Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sex Offender Joe Francis Goes To Jail

You ever have one of those days which starts off with some really good news? You know, something that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling? That is the kind of feeling I had when I saw that Joe Francis had been sent to jail without passing GO by a federal judge. I love federal judges. Sure, some of you may think they try to legislate, but the fact is they are appointed for life and they can pretty much do whatever the hell they want to do with no repercussions. So, when Joe decided that he had better things to do than show up for a hearing at the federal courthouse in LA yesterday, the judge was not pleased. When Joe finally walked into the hearing passing out GGW t-shirts and videos the judge sent him to jail.

Now, Joe wasn't actually passing out t-shirts and videos. Hell, as far as I know there weren't even camera crews outside looking for people to show their breasts for a keychain, but I do know that the judge didn't buy Joe's story that he had the flu.

The reason Joe was in court yesterday was that he is accused of claiming more than $20 million in bogus business expenses on his corporate tax returns, including $3.8 million for a home in Mexico and $10.4 million in phony consulting services. He has pleaded not guilty to two counts of federal tax evasion.

Now, I am no tax expert, but cheating the federal government out of $20M in taxes would get him a few years in jail if he is convicted. See, the way things work is that if he had cheated you or me out of $20M or even the American tax payer indirectly he would get nothing done to him. But screw the government out of money they are owed and you go to jail for a very long time. Then of course there will be opportunities inside jail for Joe to break even more laws. I only wish we could figure out a way to deport him or have him share a cell with Darnell. Could you imagine the smiles all across the world of parents everywhere if Darnell got to share a cell with Joe. Darnell of course is the guy who decided to sexually assault Joe in his home and make him do all kinds of things for a video camera. I'm also sad that Darnell didn't have the money of a Joe Francis so he could have got a better sentence.

Don't you just love when people think they are better than everyone else and then actually get called on it? Joe probably thought he was a big hot shot and nothing would happen to him. He guessed wrong.


jax said...


rot in jail f*cker.
please god, let him be convicted and sent to a good ole assraping jail.

ya ya rape is not funny. i'm sure it wasn't to the several women who have claimed to be done the same by Joe.

Harriet Hellfire said...

They should send all the GGW-girls to jail as well. Good place to deal with ones daddy issues, I'm sure.

Harriet Hellfire said...

"Prison Showers Gone Wild" *L*

KellyLynn said...

Joe would be the first kind of guy to become someone's girlfriend in prison. Now if only the other 99.999 percent of the nation's rich-but-douchey population could get sent to prison...

deity2 said...

Harriet....as much as I detest Joe Francis, I agree with you! Every single one of the girls on his videos knew Exactly what they were doing......he is a capitalist....he made $$ when the gettin" was good.....I swear to god, he loves this publicity , though......One of the only times i ever saw the "Tyra Banks Show"...he was on.......he was so "glib" , I thought she was gonna take him down right there!

Molly said...

See, the way things work is that if he had cheated you or me out of $20M or even the American tax payer indirectly he would get nothing done to him. But screw the government out of money they are owed and you go to jail for a very long time.

unless you're a politician.

palealebrew10 said...

ha nice one, Molly.

lutefisk said...

If I was him, I would make sure to carry 2 bars of soap in the shower, in case he drops the first.

jax said...

deity- not quite. perhaps you need to read this:


the guy is a rapist and a predator and just becasue a girl has Daddy issues doens't give right to every slime ball out there take advantage of it.

Mooshki said...

"...unless you're a politician."

AMEN!!! And I'm not being partisan for once - this applies to almost all of them.

Pink Skull said...

This confirms this existence of two things-competent judges an karma. Someone like Joe Francis couldn't hang for a minute in jail, the Aryan Brotherhood is going to eat him alive.

mabel said...

He's a tax cheat? Hell, he should have applied for a position in Obama's administration where such a "misunderstanding" would land him a cush job like, say, Attorney General.

Harriet Hellfire said...

I agree that the guy is a slimeball and belongs in jail. But I'm also really tired of girls who get drunk, show their tits on camera and then cry "used". If you are old enough to have tits, you ought to know better. Have some self respect and some self control. But the male attention is JUST SO GOOD sometimes, isn't it?

This could turn into a very heated discussion so let me just say that I don't think that a rape can EVER be blamed on the victim. But sometimes I can't help but wondering what the girl was doing there in the first place, you know?

Norah said...

my slutty friend really wants to be famous and she thinks girls gone wild is her ticket.

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

I am a tax expert.

The amount of money involved doesn't determine whether or not you do time (although it's a factor) -- it's whether you knew you were wrong or not.

Fraud, i.e. knowing that your tax position is incorrect or deliberately acting to obfuscate your true tax situation = jail.

Aggressive positions that are unrealistic but theoretically supportable = civil penalties only.

Additionally, this is a corporate tax issue, which means the corporation is the actual defendant. There would absolutely have to be fraud involved for Francis to be personally and criminally liable for a corporate tax position take by the corporation he owns.

Grace said...

He really does have a house in Mexico that he rents out to movie stars who are surprisingly respectable.

jax said...

Harriet, read the article.
it's not that simple. these are very well rehearsed sexual predators who prey on the weak.
even drunk chicks don't deserve to be treated like that.

chloey said...

they judge is just mad because he saw his grandaugters titties and it aroused him! LOL

Ror said...

"Inmates Gone Wild!!"

Watch Joe Francis squirm under the "anvil" of his new cell mate, nicknamed "The Judge".

"Meeting adjourned bitch! Until after working out in the yard. Then I'll introduce you to my "hung jury!".

brendalove@gmail.com said...

His head looks just like an eggplant.

Harriet Hellfire said...

My computer crapped out on me before I could come back to comment on my own statement, which I realise came out a bit harsh. However, there really is no way for me to defend it without contradicting my own beliefs or writing a very long article on the subject.

All I really mean is that I wish girls and women would take better care of themselves. We can talk about our right to party, and our right to wear short skirts, to be horny, to be sexual, as much as we want but that doesn't change the fact that disgusting men are out there, and getting raped or filmed nude is not the worst that could happen. What if you didn't run into the GGW crews after that tequila race in Cancun? What if instead, you ran into a modern day Ted Bundy?
I'm just saying...that I wish it was OK to listen to your mother, take care of yourself, and not do stupid shit. I wish the promise of fame and money would not be enough for these girls to risk their safety. Yes, Joe Francis deserves to be in prison for a long, long time. But there are thousands out there just like him and worse.

Mexi said...

I just read that article Jax posted. I hadn't seen it before. They need to castrate (is that how you spell it?) that man and lock him up for the rest of his life. His behavior is completely inexcusable. And the cop saying something about him having money so he can do whatever he wants is utterly absurd! I can't believe he's gotten away with this for so long. Ugh!!!

bionic bunny! said...

unfortunately, castration wouldn't stop his actions. and he's already been in prison, and he still thinks he's "cock o' the walk" pun intended.

now, castration with a rusty knife, in an non-sterile environment (with no anaesthesia), guaranteeing both tetanus and a fatal staph infection, THAT might be helpful.

wasn't this guy just trying to get the government to bail him (and joe flynt) out because the porn industry was failing? asshat.

AnonMom said...

Jax - that article made me almost literally sick to my stomach. :(

Mexi said...

Good point Bunny...rusty knife it is!

stiffkittens said...

Harriet Hellfire - i understand what you are getting at. No one has the right to be raped (except for rapists - karma's preogative ;)) and in theory we all have the right to do/wear/act how we want without it making us more of a target. However the reality is that if you put yourself in a position where your judgement is impaired and you can't defend yourself (through drink and/or drugs), and you act/dress 'slutty' in a public place, there is a good chance you will be taken advantaged of - or worse.

The truth is you can have a good time without being irresponsible and getting completely shitfaced. Its about being accountable for your actions, and making sure that you are as safe as you can be.

Its terrible that you can't just trust everyone and assume you will be okay, but thats what the world is like, and has always been like (you just hear about it more now).

Ms. said...

There's a reason why it's primarily young who are raped. Lack of life experience to avoid and /or get out of dangerous situations.

I was exceptionally naive in my 20s and I'm still somewhat amazed I emerged relatively unscathed given my blinding and absolute trust in everybody I met. They could have told me the sky is green and I would have believed them.

Can't blame a victim for not having people or street smarts. That stuff is accumulated knowledge. Unfortunately.

Ms. said...

oops. forgot to add "women"
"There's a reason why it's primarily young women who are raped."

Oh, and IMO, nothing will happen to Joe in jail. He'll buy protection.

jax said...

i hear you Harriet, we as women do need to take better care. but Joe doesn't want those girls, he preys on the ones without our life experience.

Life Lesson- don't get hammered and show your tits to anyone.
the end.

keri said...

goddamn that was a good thread. as a human and i woman today i am proud to be amongst these reading women. well done ladies, im impressed.

Ms.Leigh said...

jax, on behalf of every girl/woman who's been exploited on camera by a manipulative, coniving asshole- thank you!

some people just don't get it- "daddy issues" or not, NO one has the right to take advantage of it for any gain, certainly not financial. have a little sympathy- no one wakes up one day and decides to act out on camera for a tshirt. there's a lot of abuse underneith it all and GGW among others, simply add fuel to their fire. and these people aren't just standing there with cameras ready to film whatever the girls do; they are predators and they pull a lot of unsuspecting women into situations they can't mentally process. like a hunter to their prey.

i hope this fucker rots in jail and then in hell. and in the meantime, i hope others wake up and realize what's really been going on behind the camera lenses!

Ms.Leigh said...

and to harriet, congratulations, you've clearly been brought up by better parents than most. some people, women especially, can't say the same. perhaps you should take a course at your local junior college about abuse, especially sexual abuse and child abuse.

so quick to put the blame on the girls here, who I AGREE, should hold themselves accountable for their own actions- however, there's a lot that leads up to them stripping for the cameras. a lot that you'll never see, and if you have a heart- you don't want to see, either.

Harriet Hellfire said...

I was talking about Girls Gone Wild in particular, Ms. Leigh. I have seen sveral of those videos - I don't know why - and I can't bring myself to feel sorry for anyone in them. I used to work for a support group for raped and sexually abused women, and trust me, I did NOT sit there and tell them that they shouldn't have worn that dress. I do NOT blame women. But what I noticed was that many of the girls and women I met there just had no sense of self worth whatsoever. There was - sadly - definitely a "type". You're not supposed to mention that, but tragically enough, it's true.
And it upsets me to no end that we live in a world where if you don't 'put out' or flash on camera, you are called "frigid" and a "lesbian", but what pisses me off even more is that girls actually CARE about those things! And I'm not just talking about very young girls who have grown up with no adult supervision or strong male figure in their life, I'm talking about women my own age (which, in case you were wondering, is early thirties, with education). Getting naked is the fastest, easiest way to get attention from a man (especially one of Joe Francis' calibre), and to some girls, male attention is really important. If I look at some of my own friends, who are...um...quite slutty...it all has to do with their dad. Everything from "he left when I was very young" to "he raped me". But it's always something with the dad. And it's NOT their fault. Of course it's not. I'm just saying. We need to focus on daddies.

And yes, I was brought up by great parents who kept an eye on me and taught me to be careful. Not to talk to strangers and never get into a car with a drunk person. I had friends whose parents would let them do whatever the hell they wanted all the time, and of course I was jealous of them back then, but I'm now grateful for my snoopy eagle-eyed mother, because I really got into very little trouble, and the trouble I've gotten into in my adult years has been ALL my own (sometimes poor) choices.

I am not writing these remarks to put blame on anyone, or to upset, even though I know that part failed. I feel very strongly about this issue and could probably write for several hours about this. But I still don't feel the least bit sorry for the girls in those videos. In fact, I want to punch most of them in the vadge.

And I totally agree with Keri, it's not many comments boards on gossip sites that have the kind of discussions that we have.


Ms.Leigh said...

i know what you're talking about and i can agree a lot of the girls that participate are nothing more than attention seeking chicks on spring break- they show their ta-ta's and brag to their friends about it like they made it into playboy, and then as soon as they realize the whole world see's it, suddenly they're 'victims'. THOSE are the chicks i want to punch, so i feel you there.

i'm talking more about the girls that show up and aren't aware of what they're really getting themselves into. the girls that are lied about the circumstances surrounding it. hell, even in the commercials they use to sell the dvd's, you can hear the guys talking to them in a manner suggesting that they're taking advantage of someone who's pretty much defensive to a predator like that. those guys are predators and need to be stopped. let the girls take their tops off and leave it at that, please!

and yes... streaking party! just leave the video cameras at home, lol


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