Friday, April 13, 2012

Tina Fey Is Really Good At Catchphrase


Jasmine said...

I'm not into late-night shows like Letterman/Leno etc. but from what I've seen I think Fallon could become the next Carson.

He's well liked, really seems to bring a fresh enjoyment into the mix and does all these fun kooky things (like this game for instance) that I feeel the bitter jaded dinosaurs ala Leno and Letterman lack.

Obviously Conon is great too but Fallon just seems really refreshing to me.

Marisa said...

Tina Fey can seriously do no wrong. If she ends up murdering a family of four or something I will still love her. Shit, I'll be her alibi!

car54 said...

After what happened to Conan Jimmy better wait til Leno is dead to take the Tonight Show. I agree tho he has a lot of wit and charm. Took me a while to warm to him but now I really like his show.

Lelaina Pierce said...

@Jasmine - He definitely is.

I don't always love all the skits/games they do (Wheel of Carpet Samples??), but his show is definitely the most unique. He's hilarious and seems really genuine. I'm going to try and get tix to see him when I'm in NYC in the fall.

DontRainOnMyPrada said...

Not to mention that he's known for being a genuinely nice guy

BobNYC said...

...The Hell?? NO she's not great at this - she lost. Sheesh! Or are you being ironic?

BobNYC said...

Jasmine _ I'll be kind. You began by saying you are not into late night TV. That is clue one. Fallon is nothing like Carson. Not even close.

If you watch old kinescopes of the Tonight Show starting with Steve Allen and then Jack Paar - then watch Carson and then Letterman - you will see the thread that leads from Steve Allen to Letterman. It stops with Letterman.

Not saying Fallon isn't good - he is - but he is no Johnny Carson. Letterman is. And Johnny secretly wrote jokes for him. Conan - not even in the game. not funny, not talented. Conan is his own biggest fan. And that's his problem.

Linnea said...

Eh, I really disagree with you BobNYC. You are not wrong, though, because they are opinions - not facts. I think it all depends on what you are looking for in a host.

auntliddy said...

Letterman is a nasty man, and uses humor to be even nastier. I dont spend any time with hin- why would I want to expose myself to negative crap?
Fallon like Carson in sense he gets along with everyone and doesnt use humor to make a fool of you.


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