Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Jennifer Jones - RIP
It has been awhile since the CDAN mascot made an appearance. Hello Ben.
This outfit of Brendan Fraser just screams, "I divorced my wife last year and now love buying leather shirts and going to swinger parties."
Bill Paxton and his son who seems to have the whole sunglasses at night thing down.
A first time appearance for Bryan Singer.
Cheryl Tiegs still looks great.
Danny Devito and my favorite movie candy.
Happy 20th Anniversary to Field Of Dreams. A Kevin Costner movie that did not suck.
Holy crap. Giovanni Ribisi weights what, like 20 pounds here.
Whatever you may think of Gene Simmons, I will say that his reality show is worth watching just for the "confessional" interactions between parents and children.
That is Hailey Glassman and she is moving up? in the food chain. The guy is in charge of arranging celebrity boxing matches.
I saw a great picture yesterday of James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver at the Aliens premiere back in 1986 but I couldn't find it today. They really haven't changed that much.
Jet - Sydney
Hey at least Jennifer Lopez didn't fall down last night. I was going to make some remark about her microphone but then everyone would think it was some kind of MV clue or something.
Ken Howard is forced into the ferns by Michelle Monaghan and Chris O'Donnell who never seems to age.
I still can't get used to the whole blonde hair thing of Katharine McPhee.
One of my favorite pictures ever of Maggie Gyllenhaal.
Michelle Rodriguez has definitely been working out.
Padma and Santa. Could he be the father of the baby?
Robert Downey Jr. told Letterman last night that the Japanese gave him a hard time entering the country because of all his drug convictions.
Reader Photo #1 (in the middle)
Reader Photo #2
The game must have been Shia's idea right? I mean right now he is trying to convince Carey Mulligan that building your own volcano is the best way to spend a day.
Zoe Saldana looks really happy to be standing next to Sam Worthington.
The Rock gives the commencement speech at the University of Miami.
And his ex helps out.
I didn't even recognize Virginia Madsen.


JoElla said...

Love the MV shout out!!

lutefisk said...

What the heck happened to Giovanni Ribisi?
I also loved the MV "slip"
Once again, beautiful readers.

empyrios said...

i'm sorry but i really don't get the big deal about Shia Labeouf. he always seems to be overacting to me.

i'd be pretty happy standing next to Sam Worthington too. he was the best thing about Terminator Salvation IMO. holy hell is that man sexy!

great reader photos! very pretty eyes reader #2 :)

Christine said...

So pretty much I'm starting right NOW to get some decent, cool, chic, hip pics of me taken so in July I can compete with these gorgeous, cool, chic, and hip reader pics Enty has been posting.

Lisa (original) said...


I swore I would never watch the Gene Simmons show then I accidently got stuck watching it once, and I must say, it's not what I expected. It's very family centric. He seems to be a very caring dad.

Robert D. Jr. may not be welcom in Japan, but he's always welcome at my house :-)

I have no idea who Carey Mulligan is, but that is an adorable look and I wish I could pull it off.

Pookie said...

omg. i didn't even KNOW they made leather shirts. that's got to chafe somewhere. ewwww.

danny devito is all sorts of itty bitty adorable.

eeek. ribisi looks all kids of manorexic. how sad.

i like gene simmons. he's a freak, but there's something really likable about him.

obs not mv...but wth keeps booking jho just to see her do full playback? talk about insulting your audience.

hi pretty readers!

the rock at the U...too cute. it's all about The U! go 'canes.

RocketQueen said...

On a separate note, has everyone been over to DListed today? Michael K is on FIRE over there. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

J.Lo kinda looks like Alyssa Milano in that picture!

I'd be pretty happy if I were standing next to Sam Worthington, too. He was divine in T-4. Outshone Bale, in my opinion.

Michelle Rodriguez looks so uncomfortable in that dress. In most dresses, actually.

Is Zach Braff the lead singer for Jet? ;)

Lisa (original) said...


Lisa (original) said...

Rocketqueen, I tried to go to dlisted earlier but it freaked out my computer and kept opening the front page with the boobs and peen after the jump like 20times and I freaked out and shut down my computer. I've been afraid to go back, lols!

empyrios said...

RocketQueen said...

"Michelle Rodriguez looks so uncomfortable in that dress. In most dresses, actually."


katespades said...

am i blind?!? what is the mv slip?? also bill paxton is a douchebag and he was wearing sunglasses outside at 1am when i met him. lameeeeeeeee

califblondy said...

J.Lo was so out of breath last night after "singing" that horrible Louboutin song that she could hardly speak.

Her dancing was pretty good though.

skylah said...

Can you smell what the rock is cooking!!!?

Green Wave Gal said...

Bryan Singer is hot! Who knew?!?!

RocketQueen said...

@empyrios - we crossed the same posts about Terminator: Salvation! Sam > Christian

one canary said...

Enty, thank you for mentioning Jennifer Jones (I'm a big classic movie fan). Lovely reader photos!

empyrios said...

@RQ: looks like we're on the same page with that one...

def Sam > Christian in T4...but outside of that movie i'd take either...preferably at the same time. Woot! ;)

amazonblue said...

RIP Jennifer Jones, I cry everytime I watch Love is a Many Slendored Thing.

I only recognize Kevin Costner in the Field of Dreams photo, who are the rest of the guys?

Danny needs to put down the Raisinettes.

RDJ looks good. Healthy good.

Carey Mulligan is starring in An Education. Great film, great cast, excellent reviews. Go see it.

sunnyside1213 said...

Jennifer Jones was my Dad's favorite actress. I think he married my Mother because she looked like JJ.

Carey Mulligan is the next big thing imho.

A shout out for Raisinettes!!!

sunnyside1213 said...

Oh...forgot to say. Brendan Fraser used to be my fav. Now I think I can definitely say not. Go to the amazing doc in AZ and get better plugs man.

Lana's Blog said...

Sigourney Weaver looks amazing. I wish my legs were as good as hers, and I'm practically half her age.

Is JLo MV? Has that been confirmed?

Reader one, I like your hat!

Reader two, you have great eyes!

Kingrey said...

Oh crap! No way the slip would have occurred if JLo were really MV. Now we'll never get it.

Michelle R. looks too brawny. She could knock me out.

That is quite a look in Zoe Saldana's eyes.

Reader photo #1- "Don't mess with Texas" hehe one of my brothers went to UT- Austin. Great city.

Ditto Lana's comment- Reader 2 has beautiful eyes

Katherine McPhee was much more attractive with dark hair.

Ken Howard is between 2 ferns. Where's Zach Galifianakis? lqtm

Did G. Ribisi slim down for a role?

Gene Simmons- Ugggghhh!!!!! That is all

LottaColada said...

why hello Ben!

Today is Giovanni Ribisi's birthday!

Hailey G should be banned from the site

lol @ the J.lo caption! (still think it is her)

Kat McPhee pleeeease go back brunette!

Shia's pants are tighter than his gf's =O

Beautiful readers!

Amanda said...

Reader photo #1 - YAY GO TEXANS!!!!!!!!!!!!

mygeorgie said...

Glosettes & Junior mints make even a miserable movie bareable.

Thanks Enty for hooking us up with such a great day of posts!

Kim said...

My son got to see The Rock's commencement address today because he (my son) was playing in the commencement band. He said The Rock actually gave a really nice speech for the graduating class. Go 'Canes!

RJ said...

Is Ribisi ill or on drugs, or what? Very scary, in any case.

I've been loving the reader pics, too. From the pictures that have been posted, we appear to be a good-looking, fun-loving bunch.

Too bad Kevin Costner has such a reputation as a egomanical a-hole. He was one of my first huge movie star crushes. I had a fantastic Crash Davis poster. Sigh. Have to admit that he still looks pretty great. Why are the good looking ones either gay or douchebags?

Mango said...

Cheryl Tiegs does look great. I remember seeing her on one of those Punked type shows a few years ago, but the person being punked was a handyman hired to do alterations to Tiegs' house and there she was looking all gorgeous and sweet and her assistant is telling the poor handyman that Tiegs' was into S&M and they wanted him to install all sorts of bondage gear in her house. Poor guy looked shocked and scared to death, lol.

Giovanni Ribisi - Is Scientology doing this to him?? And I'm bummed that his brother-in-law, Beck, is also into that freaky quasi-religion.

I've seen Gene Simmons' show and it's often funny. It's obvious that he and Shannon Tweed really love their kids and have a good relationship with each of them. Their son, Nick, is very cute and *very* funny. Another thing I like about Gene is that for all his mugging and posturing for the cameras he has a ZERO drug tolerance policy for anyone in his employ.

James Cameron - I've always thought of him as a major dick since he
1) Cheted on Linda Hamilton
2) made that embarrassing, "I'm the king of the world!" statement when he won an Oscar for Titanic.
On the flip side, Sigourney Weaver looks great in that pic!

Katharine McPhee - I wouldn't recognize a song of hers if it bit me on the ass, but whoever talked her into the short blonde hair should be fired. Not a good look for her.

Sorry Enty, but I think Maggie Gyllenhaal is very odd looking!

Santa has to meet two criteria to Padma's baby daddy: He has to be old and he must be rich. We know Santa is ancient but does he have the benjamins to blow Padma's skirt up?

Agree that Reader #2 has amazing eyes.

Shia = snoozefest. Carey Mulligan made her debut as Kitty in "Pride and Prejudice" (2005) and is allegedly using drugs now. Got my fingers crossed for her to get herself together!

Jamie's Girl said...

Goodnight, Irene! CDAN fans are gorgeous! I have to throw my photo in their just to shake things up a bit!

BTW, I'm a Houston Texan fan too!

Kinky Bootleg said...

Loverly reader pics as usual. We rock.

Michelle Monaghan is sooo beautiful in such an unique way, great actress too. Please don't prove me wrong like LaLohan did, Michelle!

I don't get it, is that an MV clue or not? Is that reverse psychology? Enty, you sly fox!

Has anyone got contact details for Michelle Rodriguez? I need a little help putting up some shelves.

Oi vey, Brendan Fraser.... that is all.

caydian said...

YAY Reader #1 - Go Texans! I live in Houston & if the Texans win their Sunday games, everyone at my company gets to wear jeans & sneakers to work on Monday.

YAY Reader #2 - I've always wished for beautiful green eyes...

MizCaramel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MizCaramel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MizCaramel said...

I'm reader #2, thanks for the compliments! My eyes are green but in this pic they seem greener! Thanks again!

Michelle said...

Enty, If you have any dirt on who Padma's baby daddy is, give us some clues. I LOVE me some Top Chef and this whole season I was seeing imagined sexual chemistry with her and EVERYONE trying to figure out who sperminated her.

Yellow Rose said...

I'm reader #2-in case you can't tell, my hat is painted like the Texas flag (it also has bottle caps crimped around the brim :))

Caydian: that's awesome that y'all get to wear jeans when the Texans win-it's a shame they don't win more games!

Enty-thanks for the belated birthday gift of putting my picture up ;) (it was on Tues)

Anonymous said...

this is why i think jlo is mv. everyone remembers the britney, christina, and madonna performance at the vmas. what few know and i read about in rolling stone was that mtv originally planned to have jlo perform in christina's place. however, it never happened no explanation. so how do u explain jlo turning down an opportunity to perform with madonna for the vma opening? i think its cause she cant sing and that performance actually required live singing cause heck even britney sang live that night. google rolling stone britney christina madonna jlo vma to see the mention of jlo originally being asked.