Friday, January 16, 2009

Four For Friday

This is going to be very hard for you to solve, but thought I would share it since you shared stories on Your Turn. This is not my best day, but it was a memorable day for sure. This happened awhile ago. It didn't happen as long ago as that Las Vegas hotel room blind though. Yeah, if you want to look that one up you will need to find it.

Anyway, at the time this happened a few years ago, all of the people involved were on a (#1) very funny network show that was not quite a big hit. It tried, and had an audience but it only lasted a few years. Not quite enough episodes for syndication.

(#2) Well one of the leads in the show had a party at his house. He is a C list actor, although at the time he was probably B because of a relationship he was in. He has really made his name based on two television shows and a relationship. I don't think he has ever done a movie.

So, the lead had a party at his house and I got dragged there by a friend of mine. One of the things that I noticed right away was that while most of the parties I had been to involved drinking games, this group of people had coke games. Instead of quarters they played games like fastest to do three lines of coke. Yeah, good times. To be fair, sometimes they would mix things up and include doing a shot and then three lines of coke. If you were last, you had to get up from the table and the free coke and had to let someone else sit there.

(#3)Anyway, the absolute clear winner in all of this was a woman who is, honestly a D list actress now and was probably a C list actress then, despite being one of the leads on the show. She just could not be beat. If there were a table of six she would beat them all every time, and would keep beating them repeatedly. Plus she showed no signs of it affecting her. It also seemed like she had no friends there and this was her one way of connecting with the group. She is actually on a series now as a regular, but it is her first regular job since the other show went off the air.

(#4)The clear loser almost everytime was probably the best known actor of the bunch. He will probably be a permanent B lister based on a few key roles (both television and film) in his career. He was older than the rest of the cast, but they loved him. Mainly because he always lost so they got to keep playing, but also from what I understand he paid for the entire amount of coke. It was a ton of coke.

There were about 30 people at this party, but to the six or seven people sitting at the table all they could think of was to keep playing that game. They didn't notice anyone or anything beyond that game. The rest of the attendees at the house were laughing and drinking or not drinking and having a great time. The people at the table just seemed to only care about the next round of the game.


Stephe96 said...

Well, if I recall correctly, that 'hotel incident' was widely believed to be about Al Pacino around the time of 'Scent of a Woman.' So that would make this blind sometime in the mid-to-late 90s, I'm guessing?

jw12 said...

I have Tate Donovan stuck in my head for number 2. UGH

littlemanwhatnow said...

tate has been in films

anomélie said...

sounds like News Radio

Dr. Spaceman said...

Newsradio popped into my head first, too. But it did have 5 seasons, which is enough for syndication.

Carrie said...

Hmmm... What about Ally McBeal? I could be way off, but it was 1997 and ran for 5 seasons according to IMDB. And I don't think I've seen it in syndication.

Dr. Spaceman said...

Plus, none of the actors really fit upon further investigation.

Mooshki said...

Hm, I just looked it up and it looks like NewsRadio had 97 eps, which is 3 under the usual cutoff for syndication. If that's right, one of the coke heads had to be Khandi Alexander - drugs are the only possible explanation for CSI: Miami. I can see Joe Rogan partaking too, and let's not even get started on Andy Dick. :)

Adrienne said...

Caroline in the City??? Haven't heard much of Leah Thompson since.

Adrienne said...

Never mind, Leah Thompson appears to be in something called Jane Doe.
Back to IMBD

La Doña said...

This might be a long shot, but what about Arrested Development? Jason Bateman...Jessica Walters as lead coke head (now on 90210.) Not sure about the "clear loser." Jeffrey Tambor, maybe?

amh.producer said...

Based on the first paragraph, I thought Arrested Development but it doesn't fit anywhere else! I am pretty sure Caroline in the City went into syndication.

Liking News Radio...

Mooshki said...

#1 News Radio
#2 ?
#3 Khandi Alexander
#4 Phil Hartman

#2, did Joe Rogan have a famous relationship?

jw12 said...

what about Sports NIght?

Josh Charles dated Jennifer Connelly

older dude is William Macy


Paisley said...

News Radio is still in syndication. WGN is running it now. I know I watched it on another channel, maybe USA.

SkittleKitty said...

I think this older and more obscure. I know Newsradio has been in syndication. 'Can't remember what network, but definitely was syndicated.
I thought of SportsNight, but probably too many (now) 'name' people were involved (Felicity Huffman, Peter Krause, plus Robert Guillaume and Ted McGinley). But I think it's a show much more like SportsNight than any mentioned thus far.

Dijea said...

No it can't be news radio - who would the chick be that was the winner. Maura Tierney is definitely not D-list.

Dijea said...

SKittleKitty. LOVE The Sportsnight guest. That's awesome. but who is the now D-list woman?

Lydmila said...

First time poster here. NewsRadio is on TV all the time so it is in syndication. And I don't recall anyone on that show being in a famous relationship.

I actually first thought of Jake In Progress w/ John Stamos. But it only lasted for about one season, not a few years. However, a lot of the other clues could fit John Stamos. The show was on "a few years ago" - back in 2005. And I guess John Stamos could be considered a C-list actor, (although I would place him higher), and B-list at that time because of his relationship w/ Rebecca Romijn. The two TV shows he made his name off of could be General Hospital and Full House. And I don't think he was ever in a movie, except for TV movies. I don't know if that is considered being in a "movie," though.

I don't know who the women could be, though. However, I could be way off and probably am.

janele said...

#1: Two Guys and a Pizza
#2: Ryan Reynolds (dated Alanis Morissette)
#3: Traylor Howard (curently on "Monk")
#4: David Ogden Stiers (M*A*S*H)

jw12 said...

Sports NIght chick could be Sabrina Lloyd

janele said...

Oops. I meant "Two Guys and a Pizza Place", which then became "Two Guys and a Girl" in a later season.

Kristy said...

Ryan Reynolds has done a bunch of movies.

jib said...

LOL janele - I was just going to post the same show - the older guy being David Ogden Stiers...LOL...which would be hilarious to think of Charles Emerson Winchester doing lines.

Emobacca said...

How would Ryan Reynolds fit for 2?

"I don't think he has ever done a movie."

Not quite...

Pink Skull said...

You should clarify the definitions of A list, B list and C list. Thanks.

Pink Skull said...

You should clarify the definitions of A list, B list and C list. Thanks.

jw12 said...


Ms. said...

My first thought was Arrested Development.

Careful, enty, or you're not going to be invited to any more parties.

shegundala said...

What about Men Behaving Badly? That wasn't on long but was really funny. I don't think it's ever been syndicated. Rob Schnedier, Ron Eldard, Justine Bateman...I don't know who else was in it, though.

Harriet Hellfire said...

This is a great story. I don't really have any good guesses though.

Erin said...

I echo the Arrested Development guess, but am not sure it fits, other than Jessica Walters for #3 being a regular on 90210 now.

What about the US version of Coupling? Oh wait, that didn't even make it one season.

Dr. Spaceman said...

So, I'm going through my brain trying to think of funny sitcoms that never got on their feet.

This in no way is a guess for this blind because it doesn't fit, but does anyone remember the show Titus? I used to love that show!

rtsew said...

Newsradio has been in syndication for a couple of years now.

amh.producer said...

Freaks and Geeks?

Stellar cast including: James Franco, Busy Phillips, Jason Segal, Seth Rogan, Linda Cardelllini...

Crap, just re-read adn I think this was only on a season.

littlemanwhatnow said...

i was thinking obscure

herman's head
dream on
greg the bunny
cracking up
laurie hill
veronicas closet

i'm just throwing them out there

janele said...

#1: Fraggle Rock
#2: Gobo
#3: Mokey
#4: Boober

Jennifer said...

How about Veronica Mars? It lasted only 3 seasons and got decent reviews, but was still cancelled....not sure who the guys in the blind would be; however, the girl could be either:

1. Kristen Bell - Now the narrator (uncredited) on Gossip Girl

2 - Leighton Meester - Now on Gossip Girl

3 - Tina Majorino - Now on Big Love

I think Kristen and Leighton are mayyyybe B list at this point, since Gossip Girl is so popular; however, Tina Majorino is possibly on the D. Big Love is somewhat popular, but most of the attention for that show goes to the other never see paprazzi snaps or updates about Tina.

She could have been on the C List back then b/c of Napolean Dynamite though?

Erin said...

Freaks & Geeks? Get a Life? Herman's Head? Popular? Veronica Mars? John Larroquette Show?

Just some guesses...

jax said...

veronica mars is in syndication i think.

why do i think its The Class?

Jennifer said...

I don't think Veronica Mars is in syndication because when I Googled it, the first link was to a website with a petition to have it syndicated:

My vote is for Mars =)

Miranda said...

Damn, I think NewsRadio would totally fit with Phil Hartman as number #4 since Enty seems to refer to #4 in the past tense; "was probably the best known"; "he was older than the rest"; can't move up from B-list if you're dead; and EVERYBODY loved him.

#2 would be Joe Rogan and #3 could be any of the women on that show, particularly Khandi Alexander? However, the show is totally syndicated so that probably blows that out of the water.

Some random suggestions:

- Herman's Head
- Grace Under Fire
- The John Larroquette Show

jp said...

I wouldn't consider Veronica Mars as a "very funny network show".

Ed said...

Veronicas Closet is a great guess.

Dan Cortez, could be the guy.

Kathy Najimy possibly as the woman? She us currently on King of the Hill

Ron Silver as the buyer

Angela said...

It can't be "Arrested Development", fortunately.

For #2, the only male lead with high profile relationship was Will Arnett. Still married to Amy Poehler. "Blades of Glory" was a movie.
Jason Bateman? Married to Paul Anka's daughter, one of the leads in "Hancock".
David Cross? Many supporting parts in movies, in a middle profile relationship now (his previous relationship with somebody moderately famous was with Mary Lynn Rajskub, before she got noticed in 24).
Actually, Portia DeRossi would be the perfect fit (two television shows, a relationship) but, well, she's a woman...

#3: a female lead on the show? Jessica Walter wouldn't be significantly younger than Jeffrey Tambor (if he was #4) and remember the drinking game between Lucille and Kitty...
Portia De Rossi trying to connect with a bunch of guys?
A teenage Alia Shawkat performing tricks for cocaine (or candy)?

#4: Jeffrey Tambor? Any big films in his career?

shoe addict said...

la dona, arrested development thats the first show that came to mind

Julie said...

2 guys, a girl, and a pizza place?

Traylor pretty much fits...totally.

cibele said...

I guess is Newsradio. They had a actress that works on ER now. Maura, or something like that.

CC said...

I'm pretty sure this is The Wiggles...

bionic bunny! said...

two guys/girl/pizza has been in syndication, i've seen it. it was USA i think.
same with 'grace under fire"

i MISS herman's head i loved that show!! no syndication, as far as i know.

what about the brooke sheilds comedy, i can't remember the name of it. judd nelson was on that one.
there was also a christina applegate show, she played a waitress, OH, and TEA LEONI has had a couple of short lived sitcoms.

Stacy said...

Here's my guess:

1. TV Show = Suddenly Susan
2. Rob Estes = not in movies, was in a relationship with Josie Bissett (now separated), was on Silk Stalkings and Melrose Place.
3. Kathy Griffin = duh, literally d-list OR Brooke Shields
4. Eric Idle

There are a lot of similarities - I'm not sure if it was really that funny, though!

dramabitch said...

I am a comment virgin...but here it goes.

"Suddenly Susan"

Kathy Griffin is on "D-Listed" now
and Judd Nelson as the older supplier.

F**K just read Stacy's comment. Girl, thought I got it first.....I agree!!

Amy said...

How about Just Shoot Me?

Lead who is famous for who he was dating at the time: David Spade

Female Actress: Laura San Giacomo....she's on The Closer now but hadn't done much since Just Shoot Me

Well-liked older actor: George Segal

The only thing I don't know is whether Just Shoot Me is/was ever shown in syndication.

SFG said...

Amy, Just Shoot Me is in syndication. Unfortunately. For more reasons than just the blind.

sandman said...

i can totally see this being the golden girls & that hot slut estelle geddy.

Jessica said...

Arrested Development has been in syndication.

Stacy said...

@dramabitch: I'm excited that someone actually agrees with me! That means the cold hasn't completed destroyed my brain, right?!

rocky said...

I totally agree with Suddenly Susan...I thought of it when I was watching Lipstick Jungle on demand for the last hour.

janele said...

We can rule out:
--Parker Lewis Can't Lose
--Get a Life!

moxie said...

I don't think Suddenly Susan could be called "very funny" -- enty has better taste than that. Unless that was his red herring clue. ;)

I think it's something like Arrested Development or SportsNight -- very funny but too smart to find a general audience that would support it.

c17 said...

Dr. Spaceman - "Titus" is on dvd - I have all 3 seasons. I lurve that show!

Same with "Freaks & Geeks" - now I'm waiting on "Two Guys, a Girl & a Pizza place" to make it to dvd.

Sarah said...

CC, I laughed so hard at your Wiggles guess!!

Jenny S said...

Freaks and Geeks? Linda Cardinelli is on ER now, few jobs in between except for the Scooby Doo movies. James Franco is pretty solidly B list. Can't think of the other folks.

beth said...

I have no idea about 1, 2 or 4, but Teri Hatcher was the first to pop into my head for #3.

Jamie's Girl said...

I thought of That 70's Show, but they are in syndication. I have no idea.

Katja said...

"grace' from will & grace had 2 or 3 short lived sitcomes that were really funny before w&g.

kympossible said...

The George Carlin Show, or that show that was on about the same time starring Tea Leoni. I know the girl who played the waitress on the Carlin show, and it totally fits.

Kate said...

I'm definitely jumping on the Sports Night train. It was my first thought when I read it.

#4- Peter Krause?

Plus, Enty has alluded more than once to the fact that he liked Sports Night, hasn't he?

Neva said...

For some reason, "It's Like, You Know" popped into my head - that had a very short run, a bit of a critical darling, and nothing could save that show.

Rosario said...

both Arrested Development and Two Guys and a Pizza are in syndication.

City Councilman Doug said...

Dr Spaceman and c17

Titus on DVD? Sweet! The hubs will be thrilled...our youngest bears the middle name Titus. He swears it is because Titus is the name of a book in the bible, but I know the real reason.

~crazy peanut~ said...

I like the 2 Guys and A Pizza Place guess.

What was that sitcom with Bobcat Goldthwait as the talking bunny?

Will check.

~crazy peanut~ said...

Unhappily Ever After

Kevin Connolly

Nikki Cox

Bobcat Goldthwait.....(or maybe Geoffrey Pierson?)

(Still liken the 2G&aPP guess tho.)

Sara said...

Bobcat Goldthwait, on coke? No way.

Katja said...

pushing daisies
dear john
franks place
or "Andy Richter Controls the Universe,"
"Mad Men"
'Kath & Kim'

Just putting these out there, I've only seen dear john and franks place.

Katja said...

kitchen confidential?
dead like me



becki626 said...

Most of the previous guesses ARE in syndication
This aint:

Less Than Perfect
Sara Rue
Zachary Levi
Will Sasso

I think I'm close

C said...

becki626, with all do respect, why do you think you're close? I don't mean to sound snarky, I'm just looking for an explanation to explain your answer. Aside from the Sara Rue guess (she now kinda a regular on Big Bang Theory), I don't see how the other 2 guesses fit.

C said...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Where can I find a link to that Las Vegas hotel room blind Enty refers to?


bionic bunny! said...

thank you, i couldn't remember the name of the show, glad to see others are on the "suddenly susan train.
"titus" was a helluva guess, what with stacy keach being on the show. glad to hear it's on dvd, though, one of the funnier shows on TV.
suddenly susan WAS funny, every one was surprised that brooke had it in her!
except SHE was the lead, not a HE.
re-reading the blind, though, neither of those guesses work... chris titus was blindingly sober (and hopefully still is) at the time.
there are so many failed sitcoms out there, and this doesn't say it's a network show.
somebody said "dead like me", and it's in syndication, i think on SCIFI channel.
obviously there are no hard and fast rules to the number of episodes aired needed for synd. anymore, people.

Mooshki said...

To clear things up a bit, this is from our friend Wikipedia:

"In broadcasting, syndication is the sale of the right to broadcast radio shows and television shows to multiple individual stations, without going through a broadcast network."

Rerunning a series is not necessarily the same thing as it being in syndication. :)

Since my pic is running on local stations, it is in syndication, but I still think this might be one of Enty's gray areas, and he might be talking about the old 100-ep standard. Of course, my thinking is biased, 'cause I really want to imagine Enty partying with Dave Foley! (But not naked! That FFF was just plain scary!)

Gabba Ghost said...

This is my first comment on this site, though long time reader and this blind item really has my brain a-going. So I was trying to find out what network shows from a "few years ago" fit this criteria and I came across Less Than Perfect as well. I think that the only reason it really stuck was because I really liked Eric Roberts for #4. But other than that, I don't think it really works.

Mooshki said...

Hi Gabba. I can see Eric being a coke head, but I can't see him paying for everyone else. :)

Matthew Murray said...

I'm not entirely sure, but I think the "Las Vegas hotel" blind item was this one:

Geebz said...

Got bored so I am taking a far-fetched guess:
1. Ned & Stacey
2. Thomas H Church(hugestretch)
3. Nadia Dajani
4. Ford Rainey

Julie said...

i love kitchen confidential, but i don't think that Bradley Cooper was only b list because of his relationship with Jennifer Esposito. His star has surpassed hers.

and the girl...the girl from worst week? I don't think shes even listed? lol

and if it were, the older man would be Frank Langella. MAYBE John Larroquette. but what movies has JL been in, other than like, Richie Rich and like, a Beethoven movie that my nephew made me watch lol

non said...

I am making a completely random guess. I think it would be pretty good, if it weren't for the fact that conjecture #2 doesn't really fit at all. But I remember catching a few eps of this show back in the day, and thinking it was pretty funny.

1. Action (on Fox)
2. Jay Mohr (married to some model at the time. Formerly on SNL and The Jeff Foxworthy show. But, unfortunately, I've never heard of the model, and he's been in plenty of movies. I know, I'm pushing my luck here.)
3. Illeana Douglas
4. Buddy Hackett

You know, I'm really just guessing this so I can imagine Buddy Hackett purchasing a large quantity of snow.

C said...

Thanks Matthew!

essexgirl2286 said...

my guess is Joey, it was on for two seasons not in syndication i don't think Matt has been in a movie, and the actress could be Drea de Matteo(currently on sons of anarchy), or maybe andrea anders(currently on Better off Ted) or even jennifer coolidge but she's not a regular on any current tv show.

C said...

Matt LeBlanc was in a couple of movies (about a baseball playing chimp & that Lost in Space movie). Eliminate Joey.

Paula said...

#1 arrested development
#2 will arnett, married to amy poelher, is in weeds and arrested development
#3 Portia DeRossi
#4 famous funny guy who played the father, can't remember his name.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Will Arnett has been in several movies.

C said...

Harriet is right; it can't be Arrested Development. Will Arnett has been in movies as has Jason Bateman & Jeffrey Tambor. I don't know about the guy who played Buster, but I wouldn't classify him as a lead nor do I remember him being in any famous relationships.

Mrs George Glass said...

Yeah, the AD cast doesn't fit, and besides, if this is meant to be hard to solve, I think it would be something that doesn't come to mind so readily.

My guess really doesn't fit but I thought I'd put it out there anyway. A show called 'Pasadena' that I never saw, but have heard was funny in an over-the-top soap way. Only 13 episodes made, 4 aired at the time and the rest a few years later - really grasping here, but that could almost count as 'lasted a few years'. Martin Donovan as the older B-list actor. Balthazar Getty as the C-lister upped to B-list because of his designer wife. He's done movies but people might not know. Could say famous for 2 TV shows and a relationship - Brothers & Sisters and Alias, and Sienna Miller.

The C/D list actress is the hardest fit. Natasha Gregson Wagner could work - "honestly a D list actress now" made me think of someone previously mentioned as C list who's been demoted. But she's not a series regular now. Dana Delany is, but D list is probably a bit harsh for her.

Ernestine said...

Just out of curiousity, why don't you guys think that it might be News Radio? It was a critically-acclaimed sitcom with low viewership. I noticed that it was a strong contender early on, but other people have started tossing out guesses that don't fit as well as NR.

No offense, but Suddenly Susan was NOT amusing, and neither was Veronica's Closet!!

At any rate, #4 SHRIEKS Phil Hartman. Enty speaks of a beloved, somewhat venerated performer in the PAST TENSE "permanently" known on film AND t.v. for a "few key roles." Hartman was arguably one of the most dynamic, VIP SNL castmembers of all time, and he brought a lot of attention to News Radio. He's inimitable. There will NEVER be another performer remotely like Phil Hartman.

What really jumped out at me concerning #4 was the phrase a "clear loser in this situation."
Yeah. I'd say so. I know he didn't O.D. on set or anything, but cocaine definitely had a key role in his wife's lunacy and his murder.

I combed through the responses to this post and couldn't find a good reason to disqualify News Radio. I really like that guess.

valerie said...

Ernestine, here's why I don't think it's NewsRadio:
- What relationship was one of the male leads in, that raised his list rating from C to B? Dave Foley, Andy Dick, Phil Hartman and Joe Rogan...I can't think of moderately high profile relationships they have been involved in.
- in #4, Enty says "he will probably be a permanent B lister" Phil Hartman will *definitely* be a permanent B lister, since he can't add to his resume any more. This actor still has a chance of going off the B list based on the word "probably", so the actor must still be living.
- Maura Tierney is bigger than D list now. Can this be the actress who played Catherine or the actress who played Beth?

Gabba Ghost said...

Ok... I am gonna attempt this, though I really don't think it fits, but to satisfy those who want it to be News Radio.

#1: News Radio

#2: Andy Dick (presuming this is when he was dating Drew Barrymore, or maybe it was his "relationship" with crazy... and Enty totally forgot that Andy Dick has been in films)

#3: Khandi Alexander (on CSI: Miami now)

#4: of course, Phil Hartman

I thought the real problem with News Radio was it being in syndication... used to rerun on A&E for sure. Someone needs to have a good solve with this one cause I need to be writing a paper on 17th Century Dutch art, and not thinking about solving this BI!

Mrs George Glass said...

I too discounted Newsradio because none of the actors fit #2. But mostly because it's been in syndication. However, I can't help wondering if "Not quite enough episodes for syndication" could mean the show in question didn't quite reach the usual episode count for syndication, but perhaps was still syndicated.

Did Andy Dick actually date Drew Barrymore? Thought it was just a fling, if that... wouldn't think it was enough to jump him up a list.

maggiemei said...

I don't think Phil Hartman could be considered for #4 because after his death, many friends said that he was didn't do cocaine. His wife had a history of addiction, and when she fell back into drug use, it caused them to fight, and led to his eventual murder. So I can't see him buying these huge quantities of coke for the cast- especially if it is for a party his wife would (presumably) attend.

Stephen Root could be the older actor from NewsRadio. He did play "Milton" on Office Space- one key role.

Angie said...

Chyler Leigh popped into my head immediately for #3--i just read an article about her drug struggles and how she was a "show killer," but I don't think she was in anything really funny. That 80's Show kinda sucked.

shanemiltoncoronado said...

#1 ~ Las Vegas

#2 ~ Josh Duhamel (Fergie)

#3 ~ Vanessa Marcil/Molly Sims

#4 ~ James Caan

Mrs George Glass said...

Las Vegas is a good fit for the actors (though Duhamel was in Transformers), but it had 100+ eps and is in syndication.
I thought of Costas Mandylor for #2 as he dated Talisa Soto, but I'm not sure anyone would call Picket Fences "very funny". Found it very interesting though that Talisa Soto happens to be in the photos today.
#2 also makes me think of Jennifer Garner's ex, Scott Foley, but I don't think any of his shows fit. Stumped :(.