Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes Photos Part Eight

Mariel Hemingway

Dianne Wiest
Sean Combs
Leslie Mann
Aaron Eckhart
Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally
Aubrey Plaza
Giuliana Rancic
Nancy O'Dell
Jennifer Lawrence photobombing Taylor Swift and Ryan Seacrest


urban chaos said...

My take away from this set? Aubrey's dress is refreshingly different- not sure I love it but there's something about it that's kind of interesting.
And, I Loathe Diddy

Seven of Eleven said...

Thank you for Ron and Tammy Swanson with my boo Aubrey Plaza to ease the heartburn of Giuliana Tansalona.

Aaron Eckhardt! <3

Count Jerkula said...









Zee Noxgoddess said...

Rancic looks Rancid in that dress... and someone give her a cheeseburger and a pizza. PLEASE.

libby said...

The fabrics this year all look so CHEAP. Is it the HD on my TV that's confusing me? Have they always looked this thrifty and dare I say homemade?

It's reminds me of the 2009 awards, during the financial crisis, when everybody eschewed luxury so as not to be gauche.

crila16 said...

I love JLaw, but I'm kinda of getting sick of her always trying to be the "down to earth humble" chick antics. Enough already. We know you're cool and real, like the rest of us...just stop trying so hard or it's going to end up coming across as fake.

MISCH said...

I thought Leslie Mann looked great…

surfer said...

I'm probably the only person who likes Giuliana Rancic's dress - the color and the style. Plus, she looks healthier.

Sugar said...

I love Jennifer Lawrence. I believe she is the down to earth gal she portrays herself to be. If she all of the sudden started acting all proper we'd hate her. She's a spaz and I can appreciate that.

Lil P said...

I want to call her Giuliana Ransick cuz you have to throw up to stay that skinny

sandybrook said...

The NY Post is claiming Bono dissed Puff Diddleywiddley when he pulled away from a kiss he was about to receive from him.

teresa crane said...

We get it J. Law, you're so "real"

Bono is the WORST.

Love Audrey but that dress is no good

Susan said...

I need a break from Jennifer Lawrence. And I hate her hair.

Swifty looks kinda cute.

LOVE Leslie Mann's dress!

Sherry said...

Rancic does look like a preying mantis.

I can't help it. I like kooky J Law. I just do.

And I think Megan looks wonderful here.

msgirl said...

How can we ask J Law to stop doing what she's doing if that's the way she is? And I believe that's the way she is. HOWEVER, I really wish the media would stop making her their darling. And no way she should have won.

Redd said...

Bono and company and P Diddley Squat coulda all stayed home. smh

NaughtyNurse said...

Loving Leslie Mann's and Jennifer Lawrence's dresses!! Taylor Swift is freakin' flawless!!

JosieJo said...

Taylor Swift is the way if feel when I've had too much sugar. I like Plaza's outfit but I think one of the girls from Modern Family should have worn it. Why do adult women choose to dress up like they're going to their sweet 16?

JosieJo said...

I think this photo of Puffy/don't-give-a-Diddy reflects the answer to the BI about the date who left because he wouldn't let her get in any photos on the red carpet.

Eros said...

I like megan mullally more with her brunette locks. Love her dress though.

Giuliana rancic actually looks good in this pic. Dare I hope that she ate a sandwich. Yeah, I kmow thats a stretch. Well maybe a quarter of a sandwich without the bread lol. Tand for godssakes some one needs to tell her to stop with the smile. It looks garish, cryptkeeper-esque

lazyday603 said...

I don't think JLaw is going to change to a scripted automon any time soon. Aren't there enough former Disney stars her age to be robotic in interviews? (I don't think I've ever seen a real moment in a Zac Efron interview)

There may be a touch of Frances Farmer in her. At least she's safe from helpful lobotomists in this century. Let her be.

Renoblondee said...

Leslie is so pretty, but she's lost too much weight and injected too much botox.

Shit You Can't Buy said...

Looking good Megan Mullaly (or Karen Walker forever in my mind)!
She doesn't seem to age, great body!

Laura said...

Dianne Wiest has lost a lot of weight.

I like Guiliana Rancic, she doesn't take herself seriously, and I like her dress here.

ninotchka said...

Dianne Weist HAS lost a lot of weight - wow.

JLaw is great - love her.

Swifty is her usual asinine, titless self.

That girl from Parks and Rec looks like she bought her dress at Disneyland.

Megan and Nick 4-evuh.

Nancy O'Dell? Great body but so cheesy.

Giuliana - meh. Eat something.

Aaron Eckhart - that's a MAN, baby.

Hemingway looks like shit, poor thing.

Leslie Mann is crazy and wasted.

I saw Bono diss Diddy - it was so obvious. I hope he brought bodyguards to California with him - he'll need them because Diddy will cut a bitch.

auntliddy said...

Surfer, ita!! Still has that demonic eye thing going on thi.

Lisa said...

I will love Bono forever for his on state diss of Diddy. That was awesome.

Krissie said...

Getting tired of Jennifer Lawrence and her "Woo hoo, I'm so adorable and fun!!1!" antics. I think a backlash is coming, especially since a lot of people seem upset she won last night.

Megan looks like she's in costume, but I kind of like it.

Aubrey's dress just seems young to me. I guess it's because from the period of being about 7 to 11 years old, me and pretty much every other girl I knew thought pink and purple was the prettiest colour combination ever.

lower_scott_hill said...

Nancy O'Dell. Luv her. I'll agree she's in a cheesy profession, but she alway serves it up kinda fun. She's like the one entertainment reporter I wouldn't mind standing in line next to at Starbucks.

KevinA said...

Mostly w/ msgirl and Sugar. I've read too many comments from non-Hollywooders who know her saying "Yeah, it's who she is" to think it's a total act. Playing it up? You bet. Too much? Maybe. But it's largely who she is.

Look at her acceptance. Starts off unnaturally polished, then she gets nervous, finally kinda freaks out.

Tina Mallette said...

I know someone who has met her and he says she really is a down to earth sweet heart, what you see is what you get, only more so off camera.

She is gorgeous too.

anon said...

Much as I don't care for TSwift, that is a fantastic dress.

And ninotchka - totally agree about Aaron Eckhart - Y-U-M!


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