Monday, February 02, 2009

Gary Collins Needs A Lot Of Jail Time

With all the Michael Phelps stuff going on and the Super Bowl you might not have noticed that Gary Collins got arrested for suspicion of DUI again over the weekend. Gary, as you may recall once had his own talk show, co-hosted one and was the host of Miss America for awhile as well. Last year he served four days in jail after an October 2007 arrest for DUI. That was a big one because the driver of the other car was killed in the accident.

The DA never charged Gary with manslaughter in that case because the other driver made an illegal left turn. But let's not kid ourselves, the chances are that person would probably be alive if Gary Collins had not been drinking and driving that night. I'm sorry, but if someone is killed in an accident where I had been drinking, I would be miserable for the rest of my life and sure know I would never drink another drop of alcohol and sure as hell would never drink and drive.

Now, of course, Gary is innocent until proven guilty and those blood test results come back. But if he is convicted of DUI again, I think he needs to spend a very long time in jail, and I am not talking about over in Glendale where he served last time. I want him out of the county and in a real prison with guys who will remind Gary why he doesn't want to be back there again and why he should never drink again. Ever.


amster said...

I agree, Gary has issues. At the very least he needs his license revoked for a few years.

palealebrew10 said...

I don't think I could live with myself if I was drinking and driving and caused a fatal accident. Horrible. He needs to be put away because he clearly has not learned a lesson.

nancer said...

we've got to get real about DUI in this country. i don't care who you are or how much money you have. it's a joke the way we handle this. DUI routinely gets pleaded down to no time, a slap on the wrist and that's it.
there should be mandatory rehab with follow ups, no license in the interim, and if you get caught drunk driving again, you get SERIOUS time.
this guy obviously has an extremely serious problem if killing someone didn't get his attention.

Molly said...

amster, don't think that will keep this asshole from driving. he needs hard core jail time.

Lisa said...

"if someone is killed in an accident where I had been drinking, I would be miserable for the rest of my life and sure know I would never drink another drop of alcohol and sure as hell would never drink and drive."


Heather said...

Lisa, you beat me to it. I would be a mess. If he is found to have been drunk, he needs to clean himself up.

Pookie said...

i don't get why it's only "suspicion of DUI". did he not allow a field test, or do the results take a zillion years to come back? i don't quite get that.

either way, i agree he needs to do time. that first DUI should've scared him sober.

califblondy said...

Is he still married to Mary Ann Mobley?

Anonymous said...

This is the 2nd DUI he gets so is the 3rd one the one where he kills someone?

GladysKravitz said...

I don't know how I'd live handle myself if I ever killed anyone in an accident, whether I'd been drinking or not. If I'd been drinking, I would never forgive myself.

But that's the problem: probably he's an alcoholic, and it's a self perpetuating cycle. He can't forgive himself, so he drinks to try to feel better or to forget. He needs treatment. In jail, of course. But he probably CAN'T say he'll never drink again, because he's addicted to it. Time for the 12 steps or it will just happen again, as soon as he gets out of his much deserved jail cell.

classalpha said...

... I guess *G.Collins* didn't use that "ESP" to see the 'OTHER' now-unfortunately-'DEAD' driver (R.I.P.) to avoid "hitting" him... ?:\

... BTW... *you MORONIC SHEEP* ALL "watch" Budweiser-shilling CRAP like the StUPoR BOWL and STILL "wonder" why idiots drive and drive? Here's a 'CLUE'... STOP WATCHING IDIOTIC SPORTS!! All *that CRAP DOES IS SELL BOOZE and CREATE MORE MORONS and ALCOHOLICS!



jax said...

Classalpha, why don't you give your long suffering keyboard a much needed break and go look up blogger manners?
you type like a 12year old.

don't insult us.
you won't find any sheep here.

Pookie said...

lol, what's w/ the jr. high CRee8TiV spelling? and since when is football idiotic? the fact that you, alphawhatever, may not like it doesn't make it such. ...the PeRREZZhilTon *type* posting however...does make *YOU* idiotic.

Ror said...

I drink. I don't drink and drive. Won't even get IN a car with someone who has been drinking. But I drink at home. And very well I might add.

So "Assalpha" need to mature a tad here. Commercials don't make people drink and drive. Sports don't cause DUI's.

BTW..your typing reflects your age. Let me spell girl, gUrL and are glued to MTV.

Pretty good, huh?!?

GladysKravitz said...

Nice to see you back, Ror. We missed ya.

Ror said...

Aw, well thank you Gladys! said...

Shoot, I don't give a damn how much he drinks. But he needs to call a C-A-B.

classalpha said...

... *you pathetic DUMBSH!TS*... I'm WELL OVER 40 years old... AND *you (obviously) MORONIC DUMBA$$ SHEEP are* TRULY BRAINWASHED... as thus... "SHEEP" PRIMARILY "are".

... while MOST ALOHOLICS might not "be" SPORTS "fans".. MOST SPORTS "fans" ARE "Em"DEED ALCOHOLICS. Get OVER it. TV SPORTS ARE USED TO SELL BOOZE... *you* will NEVER... NEVER SEE A GAME on TV WITHOUT BEER COMMERCIALS IN IT. And BTW... *you IDIOTS*... beer-drinking alcholics HAVE TO BUY BEER.. so THEY GO OUT and DRIVE (drunk) TO BUY IT. ... *you MORONS*. That IS A FACT... SO GET OVER *it* too.

... and I WILL "Em"SULT *you MORONS* as I SEE "fit*... because *you are ALL* OBVIOUSLY DUMB as H*ll*... PATHETIC and *ARE TRULY DUMBSH!TS*

... 'Nuff SAID.

Ror said...


Don't your fingers get tired from all the sporatic and excessive asteriks, dollar signs, and random caps you use?

I'm exhausted just reading it! I need another beer after that. Damn, I'm out. Well, time to stagger to the car and swerve to the liquor store.

Boy, that televised sporting event yesterday sure gave me a hankering for beer.

Wish I knew why

Anonymous said...


Pookie said...

lol, Ror! oh but the poor troll! (she doesn't even stand a chance).

bionic bunny! said...

gladyskravitz beat me to it. killing someone is not going to affect his alcoholism. it's really sad, though.

and nancer, that is exactly the route my grown son went through with is only, single car DUI. i continued to be a joke with he and his friends for a few months, which enraged me, but he eventually got the point.

well, the whole thing enraged me, because i thought the one point i had managed to pound through my kids' thick skulls was DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.

libby said...

Pookie, I hope you read this. I may have an answer as to why he took a blood test.

I was 16 years as a server & bartender. I have heard a lot of stories about avoiding D.U.I.'s. It seemed pretty common knowledge among the drunkards I knew, that you always request a blood test, and, if you get to(as sometimes local laws give you the right), choose the lab with the farthest location from the police station. (Around here, they give you a numbered map, so I've heard [promise].) It all gives the police the best possible chance of losing or otherwise tainting your sample. If you get lucky, it will easy to get your charges dropped.

I never actually knew anyone for whom this worked, but every partying-type I ever knew seemed to hold onto that and other 'strategies,' just in case.

My vice grows out of the ground, and glues my ass to the couch.

Pookie said...

libby, thx! that's juicy dirt right there. i had no idea about that...makes sense in that warped universe kind of way.

again, thx for dishing!

Ernestine said...

For the uninitiated: Classalpha is an intensely deranged, Brittany Murphy-obsessed, Nightranger-loving loser from some town in California. He can't communicate like a normal person, and so he vomits a whole bunch of CAPS and *asterisks* and OthER WAcccky "LIttLE" things that really don't have anything in common with anything resembling the English language. When he's not playing Guitar Hero, picking at his backne, or pulling his pathetically-tiny pud, he likes to visit CDAN and perplex people.

And it's tiresome.

I would say just to ignore him, but it's almost too much fun to poke at him and watch him erupt. It's a big geyser of jeeber jabbering and babbling!

Oh, and he also loves to (poorly) insult people. Just FYI. I'm pretty much just sitting back and waiting for him to insult me. His tag for me is "Racist Redneck Ernestine."

Right, Classalpha? Or do you have a new schtick? Any new empty insults to toss my way?

Well, I know that I'm not a racist, nor am I a redneck. I ALSO know that Brittany Murphy hasn't been good in anything since Clueless and that "Sister Christian" blows a huge choad.

shakey said...

Hey, I have Sister Christian on my iPod. Can't get the bitch off.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program - I know a man who killed a kid when he was drinking and driving. What made the situation even more sad was that the kid committed suicide. He was 12. He had told his friends of his plans to play chicken with the traffic - it was a 2-lane road, but he ran his bike down a large hill until he got hit. The woman in front of my acquaintance barely missed him. Tragic circumstance. Acquaintance didn't excuse his own behaviour and accepted his sentence. He had his own business before jail. After jail, he still works in the same profession (general contracting), I'm just not sure if he gets many calls anymore. I do know he does not drive anymore and swore he never will again - he gets on with others.

Not sure if he gave up the booze entirely, though. That would be very difficult to do after many, many years of boozing.

walt said...

well, i like night gallery, but there are a few episodes(i think the first few seasons) where he is in every one of them. let me say they are the stupidest episodes of any TV show, anywhere, anytime. how can there be ghosts and paranormal activity any where this guy goes, and how come only he knows what to do. he is about as annoying as a game show host named alex,(if you get my drift). anyway since he is not in jail for acting in night gallery, then he should be there for the dui. but what do i know i say free O.J.


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