Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Random Photos Part One

The day the music died. 50th anniversary.

America Ferrera and Jay Z introducing themselves in the expensive seats.
Ed Westwick and Jessica Szhor in the my show has only been on a short time seats.
And Cheech And Chong in the BYOB (bring your own bong) section.
I admit that Anne Hathaway looks kind of nice here.
Angelina Jolie as an infant. Umm, she kind of looks like Shiloh huh?
Amy Adams looks great here. Really great. So great in fact that I will refrain from making any speculation as to why she is not wearing her engagement ring.
"One stripper at a time is all I ever use. Just one."
Not really a comment to make here, just Bradley Cooper standing on the red carpet.
Bill Paxton is much thinner than I thought he was.
Real or faking for the cameras? Knowing Drew it is probably 100% real.
Dakota Fanning who looks more grown up everyday.
Emmanuelle Chriqui still has not accepted my basement invitation. Not that I am expecting her to accept, but just thought I would keep everyone informed on the progress of my attempts.
I would have never expected to see Liv Tyler and Eva Mendes out shopping together. Ever.
Fus van Sandt and Sean Penn at the Oscar nominee luncheon.
The rumors are NOT true. Jennifer Aniston is not as skinny as a pole. Wow. I am glad we could lay that one to rest.
I don't think you need any introductions here.
I would be shocked if Jennifer Connelly weighs more than about 90 pounds.
Jenna Fischer on the other hand looks just about perfect.
Now, I know why Justin Long never gets his picture taken from this angle. He looks like Zac Efron.
Joe Torre just because, well, I didn't have any athletes in here today.
Kevin Connelly doing some kind of monster impression perhaps?
The one and only Kris Kristofferson.
Kate Winslet standing at attention.
Lady GaGa - Belfast
Another shot of Mickey Rourke with his hands down his pants.
So, Penelope Cruz decided to also put her hand in her pants. It would be more interesting if they switched things up a little.
Robert Downey Jr. matching his tie to the statue.
Scarlett J and her new hair color and look. Signing at least a couple of autographs. I must say they appear to have come from a handler though rather than her working the crowd.
Steve Martin was hilarious last night on Letterman.
The lovely Taraji P. Henson.


Molly said...

glad tommy chong is out of jail and enjoying himself again.

not on my dollar said...

Anne H. looks angelic and innocent in that dress.

Angie looks like Shiloh and her mom looks like Angie at 33.

Ben and strippers is that a clue to a blind?

Dakota is only 14. Those shoes make her look older.

Are Liv and Eva drug partners?

Mickey "hands in the pants" Rourke. So that's his new image.

That color looks beautiful on Taraji.

DNfromMN said...

No need to have an excuse for Bradley Cooper. Yum yum yum.

I'm not seeing Justin Long looking like Zac Efron.

I hate to say it, but Aniston looks good.

linnea said...

Oh, I loved these RP enty! Really, really wonderful. They made me smile, for some reason.

Angie is the spitting image of her mother, yes.

Bill Paxton, I love him in Big Love but you are right, he does seem a lot heavier on the show!

Jenna looks great. Jennifer C and A, not so much. I loved her (C), what happened?

What IS penelope wearing? She looks extremely casual, thats for sure...

captivagrl said...

Jennifer in another balenciaga nightmare?

Mooshki said...

Bye bye Miss American Pie...

I'm so happy Cheech & Chong are back together again. TMZ had a very cute video of Chong saying how much he missed him.

Is Bill Paxton clean now? Eh, of course he's not.

Fus van Sandt? Please tell me that's a Freudian slip.

I was impressed at how well they all seemed to get along for those pics.

Jennifer Connelly needs to be force-fed. Now.

jib said...

Is Jennifer C. wearing shoulder pads? She looks really out of proportion.

Kris Kristofferson - Ent that's so cool - Sunday Morning After is my new favourite song. :D There aren't many musicians like him left. Do you have any of Jim Croce?

lutefisk said...

that Affleck photo/comment is PRICELESS!!
Thank you for the laughs.

twunty mcslore said...

What is a 14 year old doing in shorts and stiletto heels?

nancer said...

jennifer connolly has the most beautiful face but the rest of her always ruins it. way, way too thin and her clothes are always wrong.

Mexi said...

I will forever love Drew Barrymore because of reveal day! She can do no wrong in my book anymore!!!

I too laughed at the Affleck comment. Agreed lute...Priceless

Harriet Hellfire said...

Mexi, I agree. I liked her before, but now I want to, like, BE FRIENDS with her. In a completely non -stalkerish way, of course.

Mexi said...

Well, of course, Harriet. I can't blame you. She just seems like so much fun and that enthusiasm just doesn't look fake.

kimmypie1 said...

anyone else notice that once ScarJo married Ryan Reynolds, she no longer puts her chichis on display?

Dave said...

Call me crazy, but I like Mickey's look there. Maybe I'm just grading on the Mickey scale. I like the clothes though.

jax said...

Kimmy-she won the prize, i wouldn't bother either lol.

Connelly needs an intervention and a peanut butter cup. or 10.

aw man no full on face shots of Lady Gaga? THANKYOU.

wow Dakota..watch out for Marilyn Manson..he likes em young.

wow Jen looks better here than other sites, she looks...knocked up and bloated a s hell. god no.
no lil Mayer-douches.

Ror said...

Big night at the Surf Ballroom tonight for the "Winter Dance Party". That's my hometown and my family is still there. Sister told me there is a lot of buzz back home about some really big name rocker showing up for the 50th anniversary. Can't wait to find out who it is!

And they finally put up a monument at the crash site for the young pilot next to the other monument. About time.

Mooshki said...

Jax, no shots at all of Lady Gaga would be even better, no? ;)

City Councilman Doug said...

Has Jennifer Connelly ever been removed from the Fake a la Ferocity list?

Mooshki said...

Yep, Ted eliminated her.

"Not even close. Jenny's biggest problem is she's not in enough movies. Not heroin. Think less superficially tragic."

jax said...

so he's calling her anorexic?

misspapillion said...

i thought angelina was fake a la ferocity?

i didnt know jessica szohr was gay, i almost thought that she was michelle rodriguez..perfect cover for westwick...

love her or hate her, aniston always looks great, gotta give credit where its due...

mickey rouurke looks like a flaming queen in this pic, but not a good one..kinda like bobby trendy..

rdj looks high as a kite, i hope not...

dayum! wtf is wrong with j connelly? she needs a friggin biscuit!! omg!

and is it "moi" or has scarjo swagger jacked kim kardashian?..ummm not a good look, i can just see reggie trailing behind in a rose colored button down and burgundy pinstiped slacks..yuck..this is not becoming, im used to scarjo in hwood glam not celebutard designer cast off...

misspapillion said...

holy shiznit! is that dakota fanning?? this is a damn disgrace...and im no prude but what is she, 10? i guess when you are the breadwinner, you can wear 4 inch heels if you want to..this pic takes the sting out of kathy griffins joke...she's mylie-esque..smh

B626 said...

Bill Paxton, Jennifer Connelly and Ann Coulter must all be on the same
Nutri System plan.
They need to hang wih Cheech and Chong and get the munchies!

Steve Martin was also on Regis&Kelly this morning
doing 'the circuit' and had some nice things to say about working with Eddie Murphy.

misspapillion said...

hey is steve martin gay? anybody?
ive always wondered..ALL those blinds cant be spacey!

stiffkittens said...

misspapillion - "celebutard designer cast off"

LOL, she's wearing Oscar de la Renta!
Admittedly, she makes it look cheap.

This is how its meant to look like:

misspapillion said...

i know its haute couture but she looks like kim k, who also wears designer duds..scarjo is/was a trendsetter, to copy such a skank as kim, saddens me...

helenaonwheels said...

I hope Scarlett J. goes back to blonde soon. Brown hair doesn't suit her coloring. I love the dress pattern -- it would make great curtains for my daughter's room...

notvotingforsuckno said...

They ran about 50 gajillion promos for He's Just Not That Into You During the I Love Money 2 premeire last night (and all of you who admitted your Rock of Love addiction during guilty pleasure day better not knock my show!)and it looks like the most irritating movie ever. Whatever good will I had for Drew went out the window.

trashtalker said...

If Ugly Betty's getting canceled, America might want to save some cash and sit near Cheech next time.

I guess Amy's ring doesn't go with her dress.

Bill would look better if he were wearing a velvet blazer.

What the hell is protruding from Drew's dress?

That group photo is hilarious. Jen A. is not pleased to be standing next to Jen C. Ginnifer reeeeally doesn't like Jen A. Drew's dress appendage is trying to go directly into Jen C.'s stomach to give her some sustenance. And Scarlett is oblivious to it all.

KellyLynn said...

I love Drew Barrymore. I really do. But I don't love her retro look lately. It's not reminding me of Marilyn Monroe as much as it reminds me of Jennifer Lopez from a few years ago. (Sorry. She's still an A-lister in my book.) I appreciate the fact that stars like to update their images every now and then, but Drew is her most beautiful when she is doing some variation of natural.

Thanks for the Joe Torre pic. I met him once, but only because he's good friends with one of my former clients. I don't know how he is to most people, but he came across as a really nice guy and class act to me.

You're right about Jennifer Aniston. She's the size of two poles, not one. Now Jennifer Connelly on the other hand...
Of course, I shouldn't criticize weight too much. I could easily be the size of six or seven poles, at least.

I like Scarlett Johanssen's new look. She looks somewhat like Soleil Moon Frye, but it works for her.

Katja said...

Jennifer C. is wearing my bubbies shirt from 1986!

hotchacha said...

I can't decide if it's good or bad that Mickey Rourke is starting to look like Captain Morgan.

Amy and Jeff said...

Jennifer C's father just died so that might be the reason behind her weight loss.

Mooshki said...

Amy or Jeff, that's what her husband said. Still, even if she's grieving, she has to eat something, for the sake of her kids if nothing else.

Princess Buttercup said...

I really don't think Dakota looks that bad. I wore heels at 15 and I certainly wore mini skirts...my mother was really conservative too - didn't get my ears pierced till I was 13 and could not wear dangly earrings till 15. I am actually impressed that those are the same shoes she wore with that grey dress. Actresses (who are making money) usually don't recycle.

kimmypie1 I agree on ScarJo. I am wondering if she got some implants removed...they don't just seem put away, they look smaller and I think it looks better.


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