Friday, May 08, 2009

Reason #426 To Not Have Bathroom Sex

Who among us hasn't found someone attractive at work? I mean you probably spend more waking time with the people at work than with your significant other, so it stands to reason that you probably would not be opposed to having sex with a certain someone if the time were right.

Now, imagine if you worked at a clothing store somewhere. The store has closed and you are all alone with that special work someone. You have the entire store to yourself for your sexual tryst, but you say to yourselves, you know what. Lets have sex in the bathroom. Sure, strangers have been using it all day and there is all this room in the rest of the store or under the clothes, but what I really want to do is to lock ourselves in a stall and have at it.

Well, Salvatore Mazzi, 37, and Angelina Marcelo, 26, did just that. Both of the people involved in our little story are married, but of course not to each other. Salvatore is a security guard and Angelina is a cashier. Ahhh. True lust. At some point during the bathroom loving, Angelina got a cramp in some portion of her body. The article doesn't say what part, but she cramped to the extent that the pair became locked into position in the bathroom and could not escape or get untangled.

Apparently before beginning their liaison, they forgot to lock the front door to the store, and the person that discovered the couple was Angelina's husband. Nice. Well, despite his best efforts, he too was unable to get the couple unlocked and was forced to call the fire department who at long last managed to free the lovers. Salvatore lost his job because he was on the clock. He also lost his wife because he was married. Angelina kept her job because she was off the clock. The article doesn't say if she kept her husband.


sassafrass said...

urban legend. I heard this story back in the 70s from my older sister.

Anonymous said...

sounds funny.

Impertinent Vixen said...

Tee-hee. And her name was Angelina. Coincidence? I think not.

Pookie said...

lol, impertinent!

Anonymous said...

Well I do know of a woman that I worked with who got caught having sex on the floor at one of our corporate offices.

Thank god she had already given her two week notice.

To save herself from embarrassment she left before her two weeks were up.

Majik said...

The article DOES say what happened...she got dumped by her hubby. Rightly so, too, the dirty tramp.

ardleigh said...

Husband must be a REAL understanding man to get them apart instead of saying

" You shouldn't shag where you shite."

Come on if you catch your spouse doing that would you unlock them or set the store on fire and buy marshmallows?

KellyLynn said...

Funny story, and totally plausible.
A former manager at one of my old retail jobs loved having her flavor-of-the-month boyfriends come in to our store after hours to help close. While no one ever caught her actually having sex on site, she did have to call a plumber after the sink in the bathroom mysteriously fell off of the wall one evening while she and her guy were the only ones there. I think she admitted to the other supervisor a year or so later that she had been sitting on the sink when it fell.

Surly_Secretary said...

My jaw actually dropped at this one. They're BOTH dirty whores.


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