast members who were around for enough eps to count (not sure about Jill Novick - she seems to have basically disappeared) AND HAVE NEVER MARRIED.

PotPourri said...

Carol Potter the mom?

and let's toss Hillary Swank's name in the ring!

ThoughtElf said...

*should the above read" 'you know WAY too much about 90210 - AND - you ignored the OZZY *ick?

I AM sorry, but that imprinted me with a permanent scar.

Some one, any one, with the gift of humour, please bring my back to a happy place.

We're STILL debating 90210 whilst there is OZZY *ick a foot (well, really an inch, but it is simply diseased either way.)

Mooshki, Jax - where the heck are Thee now?

I SAW OZZY *ICK - and I am bereft.

I LOVES me some OZZY, but - NO - HECK NO - Not that crazy arse in FFF.

I am ... not nearly drunk enough to forgive this and I NEED some humour as solace.

Send help NOW! OZZY *ick is even more disturbing to MY GENERATION that PH vj shots are.

what is eight past six? said...

ENT sucked me into FFF with an ab-hard, slick & shiny teaser(without a lot of resistance, mind you...)

and then I was confronted with OZZY *ick!

Well it looks like you bring new meaning to opening pandora's box there. (Laugh dammit! I cracked myself up, don't make me look stupid for cackling to myself)

Anyway, to the blinds. I like Tiffani Thiessen and BAG for #1 because I'm too lazy to do some real thinking right now, however I'm all too aware that from the way it's written the former flame apparently wasn't on the show.

2-3 - I say someone and Mrs. Walsh, for no reason other than, I just think it was Mrs. Walsh. I dunno.

#4 - Donna Martin was the virgin, but Andrea Zuckerman was really the squeaky clean, nerdy one. So I'm guessing Gabrielle Carteris only because guessing Tori Spelling is too easy.

redgurl72 said...

Emma's bio has her as briefly married when she was very young (during her College years).

Michele said...

#4 Tori Spelling, large number implies lots of seasons and Andrea wasnt around the whole time was she?

Guessing Carol Potter for #2. On imdb it says she was married and the guy died and she remarried at the end of 1990. So she fits that blind. The girl in question has to then be a member of season 1 or 2 to fit the timeframe...

BlahFrickinBlah said...

#4 Definitely Tori. I always heard she was a ho back in the day. Really up to her marriage when I think about it. LOL Maybe Andrea (Gabrielle Carteris) no one would peg her as a ho as her character was pretty innocent.

1# What about Vanessa Marcil and Brian Austin Green. They have a kid together and there are those rumors of him and Megan Fox breaking up. Don't know about Marcil but she was married to Cory Feldman so her judgment is obviously bad when it comes to men. LOL

#2...this one is tougher. I just checked imdb and Kelly Taylor's drunk mom is now a Reverend. LMAO. Maybe she's repenting for the lezbo activity. She dropped out of sight right after the show.

I'm with the rest of the crowd on it being Carol Potter and one of the single chicks...Lindsey or the other one.

I love you ENT for today's bi's. Brings back old memories. ::wipes tear from eye::

jw12 said...

Pandora, is that a new bottle or are you still working on yesterday's bottle? I wish I was drinking w/ ya but I have developed an allergy in the last few years to alcohol. I was in the wine store buying a case the other day for my old man when the sales guy told me that there's an organic wine out there that I should try. Have you tried any of the organic wines?

oh, and Andrea Zuckerman was on that show for at least 5 years. I think I read recently that she was in an accident which caused her face paralysis.

Maja With a J said...

I thought Gabrielle Carteris for #4. That would be SO GOOD.

mooshki said...

Pandora, LOL! Sorry I wasn't around to help erase the image from your mind. Luckily, I went to yoga, so I was able to clear my mind pretty quickly. Namaste!

The thought of Mrs. Walsh having any kind of sex squicks me out much more than the picture of Ozzy (but not as much as freakin' Verne Troyer - I still haven't forgiven you for that one, Enty).

Ah, Dina Meyer. I think she is my #1 favorite B-movie actress.

Jax, don't you hate it when someone ruins your fun with stinkin' facts? :) All I can say is, #1 had better f-ing not be Brenda and Rick Salomon.

#4 - Andrea got knocked up out of wedlock, no way it's her, although fun guess.

BlahFBlah, I had no idea Vanessa Marcil had such sh*tty taste in men, yuck!

JW12, my deepest condolences. I recently developed an allergy to avocados, completely out of nowhere, and it breaks my heart. I LOVE guacamole! :(

mooshki said...

In honor of 90210 and BAG, watch this:

mooshki said...

And our second-favorite guy is on board the "more Brenda" train. Dlisted

Ms. said...

The organic wines I've tried have been shite. Lots of tannin. Don't count on organic wine as the answer because with a woman I know, she's allergic to a particular chemical that is created by the fermentation of the grapes.

How intensively have you been tested with regard to this lousy allergy? My sympathies, btw.

ThoughtElf said...

My sympathies, also.

I haven't tried organic wines, but I live in a great area very close to many Canadian wineries, so I will search one out and get back to you.

I don't drink anything harder than wine, except an occasional sip of Bailey's, but I sure was tempted after seeing Ozzy IN THE FLESH. And it was a new bottle... and I finished it. :D

Water for me for the rest of the week.

Dick Insideu said...

I have photos of Tori with the penis snot of three or four different men dribbling down her chin and asshole.

Shannen Doherty loves to munch carpet.

ENT is a cocksucking faggot.

And I now return to my regularly scheduled programming of drooling uncontrollably and soiling my Depends. Because I'm Dead Kennedy and, like Rosemary, I am fucking brain damaged.


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