Friday, June 18, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Gilles Marini and his daughter.
Josh Brolin and Diane Lane. You have to say this for her, she even comes to the bad movies to support her husband.
Even his dad and stepmom came.
George Wendt - Chicago
The Bieb at 9. Hell, I thought he was 9.
Judy Collins and Phil Ramone.
The John Lennon lyrics from A Day In The Life went for $1.2M. Wow.

Even Julianne Moore is a knee knocker.
Kim Carnes and her Bette Davis Eyes.
k.d. lang and John Mayer. Look how happy k.d. is.
Kate Gosselin and her fake breasts she claims she didn't get.
Oh, this reminds me. It is cherry season. Thanks Katy.


MontanaMarriott said...

Wow never realized but James Brolin is a sexy older man, talk about DILF, lol.

Honey those breast are not even moving while she is running.

Maybe John Mayer is that GOOD that he converted K.D. lol

Ryan said...

George Wendt! {HEAD EXPLODES}

RocketQueen said...

George Wendt for Ryan!

I want to age as well as Diane Lane. I hope, however, to have a better husband.

I just picked up some cherries last weekend - makin' a cherry crumble this weekend!

jess said...

Katy Perry may be annoying but she has a nice body.

amazonblue said...

RIP Ryan, you'll be missed! (kidding)

Wow, I didn't realize how petite k.d. lang is.

lutefisk said...

I wish I could have scraped up enough money to buy the lyrics from A Day in the Life. Was the buyer made public?

Pookie said...

kd lang is a love.

john mayer, still a douche.

so cute, little biebs.

Ms.Leigh said...

i had no idea kd lang was so tiny, or that john mayer was so big

Tenley said...

Ms.Leigh -- I just came in to say HOW FRICKEN HUGE IS JOHN MAYER? KD Lang is NOT a small woman -- she's generally a giant compared to most women, both in height and proportionately, just much larger than most women. I mean WTH, how big is John Mayer!??

john said...

Diane Lane's hair grew back fast!

Mooshki said...

I never planned my dream wedding like some people do, but I think having k.d. lang sing at your wedding would be the best thing ever. And Mayer could keep the bridesmaids entertained. (barf)

mygeorgie said...

I couldn't have k.d sing at my wedding, I'd be girl crushing all over her! I swear I stopped breathing at her Olympic "hallelujah" She oooozes sex appeal to me & I'm totally hetero! Wish she would sing more :(

MCH said...

@Ryan I had to laugh when I saw the George Wendt photo! :)

Why is Diane still with Josh!?

I actually like Katy's dress.

Oh Bieber. I just watched an interview with him.
Kind of full of himself...