Thursday, February 05, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Lux Interior - RIP
Everyone always seems to like when I put Aaron Eckhart in the photos so here he is with designer Anya Hindmarch.
This was not Amy Smart on a red carpet, so don't jump all over even though the guys might like to. She was actually filming a music video.
Have I told you how much I love Celina Carvajal? And, no it has nothing to do with the fact she is a Facebook friend and reads the blog. OK, maybe it does a little.
One of the few times I have been scared of Cindy Crawford.
Is that? I think it is. Clive Owen is wearing velvet. Who wants to touch?
Cheryl Tiegs was in the same music video as Amy Smart. Cheryl still looks great.
David Bromberg - New York
This relationship between David Katzenberg and Nicky Hilton must be over a year by now right?
I love Helena Christensen, but something seems wrong with this photo of her.
Nothing really seems wrong with this photo of Hilary Duff though. Believe me, I'm looking.
That is a lot of coffee even for Hugh Jackman.
This is priceless. Not just the look on Henry Rollins face, but that he and Verdine White posed together.
I will say it. Fergie looks good here. Josh always looks good.
Is it just me but does it seem like Jane Seymour is always wearing red?
Lindsay Price standing at attention.
I will just say it is Mary Hart and leave the rest to all of you.
The title of the movie kind of seems to fit with Michael Kors doesn't it?
This man will try any form of exercise anyone has ever thought of to get out of the house and be seen.
The too good looking to be real photo of the day goes to Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl.
I want all of you to try and look away from Paula's face and check out the mirror behind her. What on earth is that yellow thing she is wearing?
I don't think Rihanna is shopping for more rings. Looks like she has got them all covered.
I know, the ban, but I had to. "WTF is that $1 bill doing in there?" Thanks to Becki for the photo.
The puffy shirt finds its way on to Salma Hayek.
Salman Rushdie just so the blog seems more intelligent.
Taylor Momsen just so the blog can appeal to the lowest common denominator.
Good lord, my grandma gave Tilda Swinton her wardrobe.


Suzanne said...

I want to be your friend on facebook! How can I find you?

West End Girl said...


Thank you, Enty, that is all.

Lisa said...

Pick me, pick me, please pick me! I'll bad touch Clive Owen!

lutefisk said...

Wow! Fergie has never looked so good--marriage & a good surgeon must really agree with her.

Molly said...

that yellow thing on the back of the dress that only covered part of her back, with the area below the yellow thing exposed, made no sense. just like paula.

Janepod said...

Henry Rollins and Lux Interior, my two favorite musicians ever. Actually, my two favorite celebrities ever.

I named my firstborn after one and the next will be named after the other.

"Life is short, filled with stuff. Don't know what for, I ain't had enough."

twunty mcslore said...

Love the Diddy pic, you know he is totally thinking that.

nunaurbiz said...

Thanks for the Aaron pic, Enty! Nice to see him with a designer, not a model! I can still compete for him in my dreams that way :-)

Suzanne, on the main CDAN page there's a Facebook icon on the left side, below the links.

Or just go on FB and search for Enty Lawyer.

nancer said...

HAHAHAHAAA on the diddy caption.

helena needs to stand up straight---most of the problem is she's slumping and it makes her look like she has no neck.

tilda swinton is a good actress but man, she's scary looking. it's like she works at looking as bad as humanly possible.

nunaurbiz said...

Er, on the FB question, make that the logo on the RIGHT side of the main page. Someone erased the "R" and the "L" on my hands so I got them mixed up :-/

NYC2008 said...

"Taylor Momsen just so the blog can appeal to the lowest common denominator"


Anonymous said...

Aaron Eckhart is just a handsome regular guy.

Tilda's one of my faves, but I agree, grandma's curtains.

Jane Seymour is one of the spokespeople for the Wear Red for Women heart health awareness campaign. And she looks damned good in it.

Mary Hart must have been going through her 1980s wardrobe.

I think Hugh gets coffee for his people. I think he's just that genuinely nice of a guy. He's certainly wearing too many clothes though. Go back to the beach, please.

califblondy said...

It's hard to tell what's skin and what's material on Tilda. Put her against a pale wall and she'd disappear completely.

Verdine, do you remember the 21st night of September?

Cheryl's legs look good. Her personality on True Beauty isn't too exciting.

Give Cindy a break, she looks like she just worked out. I wouldn't want my picture taken when I walk out of the gym. Hell, I won't even look at people in the cars next to me on the way home.

Mary Hart needs to step away from the Botox and animal prints.

Norah said...

i hate taylor momsen but love tilda swinton.
she can do no wrong.

amy smart looks hot!

Yellow Rose said...

Kinda odd that Josh & Fergie just got married & she's already not wearing her ring.

Allison said...

Neither of them are wearing a ring, as far as I can tell.

Himmmm said...

Look at that pic of Henry Rollins. That THING beside him?
1. Mix 1 part Al Sharpton; 1 part Eddie Murphy; and 1 part Arsenio Hall's "Reverend" character from Coming To America;
2. Blend and skim off Sharpton fat;
3. Serve hot over a fresh slab of Terence Trent D'Arby.

Yummy! Rollins Approved!

Judi said...

Tilda, sweetie - just because you can wear anything doesn't mean you should.
Helena is slouching.
LOL, too, at the Diddy photo caption!

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Helena looks like she just booted some smack.

Love the Diddy pic. That dollar bill could blow his rep! I bet a hundo that he threw it away. LMAO

Tilda Swanson is fug. She doesn't even attempt a try at looking half way decent. You can still be a serious actress and use a stylist, hair dresser and makeup. It's ok, really it is! It's almost like she purposely is trying to look like shit.

B626 said...

Tilda, Tilda, Tilda, there are just no words.
Hilary Duff does looks temporarily content. Ahead of her this year she has to pull off a major acting coup in the Bonnie&Clyde redo.With all eyes on her.
Drama coach sez:
Imagine Joel, Nicole and family all happy and stuff.

kanonymous said...

Lindsay Price's parents are brother and sister. I don't know much about her, but I just can't get past that fact, and that's all I think when I hear her name.

Green Of Eye, Sharp Of Claw said...

Nooooooo,Enty you're the bearer of bad news for me today. I can't believe Lux Interior passed away. One of my favourite musicians(The cramps are in my top 3 favourite band)

Reese said...

I shared a 4-seat table with Cindy Crawford at a club in NY last year; she is one strapping woman. She looked like she could beat pretty much anyone half to death. Toned within an inch of her life and with a much larger frame/bone size than most models have. I'm 5'11 and 122 lbs. (but very fit) and she could have snapped me in half. Whoever is training her is earning their money.

not on my dollar said...

"I shared a 4-seat table with Cindy Crawford at a club in NY last year;"

Really Reese? Cindy and her husband hang out with George Clooney. So tell us were you George's date? LOL

Wil said...

I just want to gouge my eyes out over these Tilda Swinton pics. Damn woman! WTF??

Jesse D said...


I'm a Gossip girl addict.

So I guess I'm part of the LCD now. LOL


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