Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Nick Lachey looks to be whistling. Probably Una Noche. Possibly I Do.

Long time no see in the photos for Rachel Bilson.
Rihanna is in Brazil shooting for Vogue.
An actual smile from Rachel Zoe. I didn't think facial expression was possible for her any longer.
Selma Blair looks very tired.
Scarlett J on the set of her new movie.
Sarah Jessica Parker looking billowy in NYC.
I can finally tell the Mowry twins apart. Tamera has cut her hair. Wait, is that Tia. No, definitely Tamera.
Wendy Williams is just Wendy Williams.


TalksTooMuch said...

Nick Lachey,I heard your song on my iPod yesterday, I absolutely would take what is left of you - lookit!

Wow, Rachel Bilson looks so pretty!

Selma Blair looks Mom-tired

parissucksliterally said...

I think Bilson looks old in that pic. Strange.

Why the fuck is someone as trashy as Rhianna in Vogue? I don't get it.

Gayeld said...

@TTM. So does Tamera, late night with the baby bags.

Gayeld said...

@ParisSucks, to piss off KK, who still can't get in?

Snapdragon said...

I thought that Wendy Williams was RuPaul there for a second. (Not a put-down in the slightest!)

Anonymous said...

Rachel Bilson looks as if she's had the life sucked out of her ...

Rachel Zoe is such a horrid creature - that voice! - that skin! - that hair! - that dress sense (or lack thereof).

Hasn't Selma Blair been the answer to a lot of blinds about it all being too much? (Such as the park bench one)? I'm not sure I like her blonde.

I love ScarJo!

Renoblondee said...

I do not like that haircut on Tamera or Tia or whoever. No.

sandybrook said...

Srlnas wearing dark glasses how can you tell shes looking tired Entybot? Later she sat down on a park bench and took her glasses off and cried her eyes out.

ninotchka said...

I've never heard of Tamera and Tia.

Selma looks like drugs are still an issue for her.

Nick Lachey - seriously?

Rihanna sells magazines, Nuclear Wintour's no fool.

ScarJo was on the Daily Show recently and flirting up a storm with Jon Stewart. I had to wonder if she was one of his pieces on the side or he was one of hers.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

That's just the harsh winter daylight that makes Rachel look like CZJ. Here's some better photos.


MontanaMarriott said...

Tamera, has an M in her name and a mole which starts with the letter M, that is how I tell them apart.

auntliddy said...

Gay and ttm, yup, mom tired. One mom can see it in another.

auntliddy said...

I just dont see anything special about scarjo, i just dont.

Pookie said...

i loved 98*. there. i admit it. *ducks*

rachel bilson is lovely, but all that black is too harsh and garish on her.

selma blair's little boo is biiig! cutie.

sandybrook said...

selma's kid is like "Don't be papping us, bitches!"

Orvilla Bedinbacher said...

Speaking of Tamera and Tia, what do you guys think of this?


It really played to my heart. My fiance is white and I find this so horrific and mean.

You would think people could catch a clue by now. Trivial. Hateful. Disappointing.

tennis peach said...

I love Wendy Williams!

Kimba said...

My ex loved Nick Lachey, he'd make me watch the show with Jessica, what was it called?
Anyway, he left me, friends told me they saw the ex in a very gay club. It was for the best, no way I could compete with those muscles of Nicks.


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