Friday, July 31, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Anthony Bourdain gets the top spot today. I like him a lot, but his position probably has more to do with the fact that I just watched all of Season 6 of No Reservations this week and so he in my consciousness.
Apparently someone said something bad about Brad Pitt.
The McCord sisters multiply like the Duggar's.
Speaking of Brad Pitt. This is him in France, but I am assuming he is wearing underpants. I know, but it is Friday and I am drinking. These things are terribly funny to me right now.
Do you get the feeling that Chris Messina and Sam Rockwell just got flashed?
And this is just a candid of Clive Owen. No photoshopping. The guy looks damn good.
Jennifer Aniston being the good sport she is agreed to test the woman's eyewear prescription.
I too spend long hours as a child listening to the sounds of the ocean in old cans of vegetables.
Jennifer Lopez is in Rome for her clothing collection Yamamay. For some reason I thought that was a Michael McDonald song, but I could be wrong.
It actually looks like Jude Law is reading the program before he signs it.
Notice the woman taking a picture of Piven spread open.
Kelly Clarkson - New York
Kevin McFederline is filming a reality show in Vegas.
Kings Of Leon - New York
Katie Lee Joel is not unattractive. But there comes a point when you are dating her that you would probably say to yourself, "she had sex with Billy Joel." I don't even think Viagra would work at that point.
Mischa Barton in New York.
Mario Lopez with a bunch of toys for kids. It looks like he even got Chris Brown one.
Two wonderful women. Martha Stewart and Nora Ephron.
Apparently when you roll with Peter Andre you roll in all black.
This seems pretty much barely there.
But Pamela can even make it less clothing. At this point I think it is only laws that are keeping her from going entirely naked at all times.
"Bueller? Bueller?"
I'm going to see this movie. I can't help it. I want to.
Scarlett J doing her own tribute to Little House On The Prairie.
The Tucci would get best dressed if not for Mr. Owen above.
I love Sela Ward. I don't love those jeans. It looks like Dolly Parton's closet exploded.
Tyne Daly bringing back the pink leather tie. Do you remember when Cagney & Lacey was the s**t?
Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift do their reenactment of what Jessica Simpson's birthday party may have been like.
About as unkempt as you are ever likely to see Victoria Beckham.


Anonymous said...

There's something about Stanley Tucci. He's a very sexy bald man.

Even though I'm attracted to all of them, if Jude Law, Jeremy Piven and Stanley Tucci all offered to take me home for the night, I would pick Stanley. No question, no hesitation.

RocketQueen said...

Love Stanley Tucci, too! Something sexy there. I think a lot of it has to do with the characters he plays. Always self-assured. Of course, I absolutely feel the same way about Clive Owen, too. Dreamy.

We get it, Piven. You're a fun guy. A fungi. Get over yourself, already.

Pamela wearing sunglasses at night. Color me unsurprised.

I read somewhere that Jordan/Katie Price was yakking about how Peter's peen is brown in colour - doesn't match the rest of his body. That pretty much finished him in my eyes as any sort of attractive.

Just watched Bourdain's piece on Vancouver - must be nice being chummy with our top chefs! I still highly recommend his book Kitchen Confidential. It's amazing.

Love Martha. Just love her. <3

selenakyle said...

Team "Casual Vicki!"

selenakyle said...

And I see they didn't alter her nips in the recent downsizing procedure.

At least she's giving those poor lil' feet a break from all those high heels.

Sinjin said...

Gosh it refereshing to see Posh in flats! She looks so uncomfortable in all that couture every damn day. She should wear a bra though.

Cindy said...

May we assume that Federline is filming THE BIGGEST LOSER???

chihuahuense said...

Ann Curry freaks me out. She is a weirdo and it seems as if the other hosts of "Today" merely put up with her.

One of the djs at a radio station here said he saw Posh when she was a spice girl and she was unremarkable except for her ugly teeth.

Sela Ward looks freaking awesome.

Graneledone said...

Love that Jude Law picture.

Russell Brand and Jonah Hill-looks like the best workout routine ever!

I read once Posh said she wouldn't be caught dead in flats-guess not anymore!

kimmypie1 said...

Is Brad the reveal for the BI about the star who ordered women's panties that were size 8 and his wife is too small for that? I can't find the blind so I don't even know if he fits the description.

CDAN Mod said...

i like sela ward's jeans.

.robert said...

Tony needs some Grecian Formula.

Is the Pitt thing his commando movie related, otherwise you stood up too fast and then settled down again?

Yamamay? She named her line yer mommy?

We need a no Piven pact on the interweb.

OK, lol is normally a concept that I don't quite get but: "Apparently when you roll with Peter Andre you roll in all black."

Pam A needs to slip into anonymity.

Well, that was goodness.

Without $15,000 of clothes VB looks like a crack whore and her litter.

warmislandsun said...

I see London, I see France, I see Brad Pitts underpants....

Marna Palmer said...

Am I the only one who doesn't think there's a chance in hell AnnaLynn McCord is only 22 or however old she claims she is? She's EASILY 28 or 29, right?! her face terrifies me.

mooshki said...

Every single thing about AnnaLynn McCord terrifies me, not just her face.

Susan said...

Brad Pitt was not wearing the requisite underpants in france

Clive Owen is Hot

Pam is too old to be that naked in public

Tori said...

I think Yamamay is her trying to be cute on the spanish phrase "llama me".

MnGddess said...

Clive Owen. Enty, you know how to make my weekend, babe. Now, I respectfully request some James Purefoy..

and Cagney and Lacey are STILL the Sh&t!!!!

ardleighstreet said...

I will prob. bring the wraith of Anne Curry down on my head but she can keep Brad Pitt. I'll take Clive Owen anyday... anytime...
anywhere. ;)

warmislandsun said...

It looks like Pam Anderson may have stolen Brad's underpants and is wearing them as shorts.

wonderdiva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I second the request for James Purefoy!

J-Mo said...

I'm so tired of aniston and posh headlights.

cat said...

Posh looks so good au naturel! And Clive Owen... I have no words.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Sela Ward can do whatever the fuck she wants, up to and including donning Dolly Parton pants. What a fabulously gorgeous woman! I feel the same way about Dolly herself, though.

ScarJo needs to can her stylist. Or GET one. Orange isn't really her color -- or anyone else's, really. I the only one who finds Anna Lynne McCord totally hideous?

Maja With a J said...

No, Guttersnipey, you're not the only one. In fact, she reminds me of Mooshki's profile pic above...*L*

Babs said...

God bless Tyne Daly for aging naturally! She is still amazing, and I think she looks great.

LOL @ "Bueller? Bueller?" Thanks, Enty! One of the funniest movies ever made.

Miss(pdx) said...

HA HA @ the ann curry caption

I have ALWAYS had a thing for Clive..from The Croupier to Closer..he is so freakin gangster in a good way

Stan Tucci is awesome

Ells said...

yah mo b there. up and over.
thanks for getting that song stuck in my head for the night.

Ells said...

yah mo b there. up and over.
thanks for getting that song stuck in my head for the night.

Beensie said...

Ah...eyes bleeding from Ann Curry...blech...

bionic bunny! said...

leave. tony. alone!!
grecian formula? are you out of your fucking mind????

tony is gorgeous. he's funny, he's human, he shows his age, which is totally sexy, right, rocket queen? plus he can cook.

now, we will never have to discuss this again, right, robert?
we love tony as he is. end of discussion.

oh. thank you, beloved enty, for a pic of tony. *sigh*

Karmen said...

Used to love Anthony Bourdain, but I'm not crazy about the Rust Belt episode. He made it seem as though B'more is a run-down, derelict craphole. Yeah, there are bad parts and the city is corrupt, but there are also really nice parts. He could've at least shown the nice places in each town. Instead, he was a subjective prick and just cemented the stereotype that everyone in the US has of each of those cities.

There are plenty of major US cities that are worse off than B'more.

Diane said...

Also there's the whole issue of Anthony Bourdain leaving his first wife for a younger model. And his acting like he's always been a badass from the mean streets of NYC when he was really a rich suburban Jersey kid. And his disrespect toward any diners who might actually want their meat cooked beyond "moo" stage (whereas some other highly regarded chefs, from Ireland's Richard Corrigan to Canada's Michael Smith, show no such antipathy). Though he didn't treat Texas COMPLETELY like a freakshow when he went to the border region for an ep of his Travel Channel show and he really likes menudo, which is another good thing (as menudo is often unfortunately reviled), so that redeems him a little bit to me.

Ahem. Sorry. A little passionate about my food personalities here. And Bourdain is a damn sight better than Mrs. Starfucker Joel, Anorexia Mollencamp, Sandra "has no business cooking" Lee, Giada "I'm where I'm at because of my grandfather" DeLaurentiis, Duff the Disgusting Cake Man, the idiot chick who won the last "Food Network Star", the ridiculous Spanish guy on PBS, etc., etc., etc.

Diane said...

Oh! And Posh needs to start wearing normal shoes and clothes more often! She looks better in that picture, though she still needs to gain some weight, at least enough to match her figure from her original Spice Girls days.

And I don't care what getup Peter Andre's entourage "has" to wear, Peter's weathered a lot in the last few unfortunate years with the psychobitch Jordan and he's appearing the better man in the whole divorce drama and for that, I'm totally cool with him.


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