Thursday, September 24, 2009

Random Photos Part Two

Why not? It's been awhile since CDAN's mascot Ben Affleck was on the top of the photos and he is making a new movie so here you go.
Did you honestly recognize Ashlee Simpson?
Ashanti got a little dressed up to go sightseeing on the Empire State Building. I prefer Zubaz and Crocs myself.
I actually think Anne Hathaway looks great here.
I'm guessing Bai Ling didn't drive over in a Mini-Cooper.
One of the funniest guys around is Bill Maher.
Christina Applegate looks gorgeous.
Courtney Love in a very sweet moment with Oliver Stone. She then probably forgot who he was.
Eric Dane's hair just keeps getting whiter.
Eve looks great.
Elijah Wood looks like he ran 10 miles to pose in this picture with Lisa Love.
Foxy Brown has died her hands red.
An Indonesian baby was born yesterday and almost topped my birth weight. The baby weighed in at almost 20 pounds.
We owe Flava Flav a lot of love for bringing us all the Of Love shows.
Fred Willard at a Sam Kinison tribute.
Much better than yesterday for Jessica Alba.
Even Christina Aguilera looks good.
JC Chasez is just hoping someone remembers his name at this point.
Everyone knows Janet Jackson's name.


DNfromMN said...

I was hoping for more of a mooseknuckle seeing Eric Dane in biker shorts. :(

Alba needs to ditch the blonde hair, why does she think it looks good?

Bai Ling's dress is beautiful.

Anne's looks like a dirty diaper.

Ben's looking quite handsome. Not sure if it's the stick he's wielding, the sexy haircut or the uniform. Probably some combination.

libby said...

Ashlee--drugs are bad, mmmkay?

Karmen said...

Anyone else notice Ben Afleck, our beloved mascot, is no longer on the right-hand side? Weird. At least he's a top spot.

RocketQueen said...

Christina always wears too much makeup. It looks so thick!

Ew - Dane isn't looking very McSteamy there at all. Bicycle shorts and pasty legs = ick. nast.

I think Bai Ling's dress is ridiculous. Way too much. It's pretty, but she's overdoing it as usual.

Ashlee Simpson - bug-eyed as usual. Wonder what causes that?

I'm liking Affleck more as we age, actually. He seems to be getting more handsome or something.

califblondy said...

Ben is still hot.

Ashlee? OMG. Maybe she and Linds could get a twofer at Betty Ford?

Janet Jackson looks pretty good for a change.

Pookie said...

ben knows he should take the bat out of its protective sleeve before using, right?

foxy brown, wth?

20 lb. newborn? no wayyyyyyyyy!

aguilera looks fantastic.

love janet's sweater, but she's not quite pulling off urban prep properly.

JJ said...

Wow, I'm shocked at Ashlee. I had no idea who she was at first glance. Get some help girl. She's got the reverse lollipop head thing going on there.

I cannot look at Elijah Wood without picturing him dancing on Yo Gabba Gabba. Not very manly.

That is one giant baby.

captivagrl said...

Is Eric Dane sporting some kinda male CAMEL TOE?

The Bee said...

What the F kind of drugs is Ashlee on and WHAT is she wearing?
Anne Hathaway? Amazing. Xtina Aguilera too.
Don’t love Alba.
Oh, and that baby is terrifying.

sussique said...

I'm lovin that baby.

sunnyside1213 said...

Ben is looking good.

Jamie's Girl said...

Actually, they all look good. Love the Ben Affleck shoutout as the CDAN Coverboy!

Judi said...

OMG - that's Ashlee?!! She looks terrible!

Applegate, however, does look gorgeous. Really great.

PJ Nelson said...

Janet looks wonderful for the circus she's been livin' in.
Had to do a doubletake - the angle of that shot of Bill Maher had him looking like he had a ponytail! :)

chcj4 said...

Janet=very nice.
Mr Dane= not so hot.
Bai Ling=Wth
Ashlee=Coke mom????????????

chcj4 said...

Oh & Ben, Is that a bat or r u just happy to see me? lol
He's aging very well.

B626 said...

Fred Willard is adorable
I hope that Sam Kinison tribute ends up on Comedy Central after midnite!

figgy said...

Ashlee is waaay too skinny, she looks awful. I hate it when the neck cords stand out.

Bill Maher is hilarious--too bad he's so misogynist.

Eve has the best tattoos in Hollywood--SO cute.

At least Christina A's marriage seems REAL, not a set-up like so many.

There is nothing happy about that baby. No doubt the result of gestational diabetes, and he's unlikely to grow up healthy. Just sad.

Lana's Blog said...

OK, society has warped my body image so much that I think Ashlee's body looks good. I hate that I think that. Speaking of.. not sure she spends loads of time with her lil guy.

Why don't people like Anne Hathaway?

Hope that baby was a C sect.

bionic bunny! said...

baby was a c-section, i read that on huff-po.
i thought almost 9 pounds was tough! i was almost 9-1/2, and i have a friend who had three that were all over 10 (but her's were also c-sect).

don't like the color of either anne's or christina's dress. anne's might be okay, just not on her. i actually like bai ling's though.

used to like bill maher, not so much any more.

always love ben. holy affleck, batman, is that a bat-condom?

Jasmine said...

LOVE Maher! Think that Eric Dane has a vagina in those bike shorts- i double clicked on the pic and he has a huge camel toe in the pic- ewwwww!
I really like christina a. dress. it is so risky as a choice since its such an unusual color but i like it a lot.
and ashlee s.? you are hereby renamed coke mom ftw!

Jasmine said...

oh, and i think i may have said this before but is elijah wood gay? i never see him with an chicks and he gives me a vibe, hmmmmm,

classalpha said...

... Affleck... the duck in the commercial is more noteworthy nowadays...

... Anne Wh0re-theway... still cute but still a WH0RE.

... Bill Maher is RET-aher-DED...

... Applegate bought some new breasthsseses... tho' those ankle tatts have got to go = WRECKING BALM.

... Elijah = G_Y.

... the 'WORD' is "DYED".

... Indonesian baby ain't half as newsworthy as the cave-sized tw@t that squeezed that puppy out...

... Alba = got preggo under Co$-style circumstances... methinks her and the rec"Em"tly/RIGHTFULLY REHAB'd Brittany Anne Murphy-Bertolotti *SKUM-JACKa$$* were...

... WH0RE-guilera ... still pretty... but still a 'Ho. Nice beard/merkin pic.

... JJ's been through enough sh*te recently... so I'll let her go... but it sho'do look like she lost dat ONION.

... 'NUFF SAID... except for Britt... GET A DIVORCE.

gay tallywacker said...

20lb baby?! My pelvis wept.

canadachick said...

karmen - I NOTICED no Affleck in the corner - oh and WTF why does Xtina's hubbie always pose that way ?

linnea said...

figgy said...
Ashlee is waaay too skinny, she looks awful. I hate it when the neck cords stand out.

Bill Maher is hilarious--too bad he's so misogynist.

Amen, Figgy!

linnea said...

About Bill Maher, that is!