Friday, December 22, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 9, 2017

This tool of an actor who is probably B+ list and can be seen on almost television show is married. Did I mention he is a tool? He has one of the worst reputations in Hollywood and didn't do anything to change it the other night when a woman turned down his advances and he called her a c**t.

Danny Masterson


Himmmm said...

And yet I have to wonder when/if Bijou will ever get her issues worked out enough to escape - and then issue mea culpas for having to defend him (even if she didn't mean it). Maybe a good non-Sci attorney can help her get her inheritance back. Danny & Co$ conned her into signing over her share of inheritance from John's song catalog. (It's my understanding that Michelle Phillips & the Adler's are enraged over that). When/if she can get those legally back - she can leave him legally, and leave the cult as well. I hope she spends the rest of her days apologizing to his victims (regardless of her own helpless position). It's a total nightmare there all around. I look forward to the District Atty's announcement of their case status regarding his victims.

M Styles said...

And now he is known as a rapist so yeah, this guy is a p.o.s and his wife needs to run and take the damn kid.

T B75 said...

himmmmmm: you're giving too much credit to that miserable cunt that is Bijou. She is just as nasty if not worse than her rapist husband. She's very happy to belong to the cult: they even gave her a new kidney to replace the ones she reduced to crap after years fo substance abuse (yeah, no "Illness" as she wants people to think). She is a also treated like an A lister at the CC when we all know that she and her husband are not even C. (Masterson doest reach B+ not even in his wildest xenu dreams) She is probably the one getting the chicks for threesomes and orgies with Masterson, she is pansexual and always has been. She just doesn't give a flying fuck about anything. About the inheritance and her share of her creepy father's catalog? ahahahah. Wait: AAHAHAHAH what share? is just peanuts. Not only she has to share it with her dad's bandmates but also with the numerous women John had and the numerous children he had. And probably she already blow it all. Whatever is left does straight to the pockets of Miscabbage and Marty Singer. And Karma is a bitch so now she looks like a bloated balloon in a wig. That poor little girl these two monsters spawned doesn't stand a chance. Even her godparents are Scions (Ben Foster and another scion makeup artist)

Itttt said...

Just give me 1/2 an hour in a locked empty room with this shitheel. Hell I’ll take 5 Minutes. Make him wish his mom had swallowed.

Fugly dj dakota said...

No need to feel sorry for Bijou she’s a bitch. Remember the story of her harassing another actor on the set of the movie they were in? I think it was called Bully, the actor being harassed said she made fun of his weight and called him gay on a daily basis then laughed it off saying he reminded her of someone. I think the person he reminded her of was her now brother in law Jordan Masterson. I think he was fat at that time and there was another blind about one of the Masterson brothers that the parents allowed to be raped by an older woman because they thought he was gay.

Asher215 said...

Don't care about Bijou or Danny but they have a little girl. If Bijou was smart, she'd take some cues from Katie Holmes. Move out of Cali, where it's a 50/50 split in divorce and custody then blindside him and Scio. Threaten to release info. Burn those bridges. Get your father's catalog back, get you and your daughter out of Scio. Then use some money from the settlement for a ton of much needed therapy.


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