Monday, August 18, 2014

Creative Arts Emmy Awards Photos Part Four

Sig Hansen and Johnathan Hillstrand

Jon Voight
Liz Hernandez
G. Hannelius
Maria Shriver and Katherine Schwarzenegger
Tony Goldwyn
Bellamy Young
Leigh-Allyn Baker


Violet said...

G?? Is that what she's known as?

Sincerely,Your Friend said...

Go Maria S. Wow. !!

Violet said...

And the mum from Good Luck Charlie. I liked that one.

Meghan said...

Holy smokes, is that Arnold's daughter? She's gorgeous!! I think Maria could use a couple pounds on her frame, but she looks good, too.

I had to look up the G. Hanne-whatever girl because I had no idea who she was, but upon seeing that she's merely 15, I think that dress is a little mature for her. She's also incredibly tiny, sheesh!!

Purple Mermaid there needs a different cut on her dress - if I recall (and I only remember her from Will & Grace), she's a fellow shorty and that dress makes her look even shorter. Pretty color, wrong cut.

PotPourri said...

Jon Voight always looks classy...I don't think he's classy, but he looks it.

Wendy Rene said...

I love Sig and Jonathan!! Go Northwestern and Time Bandit!!!! Handsome guys but much different attire than they're used to lol

Wendy Rene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MinPinGirl said...

That's a whole lot of - So What?

Miamouse said...

G is from Dog with a Blog on Disney, which received two Emmy nominations. (You know how many Emmy nominations The Wire received? Two.) She's ummm precocious lets just say and now they are trying to position her as a singer.

Source: Am outvoted by the kids in my house what to watch and DWAB is only marginally less worse than Jessie.

Sprink said...

Miamouse, your reference to The Wire was both amusing and depressing.

Sprink said...

Jon Fecking Voight and his trademark fecking white silk scarf at awards shows.

Pardon me whilst I settle into my go-to position of ennui...


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