Friday, August 02, 2013

Your Turn

Strangest food you have ever eaten.


Renoblondee said...

I think I'm boring, lol. I can only think of Escargot that's a little odd. But it's not really. Does southern food like collards and okra count? Prob not.

Rach Around said...

Semen doesn't count. I once made a Vegemite chocolate cake.

nevermindthat said...

Pork fried rice because that didn't look like pork.

Ann Nah Nah Mess said...

Your mom.

Marieeee said...

Ex boyfriend had a very traditional Chinese family. Once while eating at a restaurant, I was convinced to eat chicken feet and cubed pigs blood.

Rach Around said...

High fives Anna Nah

Rach Around said...

Mystery meat. My Uni days....nostalgic sigh.

shopgirl said...

Sea Cucumber -- a nice name for a freaky thing.

Ruby Soho said...

was tricked into trying Tripe once....felt like my mouth was full of rubber bands.
No bueno

Ann Nah Nah Mess said...

I've been craving a good, hard Rach Around.

Rach Around said...

Ruby: true story. My senile Oma (um Dutch/Indonesian) made me cook her brains and tripe while I was caring for her. She kept the phone in the fridge and hid chicken legs under her doona so I soon learned to tell her that any non-descript food was in fact both tripe and brains.

Barton Fink said...

In Korea, the intestines are served whole: placed on a grill, grilled, then cut up with a shears and the grilling continues until they're edicle. I declined. Tripe me no tripe, triflin' tripe-eaters.

mae reeves said...

Monkey meat. I grew up in Africa. Liberia. We ate a lot of game meats.

Dulcinea said...

Peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches that my mom used to make me.

Rach Around said...

Ann Nah: that's not what you said last night.....BOOM!

lazyday603 said...

Calf Fries. They're a delicacy in cattle country.

nichole said...


Pogue Mahone said...

Haggis and chicken feet.

rhinovodka said...

I put ketchup on steak, that's about as odd as I get.

Sugar said...

This isn't really an answer to this question because we've all had mac-n-cheese, ketchup, tuna fish and peas but have any of you tried them all together in one delicious bowl???? Oh em gee, so good.

Ann Nah Nah Mess said...

Rach, let's keep our bedroom tales where they belong.


Should we talk about the time we made that DELICIOUS cucumber-carrot-leek-zucchini-eel salad using only our nether parts?

And don't forget the "Special Sauce".

Tru Leigh said...

My mother's cooking.

Rach Around said...

Reno: how do you make an s car go? Paint an S on a snail (ducks for cover)

car54 said...

I am not an adventurous eater.

We went to my aunt Helen's house for Thanksgiving and she made her turkey stuffing with oysters and I didn't know and I thought they were just horrible. She also doesn't brown her turkey skin so it is all blech and pimply looking.

I told my mom we weren't going there for holidays--the food was too different.

Rach Around said...

I recant that. She didn't make me cook HER brains. That's some fucked up Romero shit right there. I think the said brains belonged to sheep.

nightowl said...

Hot dog stew. Hot dogs and stewed tomatoes in a pot. As horrible as it sounds.

Rach Around said...

Mae: have you EVER seen monkey magic? Awwwwww Pigsy!

Rach Around said...

Lazy: I'm Australian. There's always someone either cooking or fucking a sheep around here, hence my move to Veganism. If you can finger bang it, don't eat it. That actually holds, even with zucchini.

Rach Around said...

Anna Nah : you PROMISED me that spring break would never come back to haunt me. That whole German poo porn thing was just a phase. Now it's Dutch poo porn. Back up, I need to pinch off a loaf. (Too far?)

Beca said...

I've had coffee that has passed through the digestive tract of a civet cat. Aka weasel poop coffee. It was gooooooooood.

Count Jerkula said...

Hot chick's butthole would be the strangest thing I've eaten, to some anyway. In a variety of flavors, too. Vanilla, Chocolate, Asian. I had never done it before when I was with a Latina, but I wouldn't be opposed to it.

Odd fact: if a chick tends to swallow a lot of tooth paste while brushing her teeth, her butthole will be kinda minty. I can't say "minty fresh" because the freshness depends on other factors.

Rach Around said...

Nightowl: you sick freak! Everyone knows hotdogs are a sex aide only to be ingested vaginally.

Ann Nah Nah Mess said...

Rach: WAY TOO FAR. DUTCH? Have you lost your fucking mind? I had second thoughts when we did the German bit, but I NEVER thought you'd go Dutch.


I hope I can get over this.

Rach Around said...

Ha ha Anna Nah! By Dutch I only meant that the next rectum we split the bill. My bad.

Rach Around said...

Depending on butt hole upkeep, all rings kinda taste the same unless someone decided to be adventurous and eat Indian the night before....

Rach Around said...

Hang on a second. My beneDICKED cuminbatches smells something slightly odd and onerous, and it's not my my vegan bath bong farts. Is THIS the bonafide Anna Nah Glorious Mess or a hacker? Tell me about Marcy or I'll start to doubt your legitimacy. I don't want Anna Nah to be cross w me in the morning (story of my life if you throw in a kebab)

Ann Nah Nah Mess said...

Rach: How the hell could I not be me? Ask Count--he'll verify my 'voice'. Besides, the GREAT AND POWERFUL ANONY NOMOUS has decided that Massive G is this week's Marcie. Fuck it. Maybe I'll just change my screen name to Marcie.


You can eat Indian food whenever you want. It will never stop me from feasting on your 'special tunnel'.

Dingle Barry said...

Bear, caribou, Dahl sheep, buffalo, reindeer, moose, but that isn't unusual. I did try squirrel once, it was chewy, but again, that's regional and not particularly unusual.

Rach Around said...

The funnel of chocolate love tunnel? I don't k ow who Marcy is, apart from a lesbian from married w children. God she was ugly. I'm hungry, seriously. I may need to temporarily vacate my wee bath and forage for food.

Rach Around said...

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Rach Around said...

Ok, I've halftime to think. Grossest things to ingest? Either a meat pie or a round of Soggy Saos or aka Soggy Biscuits. Google it. You'll be unpleasantly surprised.

Ann Nah Nah Mess said...






Hearts and hugs and kisses.

Ann Nah Nah Mess said...





CeCe said...

Alligator, rattlesnake, sea cucumber. Loved the sea cucumber; it tastes a lot like razor clams.

Ann Nah Nah Mess said...


Tell me when you eat something cool. Like bull testicles. Or your brother's underwear.

Spyarella said...

Tried durian and haggis both once and never again!

Inger said...

Raw sea urchin :/

bellaluna said...

Rattlesnake, rabbit, frog legs, fried crickets, and chocolate covered ants.

trainrides said...
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Stacey Charter said...

pickled octopus. It squeaked when I chewed it and one of it's little suction cups got stuck on my tooth. Obviously, 1 and done.

trainrides said...

or grilled chicken and pig intestines

Some of my favorite native dishes could be really strange to the Westerners e.g.
a pork blood stew with diced intestines and ears

and Sisig
a sizzling dish made of chopped pig's face and liver with lots of chili peppers

Ann Nah Nah Mess said...

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast
Tuna (water packed)
Fish (salmon, sea bass, halibut, sushi, mahi mahi, Orange roughi,
tilapia, Sardines)
Extra Lean Ground Beef or Ground Round (92-96%)
Low or Non-Fat Cottage cheese, Ricotta
Low fat or Non fat Yogurt
Rib eye Steaks or Roast
Top Round Steaks or Roast (stew meat, London broil, Stir fry)
Top Sirloin (Sirloin Top Butt)
Beef Tenderloin (filet mignon )
Top Loin (NY Strip Steak)
Flank Steak (Stir Fry, Fajitas)
Eye of Round (Cube meat, Stew meat,
Bottom Round)
Ground Turkey, Turkey Breast slices
or cutlets

Ann Nah Nah Mess said...

Oatmeal (Old fashioned, Quick oats,
Irish steal cut)
Sweet Potatoes, Yams
Brown rice
Ezekial bread
Whole wheat bread

Green Leafy lettuce (red, green, romaine)
String Beans
Bell Peppers (Green or Red)
Brussels Sprouts

bananas, oranges, apples, grapefruit,
peaches, strawberries, blueberries,
raspberries, lemons or limes

Natural Style Peanut Butter
Olive oil, Safflower oil
Flax seed oil
Fish Oil
Nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts)

Low of Non-Fat cottage cheese, Ricotta
Low or non-fat milk
Low fat or non-fat yogurt

Iced tea
Herbal tea
Dry seasonings (Herbal, etc.)

Rach Around said...

Pepper? Now you're just being revolting Anna. I like undies pepper. It's the dusty little poop fragments that come loose when you shake out dirty jocks.

Ann Nah Nah Mess said...

Rach: Those are a delicacy! Do you save them up in a jar and make brownies? I never get tired of that pun!

auntliddy said...

My two aunts were gourmet chrfs, completely wasted on me and most of my relatives. So when aunt ritas som got engaged, she had a party and made all this gourmet foods, one of which was curried chicken which i found awful then and now. Not a fan of new foods, just like my chicken and choomeat and turkey. Very boring.
Anyway all of this reminds oh aunt ritas family- 3 boys. Oldest boy was in show business and ended up committing suicide. 2nd boy had MS, my aunt always took care of him, he died few years after his brother. When youngest boy was sbout 21, he was killed in car crash. Aunt rita died, and my uncle had died inWW2. So there ya go, whole family wiped out, no child lived past 36. And thats my weird food story.

Ann Nah Nah Mess said...

Jello sushi -- Kevin
Strawberry popsicle with ranch dressing -- Kevin
Corn-dog covered with chocolate -- Jason
Lime jello with bacon bits -- Jason
Sausage milkshake -- Chris Izerda
Fudge bars with little bits of corn inside, topped with carrot shavings -- Jen
Chocolate-covered shrimp -- Jason
Magic-Shell-covered shrimp -- max
Cornflakes with catsup -- Mike
Omlette with marshmallow creme inside -- Jason
Taco with cherries in the meat sauce -- Jason
Chili with Junior Mints -- Kevin
Starburst with garlic spread -- Kevin
Carmel-coated lima beans -- Jason
Smores made with hamburger patties -- Kevin
Vegemite --
Banana split with baked beans -- Jason
Spice cake with chicken lard -- L. Cotrotsos
Figs, ketchup, and steamed onions -- L. Cotrotsos
Candy corn smothered in barbeque sauce with fresh dill and mayonnaise -- L. Cotrotsos
Pickles and milk -- Wicked
Tang and Quik -- Wicked
Rice Krispie squares with ketchup -- Wicked
Beef jerky with marshmallow creme -- Jason
Graham, cheese & saurkraut S'Mores -- Jason
Clam chowdah with Oreos -- Jane
Steak and Skittles -- Laura
Chicken McNuggets in chocolate sauce -- Jason
Fudge & oyster milkshake -- D. Miller
Brussel sprout tapioca pudding -- Bob
Tuna milkshake
Peanut-butter and mayonnaise sandwich
Tuna and toffee ice cream with hot chicken grissle fat sauce all packed in a taco shell filled with beef and goat cheese topped with sweet and sour sauce -- Karen Lee
Donut and squid casserole -- Suzy
Liver merangue pie -- Jason
Orbitz -- Gopher
Cheese ravioli with rasins and chocolate sauce -- Gopher
Jelly nachos -- Danielle
Orange marmalade on Spam -- Kyle
Hamburger topped with soy sauce, mayonnaise, and vanilla ice-cream (known affectionately as "The Booger Burger") -- Milkweed
Asparagus with grape jelly, skim milk, and chili powder -- Clatter
Marshmallow creme in Ministrone soup -- Clatter
Dates with crushed-up cheese-puffs, drenched in peppermint tea -- Clatter
Cottage Cheese Ketchup soup, with fresh mint and chocolate chips -- Annie
A sandwich of mayonaisse and Cheetos between two thin-mint Girl Scout cookies -- Aghhhhh
Sauerkraut and tapioca pudding, topped with kidney beans -- Melissa
Gazpacho Crunch ice cream -- Kevin
A latte with shredded tuna -- Kevin
Peach marmalade with anchovies --
Cinnamon roll with Italian dressing -- Katzmanian

Renoblondee said...

@Dulcinea They're wonderful if you stick a slice banana in between that!

bar fly said...

I read this as "chicken butthole" and coincidentally the Filipino side of my family does serve chicken butthole at birthdays, holidays, etc. No one calls it what it is, but we all know...and its not too bad!

As long as it's clean, eat away my friend...

Rach Around said...

Oh I've found my toilet humour maven! My gutter brained soul sister. Pull my finger Ann Nah: I may actually draw mud!

bar fly said...

Filipino much? :) fello flip and i love it all!!!

Rach Around said...

Bar fly: rectum? Dang near killed 'em!

Rach Around said...

Ha ha! Anything fudgey w corn inside makes me warm my cockles in a hearth. I like mixing my puns also in baskets with bad eggs. Corn dogs here do not come on a stick. They tend to float thougg

babo said...

Donkey meat for breakfast kebab style
Dog meat (unknowingly)
Sea cucumber

I was pissed for the dog meat and the grilled bees. I ate one to be polite to my host. They all insisted that I had to have another one because bees are good for your sight so you need to eat a pair for both eyes. Chinese humor ...

SingBlue said...

Sheep brains in Middle East. Not a fan. In fact it was offal...

Haha, sorry, not as drunk as Rach Around. Yet.

Ann Nah Nah Mess said...


Come, (or cum) join us! It's so much more fun over here! We serve free drinks!

Spiffypaws said...

Pickled moose testicles.

Ann Nah Nah Mess said...

@Rach: I'll see your rectum and raise you this...

As I lay here with my legs spread Like hot butter bleeding on stale bread. The warm insides of my cantaloupe thighs cry out in extasy as you eat my cherry pie. Visions of cucumbers often enter my mind and sometimes hot dogs, the plump when you cook’em kind Whipped cream all covered with goo slurping green jello in the tub with you You are my world my little cupcake, I want to lick your cream filling until you ache. Your Juicy Avacadoes so plump, and so ripe. Lets just do it in the kitchen tonight!!

trainrides said...

@bar fly Yep, Pinay much. :)

Cee Kay said...

Oh, good lord, the lunatic is back.

Ann Nah Nah Mess said...


I certainly hope you mean me! Here's a little song I wrote (actually just changed the lyrics) to mark this blessed day:

The lunatic is back and you're gonna be in trouble...

(Hey-la-day-la Miss Mess is back)

You see me comin', better cut out on the double

(Hey-la-day-la Miss Mess is back)

You been spreadin' lies that I was untrue

(Hey-la-day-la Miss Mess is back)

So look out now cause Rach is comin' after you.

Damn right. Rach is my new cdan-troll-partner in crime. And we gonna fuck it up fo' sho'!


Sherry said...

I hope you didn't forget to tongue punch het fart box while you were there.

Sherry said...

I've eaten brains. BRAINS!!!!Q Sure they were pigs or beef brains with eggs.

Sherry said...

Well this has been entertaining as hell for me.

Count Jerkula said...

Miss Mess: You bitch! You put me on the curb pretty quickly, with not so much as a peck on the cheek or a pat on the ass. Slut.

Ann Nah Nah Mess said...

@Count: Thanks for the "slut" nod, but you HAVE been a little too On Topic lately. I miss the old days...

The old Count...

The Count who would jack the threads with untold comments of sleaze and filth that would have all the girls tearing off their granny panties and putting their Mr. Shower head on max pulse.

Jenn said...

Gator, chitlins, and rattlesnake, none of which impressed me, even with liberal applications of Tobasco. If Tobasco doesn't make it taste better, I'm not eating it again.

csproat said...

An entire fried baby bird

Dear gad amighty it still makes me shudder.....but when it's a delicacy that people have prepared especially for you....ya kinda gotta be polite....

Count Jerkula said...

@Miss Mess: I play off of what I read. If I'm down it is because the stories are boring and don't spark creativity or interesting memories.

Dingle Barry said...

And rattlesnake.

Dingle Barry said...

Yes, those are good. Aren't they?

Dingle Barry said...

That's horrible. I'm very sorry.

Dingle Barry said...

Kopi luwak or civet coffee. I'll have to try that someday. Thanks.

Hegg said...

Deep fried cod tongues.

Nichole said...

Some sort of live larvae/grub. I don't know what bug it was from...they were wiggling...