Thursday, May 07, 2009

Random Photos Part One

A little change of pace for the top today. Ben Harper is a good looking guy, and I have to say that if I am Laura Dern, I'm thanking Billy Bob Thornton everyday for leaving me. If I tried to pull off this look, I would look like a marshmallow wrapped in a plaid jacket. Not pretty.
"So, I want to give this guy a ticket because he parked on the same street as me. Can you write him one for that?"
Yeah, yeah, it's Cameron Diaz and a basketball. Look at the woman behind her. She looks like she is freaking out trying to find something in her purse. She's at a game. What could cause that?
Yeah, yeah, Gisele Bundchen is gorgeous.
Hilary Duff really jammed herself into that dress. Mike Comrie seems pretty arrogant. Maybe it is just the angle.
Has anyone noticed that Hugh Jackman has been in every country on earth promoting his movie? Umm, actors take note. When you promote, your movies do better and you make more money later.
John Norris and what I truly hope is a wig so he can return it and get his money back.
And Kylie Minogue becomes the first woman ever to have sex with a fuse box.
What would have made this 100 times better? If it were Verne Troyer dressed like that.
Kiefer Sutherland on his way into a police station.
I read Leona Lewis left the US because some stalker was looking in her window and she was scared. Well, she wasn't gone long so I'm guessing the report wasn't true.
Normally I wouldn't do this or even put you through this because it isn't pretty. I can't wait to see the "after." Also, the glove is a nice touch in case she has any track marks.
Ludacris looks really good today. That is a nice suit. I love it.
Mischa Barton wearing normal clothes. That should almost make the top.
Judging by the look on Maria Shriver's face, I think this guy was pitching Arnold to do a porn cameo.
Mary Stuart Masterson is pregnant. Congratulations.
Neil Patrick Harris is not pregnant, but he is passing out free candy. Plus, in the news of the day, Kal Penn is still going to act and they are going to make a Harold & Kumar Christmas movie. I wonder if it will be called The 12 Bongs Of Christmas.
The great thing about this gig for Robert is that he really doesn't need to go shopping for Halloween.
Ron Howard and Brian Grazer together. Let us hope they spent the entire flight to Japan talking about Arrested Development.
"Haha, haha, Ich trinke mehr Alkohol als irgendjemand in der Welt."
And in the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog this year, apparently you can get your very own live lawn jockey.


pomme said...

to promote your movie in every country doesn't give a better movie! Wolverine is so sh*tty!
Congrats for Mary Stuart Masterson! i lover her!

Quintessential Southerner said...

damn, everyone dissin' that wolverine pic. was it that bad?

i had my free kfc chicken, thanks oprah. :)

Mooshki said...

Enty, please don't ever describe yourself as a food product again. It makes me want to hunt you down and eat you up. :)

Alternate Willis caption: "So, if you want to know how to be a real bad-ass cop, let me tell you how it's done."

Phew, if Luda were the answer to that awful kiddie blind, Enty wouldn't be saying nice things about him. That's really been worrying me!

Ew, at first glance I thought the paps had caught MSM at her OBGYN's office - she's wearing a freakin' hospital gown!

Almost as good as the Harold & Kumar 3 news is that NPH wants to have Barney hook up with Betty White on How I Met Your Mother, and she loves the idea too. How awesome would that be?!!!

RDJ as Iron Man = Supreme Hotness!!!

The Hoff - LMAO!!! Enty, did you take a special class on how to talk booze in any language?

Marisa said...


B626 said...

Love Enty's comments with the pics today-Soo biting.

Pookie said...

what does lindsay's new (or i guess most recent) tattoo say? *wondering*

captivagrl said...

Lohan - you are no Monroe, never will be. not even close you dirty junkie.

surfer said...

The guy "pitching" Maria Shriver is her brother (Mark, I think). Looks a bit like Uncle Teddy.

figgy said...

I'm sure Hugh Jackman's hard work also endears him to producers & directors who then want him even more in their movies. Smart guy.

Lohan insults the memory of Monroe.

ardleigh said...

I don't care how bad Wolverine is I'd watch it anyway.

Keifer looks OLD there!

Enty is that pic the answer to who the dominatrix?

Moosh,Good know that about Luda. His involvement with kids and that blind would be CREEPY.

Mischa looks like a young Margo Kidder there.

Congrats to MSM!

Why was NPH handing out candy?

DNfromMN said...

NPH is partnering with Mars to give out free coupons for chocolate every friday throughout the summer: starting at 8am tomorrow. only 300,000 coupons a week.

Ben Harper - I don't get the layering of button-down shirts.

Hugh Jackman is always a welcome photo. The more naked the better.

Don't we have a Lindsay ban?

Who is the woman in the last photo (living lawn jockey). Initials are ZP and heck if I can come up with anything

amazonblue said...

Who speaks German? Can you do a Hoff translation?
The woman looks like Melissa Gilbert.

I'm with surfer, that's gotta be a Kennedy relative with Maria, same facial structure and bushy hair.

Jean said...

ZP is Zara Phillips, Princess Anne's daughter. Looks like she's competing in the dressage portion of a 30-day event.

Jean said...

I meant 3-day event. I think my typing hands are shaking in anticipation of FFF!!! said...

Why is Gisele wearing my picnic table tarp?

Why does Lindsay Lohan look like....nevermind. Just nevermind.

amazonblue said...

DN I didn't see the initials, I thought it might be Zara Philips but wasn't sure. Zara is Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter, Anne's daughter. She's a terrific horsewoman, she's competed in the Olympics.

Rocket Queen said...

I'm so sick of those bandage dresses. I think every star from A-D owns one right now.

bonnjill said...

I was impressed with Enty's German. Grammatically correct and everything. Good job! He wrote: "Haha, haha, I drink more alcohol than anyone in the world."

ardleigh said...

Thanks DN. FREE chocolate? I have died and gone to Heaven. The only thing that could make it better would another SING A LONG BLOG.

or Hugh Jackman naked or not.If it really was Hugh handing out choc. I would have to get him to pinch me because I'd think I was dreaming.

Harriet Hellfire said...

That Lindsay Lohan picture is really disturbing. I'm not going to comment on her weight, but could someone PLEASE get her some moisturizer?

Hilary Duff looks like she's eating again, growing into those enormous veneers of hers nicely.

And I am really starting to like Hugh Jackman. I didn't DISlike him before, I just didn't really pay attention to him. But some of the things he's been saying in interviews lately makes me think he's a good guy in general.

And now I have yet another reason to dislike Kate Perry. Look at her. "OMG you guys, it's a midget dressed up like MEEEEEEEEE!!!".

fairylights said...

That's Zara Phillips? Holy Moley, much more attractive than her mother. Can't confuse her with the horse!

Mooshki said...

Harriet, if you watch TMZ on TV, he's always incredibly polite to the paps. I think he may be the nicest guy in Hollyweird.

RagDoll said...

OK, Ent....but Tom Cruise dressed like that > Verne Troyer dressed like that x1,000!!!

Jenny S said...

There is a rumor that Lindsay carved the initials of her ex into her body recently. Since she has a history of cutting, that isn't so far fetched of a story. That could be what the glove is covering.

kelsey said...

ben harper, jesus cristo you are gorj. thanks ent for including my boyfriend RDJ, I appreciate that.

JessieE said...

Definitely a Kennedy with Maria. Which one is the question.