Monday, February 02, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Please. It is February 2. It is Groundhog Day. The greatest day ever. The day I sit in front of the tv, watch the movie of the same name, and drink a shot whenever anyone says Phil or Groundhog Day. Add it up. I have never made it through 45 minutes.
Bruce Springsteen - Tampa
You know what? Claire Danes actually looks really good here. It is amazing what a smile can do. Plus, she was smiling in most of the photos so, this was not like some guy in a cross walk got run over by a car or something. This was a genuine smile.
Have not had Clive Owen in the photos in a very long time. I know you missed him.
Actors at celebrity golf tournaments. Let's take a look at how they dress. Don Cheadle goes for the look I would expect most people to have.
Mark Wahlberg needs a haircut and better acting skills but looks good enough to golf.
Oliver Hudson is overcompensating.
Can't say anything bad about Patrick Warburton.
And Gabriel Aubry seems to be saying, "do you really think I am going to play golf for the next 4 hours when I can go right back home and have Halle Berry naked instead."
If only the Ford Pinto looked as good as Freida Pinto. OK, it still wouldn't be around because it was a piece of crap, but damn she looks good.
My favorite photo of the day. Gavin Rossdale and his son.
The Verne of the day.
If only I could substitute myself in place of Jay Roach, my life would be complete. This Susanna Hoffs crush just will not go away.
Apparently the Kardashians got the Super Bowl confused with an equestrian event, or Kim said she was going to be riding Reggie later and they got confused.
Congratulations Lisa Loeb on your marriage. It is about damn time you two got married.
When Madonna covers half her face with her hair and wears sunglasses and four layers of clothes she really doesn't look that bad.
This could be a first time appearance for Michelle Monaghan.
Michelle Williams looks a little cold.
Nicole Kidman on the set of her next box office bomb.
Now if only Naomi Watts could convince Nicole that you don't need botox to look beautiful.
Orlando Bloom on the set of his new movie.
The princess is really excited. I would too. She is attending a bacon exhibit. Oh, Francis Bacon. Never mind.
Yeah, this whole Animal House toga wearing thing didn't really work for Rachel Griffiths.
Ron Jeremy and his guest, Phoebe Dollar. Well now we know what street she grew up on and the name of her dog.
Ahhh, the loving family.
Tim McGraw at the Super Bowl.
And The Submarines winner was Jordana. E-mail me back or I will give away the tickets to someone else. You have 9 minutes and 42 seconds. I always hate when radio stations do that. But, it did make One Crazy Summer a good movie.
Not really feeling this whole Virginia Madsen look.


Pookie said...

adorable! little matilda is giving Queen Suri a run for the cuteness money! little kingston rounds out that trio beautifully!

palealebrew10 said...

Kingston and Shiloh would be a great pair together(in the future).

amster said...

What in the hell is Katie wearing? Is that a swimsuit? Is that a scarf on her head? Loved the comment about Madge.

GladysKravitz said...

LOL. You beat me to the question amster. As Michael K. would say, what kind of gd outfit is that?

And why?

Ror said...

DAMN! I thought for a moment that was Terrell Owens in Madonna's arms!

And seriously, is Jay Roach's head like 3 feet long?!? Looks like one of those cartoon squished characters.

maggiemei said...

OK, I know KatE has an awful outfit on, but other than than the pic looks fairly normal.

It seems like they have taken everyone's criticisms to heart. Suri is wearing play clothes to play in. It is still a dress, but it is a play dress!

And Tom! It looks like he could actually get down on the ground and play with his daughter. Even KatE's gd outfit looks comfortable enough to pay in. And she's wearing flip flops!

Celebs! They're just like us!

Cheryl said...

Love the Phoebe Dollar porn name joke. I thought that was your drag queen name though (according to Ru Paul anyway). Porn name is your middle name and the street you grew up on. Mine is Yvonne Stearns. said...

Holy cow! That Jay Roach dude has the biggest forehead I've ever seen!

Mooshki said...

If you really wanted to have a Verne of the day, you should've show the shot of his other side, LOL. But thanks for sparing us.

I love Michelle Monaghan. If you haven't seen "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," DO.

melissa said...

Can't say anything bad about Patrick Warburton.

I hope not! :)

Molly said...

Phoebe Dollar. Well now we know what street she grew up on and the name of her dog.

hahaahaaaahaahahaha!!!! love this, enty! you always have these themes you keep coming back to.

suri has the most beautiful little face ever. i wish i could photograph her.

even covered up, just knowing it's maddona makes me think 'fugly'.

Molly said...

and poor jack black. he gained all that pregnancy weight and had no baby to deliver.

Ms Cool said...

Awesome photo of Bruce. Thank you!

ihpguy said...

Paul Kipatrick...and take a gander at Katie's sagging milk bags. No wonder Tommy Girl is interested in the boys. The hustlers here in Rio are all agog, or so I've read elsewhere on the web today!

audieh_1 said...

Gavin and Kingston look like they were having fun. I love that kid. He is the cutest celeb offspring.

*girl said...

Yippee!! I'm so excited that I won the tickets!

jax said...

i think that's the other Kardashian sister not Kim.

bionic bunny! said...

katie is WAY too skinny. nicely posed photo, though.

Betsy said...

Ent - I was thinking you should let me be your press representative at Bonnaroo so I can get a press pass... what do you think?

Wouldn't you all like to hear about the crazy backstage shenanigans in Tennessee?

Bad Momma said...

Is is just me or are you in an extra snarky mood today? Your Random Photo commentary had me on the floor - LOLing (which is not my usual MO)!

Thanks for brighting up an otherwise dull day!

Dijea said...

That has got to be the worst picture of Katie I've ever seen.

lutefisk said...

I like how KatE is slouching, & Tom is behind her so he looks taller.
Pretty soon Suri is going to pass him in height.

X said...

I really can't stand the big ass, small boobs look. Katie looks like shit too.

Matilda Williams (?) is so adorable and I respect the way Michelle Williams has responded to this whole tragedy.

ambernyc said...

Kingston and Matilda are to effin' adorable. And damned if she isn't the spitting image of her father.

allisonshine72 said...

I like the lurking Faith Hill breathing down Tim's neck.
She does not look pleased.
Does she ever?

allisonshine72 said...

and thanks Mooshki re: Verne of the day.

I usually say no to crack.

DNfromMN said...

Well Enty, no one else has said it: Thank you for the Clive for today. I appreciate it. Patrick Warburton does it for me, too.

Virginia Madsen really doesn't know how to dress for her body at events. They never support her rack, and she always looks uncomfortable.

Kingston is gonna break hearts someday. I'm glad Gavin's doing a better job with him than he did with Daisy.

And Gabriel Aubry is flawless.

lana said...

screw jack black for paddle boarding!!!!!!! boo! paddle boarders steal all the waves and barely get a workout. ooo it must be soooo hard to catch a wave on your 1000 dollar longboard with your 400 dollar paddle. way to popularize a LAZY way to surf

lana said...

oh and i forgot to can't even stand on your paddle board? loser! what a big baby. i hope all the surfers ganged up on his ass and f**** his car up in the parking lot like we do in ob. what a douche.

c17 said...

GODAMNITSOMUCH! Ok, I'ma let you in on a secret - some of us NEED Botox to keep us from having major migraines. In the brow area especially - there's no way that you can keep it from constricting otherwise. How do you know that Nicole (FSM-help me - I'm not defending her, such as) isn't using it for that - pharmaceuticals aren't as precise at treating a specific area.

So, yeah. Remember that before you go off on someone for what you may perceive as purely narcissistic behavior.

linnea said...

i swear to god, i didnt recognize the cruises... i looked at the pic, looked at the caption, though "now why wont he tell me who they are?" looked again and went "whaaaaat?"

__-__=__ said...

So glad Phil took a bite out of Bloomberg. I only wish there was a pic of that! It's going to be a great year!!

Kristen S. said...

OMG the Phoebe Dollar commentary was fricken hilarious Enty!!

shakey said...

Watch the photo of Nicole. Her eyes get bigger the longer you look at it. And what is up with Rachel Griffiths? Is she a graduate of the Mischa Barton School of Posing?