Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards Spills

According to the publicist of Elizabeth Edwards, Elizabeth is going to tell all in her new book. Tell all in this case being about the affair of her jerk husband John Edwards and how Elizabeth reacted to the news which apparently she discovered at the same time as the rest of the world. It is one thing to catch your husband actually in bed with another woman and to have it be a fairly close circle of people who know about it and quite another to read about it on the front page of the National Enquirer when you are waiting to see your oncologist. OK, it probably didn't happen quite like that but she did find out from the news rather than from her husband, so that sucks.

The book is a followup to her very successful first memoir. This one is much more brief and only addresses issues that have happened since the last book. Obviously a good deal of that is probably her reaction to the affair.

There is an embargo on the contents of the book which means no one is going to be seeing any excerpts from it until after it comes out on May 12th. I don't know if that is because there is so much good stuff that they want to spring it all at once or if she really doesn't spill a bunch and so there are no juicy excerpts to publish in advance.

The very interesting thing is if she decides to go on a tour to promote sales of the book. I mean this is going to be the first two questions at every interview.

Interviewer - "Mrs. Edwards how are you feeling and what is the state of your health?"
Elizabeth - stock answer

Interviewer -"Is the love child of Rielle Hunter's actually your husband's baby?"

If you haven't been keeping up with Rielle and who really has actually? I mean with Britney going on tour and everything how can we possibly keep up with Rielle? Well, she still has not revealed who the father is and the birth certificate is still blank. John Edwards still sees her twice a month which is probably fun for Elizabeth. Oh, and Rielle is staying with different friends and family members for now. She has not sold her story yet. The operative word being yet.

The thing is that Elizabeth can't probably answer the question of whether the child is her husband's. I'm sure she knows, but if she says yes, than Edwards is really going to look like more of a prick then before because he hasn't acknowledged the child is his and also hasn't been supporting the kid. Not that being a deadbeat dad is really going to make him look much worse than cheating on his cancer suffering wife while running for President.


AnonMom said...

He STILL sees her twice a month?!?!

Scum. BAG!

Anonymous said...

If she is going to spill, why hold back on whether the kid is his or not? Why worry about him looking like more of a prick than he already does (assuming it could possibly get worse)?

Ror said...

Eh, reedinng is four losers. I'll wait four the moovee to come out.

Then wait more for the DVD to come out.

Then not rent it.

Syd said...

I don't think the little hairsprayed bastard could look any more prickish.

amster said...

Unless she spills all the juicy deets, it's not worth my hard earned money to buy. She has to totally paint him as the asshole he really is. Hope she doesn't sugar coat it, but I have a feeling she won't say anything too bad about him.

Mooshki said...

I wish she'd taken the high road and just kept quiet about it and moved on with her life. But maybe she needs the $.

Molly said...

her first book was a success because they viewed her as a victim of a disease and looked upon her husband as the adoring, suffering husband. we all know better at this point. she's the victim of her own choice to stay with the bastard.

but maybe she could do a commercial for condoms.

and michael phelps can endorse Weedies.

sandman said...

how can you not like this guy?


equinox said...

who cares at this point?

not on my dollar said...

Enty says John isn't supporting his child but also says that he sees the child twice a month.

How does Enty know that John isn't supporting the child?

Molly said...

nomd, i actually think enty is wrong about that. i remember reading something saying he was giving money to someone else to give to her.

jax said...

"The book is a followup to her very successful first memoir. This one is much more brief and only addresses issues that have happened since the last book. Obviously a good deal of that is probably her reaction to the affair."

we're supposed to feel sorry for a women so compelled by her suffering she's decided to exploit it for money in a second book?

sorry no sympathy here.

selenakyle said...

HAAAA, Molly...."weedies." That's a hoot!

I'll tell you a politician I think has GOT to be screwing around on his wife--Gov. Tim Kaine of VA, new head of the DNC.

Dude married a very nice, educated, pedigreed woman who is a former VA Governor's daughter, but sadly is as homely as the day is long.

Yes, I am being mean! But Kaine has got to either be asexual or getting some on the side.

The ego corrupts so many of the powerful men in due time.

Makes me wonder how many female politicians are getting some strange, too...

not on my dollar said...

Molly I agree. I think John is really into this woman and her kid. I highly doubt that he isn't paying her child support even if it isn't on the books.

nancer said...

so he's still living with elizabeth? i thought he'd moved out. he'd move out on the end of my foot if i were her and he was still seeing this woman.
i had also read he's sending her money via someone else and i believe that. i imagine she's being very well taken care of---probably so she DOESN'T write a book about all this.

mabel said...

Whether John is paying for the child or not doesn't matter. Hunter is supporting the child and not on public assistance.

Elizabeth contradicted her husband's version of events. He stated he told Elizabeth about the affair a long time ago. Here, ENT is saying Elizabeth found out when the rest of us found out. Well, which is it?

I can't see spending my hard earned money to support this disgusting family either. The less this sordid story is revealed, the better. Liz won't throw the father of her children under the bus, so the only reason for the book is more money now that her career and her husband's career is effectively dead by their own sordid actions.

And, yeah, John is seeing Hunter, and from what I've heard, they are either living together or semi-living together.

Grace said...

I also read that Elizabeth has known about the affair since 2006.

If the birth certificate entry is blank and he's visiting the kid, do we need any more confirmation than that to know it's his kid?

At least Jesse Jackson came clean about his love child.

stiffkittens said...

Isn't this woman meant to die soon (thats what i remember anyways)? Also she has children, right? I don't know what age they are, but if i was her and on my way out i would
1. Want to make sure my offspring will be financially secure, and
2. Want to get my version of the truth out, while i can.

I can't snark on a woman that has been through what she has, and is still living through it. Especially as we don't know her motive.

kanonymous said...

Tim Kaine isn't exactly sexy either.

kanonymous said...
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