Friday, July 31, 2009

Real Housewives Gets Real Ugly

On most reality shows there is a clause in the contract which says that if you physically attack anyone then you are gone. There is just too much liability for the producers to let the aggressor stay on the program. You can yell and scream and have sex with as many people as you want, but please, no hitting. It is after all against the law.

Well, Bravo must have some different rules for their Housewives because two of them got into a huge fight. Just in time for the new season of RHOA, Nene and Kim got into a fight. According to Entertainment Tonight, "Kim was going to shoot a scene for "Real Housewives of Atlanta" and got into an argument with NeNe. While they were fighting, NeNe started to point her fingers in Kim's face. The report claims that when witnesses tried to break them up, NeNe grabbed [Kim] by the neck and tried to choke her out."

Kim then drove herself to the police station and filed a report. I am sure that in her car she had a camera crew with her and that another stayed behind to show NeNe's reaction and I have no doubts that in the upcoming weeks Bravo will promote the heck out of this incident in order to get more of you to watch.

The report says that the police were unable to find NeNe when they went looking for her. Umm, did you try and look for the woman being trailed by a camera crew? Did you ask the camera crew with Kim if they were in contact with the other camera crew? This doesn't sound that hard.


captivagrl said...

love the real houseweaves!

jax said...

i am so sick of this show and its trashy cast. i'm normally not in favor of bans on CDAN but this i would fucking co-sign in a heartbeat.
it's one thing to watch the Hills cast, at least they are young, these dumb bitches are moms and supposed adults.

selenakyle said...

Oh, Bravo can do whatever they want to, but they ain't gettin' ME to watch, that's fer dang sherr.

If that white woman cannot get a better-looking wig than that, it's just sad.

Looks like one of my old Halloween costume wigs I would dig out, having been wadded up in the attic for a year.

DNfromMN said...

They're not going to get rid of NeNe, she's even Anderson Cooper's favorite.

Hortencia Willowby said...

On one hand: NeNe will actually choke a bitch? How can you not watch this show?

On the other: Love them Atlanta RHOs, but am seriously disappointed the one with the sistas would be the one resort to violence.

Lisa (original) said...

"Bravo will promote the heck out of this incident in order to get more of you to watch."

They'll NEVER get me Enty! I won't watch these trashy ho's. Or Judge Judy, or Springer, or any and all ho shows!

Pinky said...

As a resident of Atlanta, I feel the need to chime in and say that
a) not only do none of these women live in Atlanta (but instead far north of the city)
b) none of us claim them

selenakyle said...

Good for y'all, Pinky!

Quintessential Southerner said...


Angie said...

I love this installment of the Housewives....guilty pleasure.

Jerry said...

I'd really like to watch this episode when it airs but I'm gonna have a toothache that nite and just won't be able to make it.

GoddessNow said...

Never watched the show, none of the Real Housewives. However, I heard she attempted to snatch Kim's wig off her head, not choke her. But you never know w/this so-called reality show.


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